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National Bobwhite Conservation Initiative

National Bobwhite Conservation Initiative

Ward, AR --( Dear Bobwhite Conservationists,

All of us wildlife conservation professionals are personally driven by our passion for natural resources. Nonetheless, the challenges and daily stressors of our jobs can become distracting, blurring visions of the big picture and even temporarily subduing passions. I am compelled to share with you a recent letter of a caliber to rejuvenate one’s sense of purpose.

At an unexpected pivotal moment this spring when the future of the NBCI literally was at stake, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries stepped up promptly and assertively, with a major commitment of financial support that stabilized the NBCI at that critical time. That action was key to enabling a new and strengthened era for bobwhite conservation.

A game-changing financial commitment is one thing – and a big thing – but an inspiring written declaration of purpose to go along with it is another. LDWF Secretary Robert Barham complemented his agency’s financial commitment to the NBCI with an uncommon letter addressed to me but worthy of the entire community of bobwhite states and conservationists. The message of support and determination for bobwhite restoration from LDWF Secretary Barham and his staff, as well as their gratitude to those who stepped up to help their state during times of need after major storms (such as the Missouri Department of Conservation covering LDWF’s NBCI contributions for a few years), serve as potent reminders of why we all are here, and why we are working together through the NBTC and NBCI to take on what may be the biggest challenge ever to confront our profession.

Secretary Barham’s letter speaks for itself to all of us, so enough from me, except to publicly say “Thank You” to him, to his staff, to his agency and to their state, for making a lasting mark on the future of quail conservation.

Thank you,
Don McKenzie
Donald F. McKenzie, CWB
NBCI Director
2396 Cocklebur Road
Ward, AR 72176
W: 501-941-7994
C: 501-259-0170

Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Secretary Barham Letter

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