Five More Pet Dogs Killed or Injured by Wolves Over Weekend

Plott Hound Killed by Wolves
Pet Plott Hound Killed by Wisconsin Wolves
Wisconsin DNR
Wisconsin DNR

MADISON, WI –-( On August 23 2014, Wildlife Services confirmed that wolves killed a seven (7) year old Plott hound and injured three two (2) year old Plott hounds and a six (6) year old Plott hound during the same training incident.

The attack occurred in the Town of Fence, Florence County. Wisconsin Department Of Natural Resources has issued wolf caution area shown on the map below and is comprised of a four-mile buffer around the “depredation site”, aka dog kill site.

“The reintroduced wolves have no fear of man or dogs. We protested when the state introduced these wolves in Florence County, but did WDNR listen, no. Someone will be killed and then it will all be on the ‘save the wolf groups’ that insisted we live with these killers” said county resident Adler Barns.

Florence County Wisconsin Wolf Caution Area
Florence County Wisconsin Wolf Caution Area

A recent Wisconsin survey on wolves found rural wolf range residents were split on their willingness to have wolves living near them; 49% were not willing and 45% were willing.

Among those wolf range residents who grew up in a rural area , willingness to have wolves living nearby drops to 40% and the frequency of those who would prefer to not live by wolves increases to 55% . Two out of three people living on farms within wolf range were unwilling to live near wolves.

  • 11 thoughts on “Five More Pet Dogs Killed or Injured by Wolves Over Weekend

    1. You let just one of Golden Retriever’s get killed or injured by one of these packs……Wolf problem solved! Oh yeah…. WDNR wouldn’t have say in the matter!

    2. This same thing has happened in SC. Instead of extending the hunting season, letting us kill more per day, and maybe feed poor families, our all wise government spends millions to bring in wolves that cause more problems. It is only a matter of time before they start killing people. We have a government that wants to keep people dependent on them for EBT and such so they can get votes come election time. No one is interested in solving real problems.

      1. its actually really rare for wolves to attack people and don’t even start with dogs something’s been up with the wolves lately and I nor any of us know why I think there reduce of the repopulation has to do with it and wolf trainers let the wolves go when they are like 2 days into the training and so I think you should have to have a license to own a WILD wolf know wonder there killing animals

      2. Yes, our ancestors worked hard to shoot, poison, and trap the wolf plague out of existence. So that this would be a nice place to live and farm. Now the educated idiots that live in the city, work in the government, and have their head in their ass reintroduce the plague, that they do not have to live with. The wise have become foolish as predicted.

    3. 175 gr Sierra @ 2,580 will take care of that… 🙂 Best regards, from Catron Co. NM . Shoot ,Shovel ,and Shut Up about it.And If the Febbies come to investigate? You can laugh while their feebie mobile gets stuck in the mud too. 🙂 Molon Labe’! .

    4. Called put a bounty on the wolves head and open the season to hunt them /trap them to year round there problen solved if there being a pest and killing live stock they are clasifide as a nusence and should be taken care of before they multiply and become out of control.

    5. That dog pictured isn’t a plott hound. They were killed training to hunt bears, why did you choose to leave this out? They weren’t killed in a backyard, the wolves aren’t specifically targeting plotts. No one hunts bears with golden retrievers so that was a dumb comment. Hunters aren’t babies, if you go for bear, hog or other dangerous game sometimes you lose dogs. Don’t make it about wolves, death is part of the life cycle, if you send dogs out to track predators you can’t be mad at the predators for behaving normally.

        1. yes thank you ResponsibleHunterGame for your truthful comment. The people that hate wolves are the ones that don’t bother to take the time to educate themselves about the purpose as well as the rights of all animals. These bear hunters kill bear and I’m sure many other animals, but when a wolf kills for natural reasons they think it’s wrong. What is natural about using traps and guns to kill. The world is a mess! Animals are innocent people are a dissapointmeny.

      1. I agree there is no point to go against the wolves for attacking! The wolves protect there selves to what do you expect a hunter to walk up to a wolve and say ” I am going shoot you” what is the wolves suppose to say ” go for it” Geese people

    6. I am an educated hunter andante not a bear or wolve hunter, and think the wolves really need to be kept in check there are way too many of them in the state and YES they eat you’re pet dogs also!!! For me I agree, Shoot and release

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