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Gorilla Gear

Gorilla Gear

Chicago, IL - -( Experienced hunters know that safety has to be the top priority in the field. And they believe they shouldn’t have to compromise on comfort when choosing their gear.

Whether it’s the weapon, a jacket, or a safety harness, gear should be comfortable and allow a hunter to take his shot from any position and in any circumstance — even when wearing a safety harness.

Hunters are more likely to wear a safety harness or vest if it fits right and enables them to hunt without restrictions while safely secured to their treestand.   Giving hunters the freedom to hunt safely and comfortably was the Gorilla Gear team’s mission behind the design of the innovative G-TAC AIR harness from Gorilla Gear.

Unlike standard-length tethers, the 30” proprietary tether offers both a performance and a safety benefit. First, the additional length gives hunters a 360-degree shooting range for unrestricted shot angles. This means the hunter chooses the shot vs. taking the shot that the tether permits.

Second, falls can happen. And, if a hunter falls while wearing the G-TAC AIR, the harness provides a 40% gentler fall due to a unique tether webbing system. Unlike other harnesses, Gorilla Gear does not use box stiches, which rely on a single stitch for strength. Instead, the Gorilla Gear webbing construction overlaps and loops around providing the ability to ride down in a gentler manner during a fall event. Plus, the harness features a patented Integrated Suspension Relief System not found on other harnesses.

Safety is the reason to wear a harness; but comfort and freedom to take your shot is the reason to choose the G-TAC AIR harness.   This harness weighs only 2.6 lbs. and has a unique built-in comfort strap and adjustable ergonomic design with narrow sides that widen in the center. This profile creates maximum comfort while walking, making it ideal for suiting up at the start of the day and maintaining stealth when arriving at the hunting position.

The G-TAC AIR is available in both camo and non-camo versions. They even have a special cut just for women. When you are searching for a harness that provides the widest range of motion, comfort and safety, look to the G-TAC AIR.

MSRP: $89.99 (Black, Women, Youth), $99.99 (Camo)

About Gorilla Gear

Gorilla Gear is a leading brand of hunting accessories. Gorilla Gear G-TAC safety harnesses are made by Freerein, LLC. For more information, visit

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