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NRA News Special Report From Ginny Simone | My Job or My Life

NRA News Special Report From Ginny Simone | My Job or My Life

NRA News

NRA News

Fairfax, VA — ( Don Pitaniello was closing up the convenience store where he worked when a knife-wielding robber approached him and demanded money.

Don pulled out his gun, and the masked bandit turned around and fled.

The Vietnam veteran lost his job for violating company policy, but he says he did what he had to do — chose his life over a job.

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  • 4 User comments to “NRA News Special Report From Ginny Simone | My Job or My Life”

    1. Why hide the name of the store. We might like to boycott the chain. Don needs to get a good aclu lawyer. Smells like a civil rights violation to me.

    2. Phil Levin on July 17, 2014 at 10:37 AM said:

      I agree with Sam… it’s shameful that the name of the chain isn’t stated in this piece. When your thousands of subscribers boycott the store, the victim would quickly be rehired. What are you afraid of?

    3. Bob Shell on July 17, 2014 at 11:41 AM said:

      Store chain should be boycotted its a dam shame when someone gets fired for defending themselves & customers. Shame on the store management

    4. Robert Whitney III on July 17, 2014 at 2:12 PM said:

      Well folks, friends and neighbors! I like others here commenting feel the Victim was victimized by the Stores policy! It unfortunately is the corp. Right to set their rules! What is too bad about it is these Companies that are so stupid will not ever stand behind their employees! Had he been wounded stabbed they then fall on the States workmans comp insurance and they never go above that line!
      I like the Radio announcer (DJ) would boycott the Store and the whole town should follow in this boycott! Then the town can set some rules before the next corp. comes in when it bankrupts! The town can in fact inact rules that force the corp to follow local ordinances! Legal carry ordinance inactment would turn this town around especially in businesses! Yep no different than the fine folks that hired him after his firing!
      If I owned the store I would give employees a choice! If they wish to carry under my employ for their safety then do so and after a year of employment to insure longgevity I would pay for their CCW cost!

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