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Stag Arms Model 9T AR-15 in 9mm

Stag Arms Model 9T AR-15 in 9mm

Stag Arms

Stag Arms

NEW BRITAIN, CT --( After overwhelming requests from our customers and a long time in research and development, our first pistol caliber carbine is officially being released today.

The new Model 9 & 9T series of rifles provide the shooter with a compact pistol caliber carbine on a well known platform.

Compared to the 5.56 cartridge, the 9mm cartridge used in a carbine configuration is the ideal choice for short range & self defense use – up to 200 yards due to decreased muzzle blast, decreased muzzle flash, lower recoil, reduced over-penetration, and a heavier bullet. An added benefit is that you can also shoot this rifle at most pistol caliber only indoor ranges.

Both the Model 9 & 9T series boast a 1/10 twist 16” heavy barrel, carbine length gas system, a 6-position adjustable buttstock, and as always they are available in right & left hand configurations.

The safety, charging handle, and magazine release function the same as any AR-15. However we have designed the actions of the rifles from the ground up.

The rifles accept standard Colt style 9mm AR magazines which insert into the integrated magazine well in the lower receiver. The integrated magazine well won’t come loose or have feeding issues accompanied with drop in magazine blocks. Differences from a standard AR-15 can also be found in the lower receiver with a specially designed hammer, magazine catch, and buffer.

In the Upper half, the bolt and carrier are one piece with a modified ejection port cover and brass deflector.

The Model 9 and 9T have different configurations. The Model 9 has a railed gas block and drop in Diamondhead VRS-T modular handguard with no sights. The Model 9T is the tactical version with a free floating 13.5” Diamondhead VRS-T modular handguard and aluminum Diamondhead flip up sights for faster target acquisitions.

Both rifles will accept the Diamondhead rail sections for extreme customization.


  • 9 & 9L      MSRP: Right Hand $990.00Left Hand: $1025.00
  • 9T & 9TL MSRP: Right Hand $1275.00Left Hand: $1295.00



9 & 9L

  • 16” heavy barrel, 9mm chamber, and 1/10 twist rate
  • A2 flash hider
  • Diamondhead drop in modular handguard
  • 9mm trigger which has a Mil-spec trigger pull
  • Carbine buttstock and A2 pistol grip
  • No sights


Stag Arms Model 9 AR-15 in 9mm

Stag Arms Model 9 AR-15 in 9mm

9T & 9TL

  • 16” heavy barrel, 9mm chamber, and 1/10 twist rate
  • A2 flash hider
  • Diamondhead free float handguard
  • 9mm trigger which has a Mil-spec trigger pull
  • Carbine buttstock and A2 pistol grip
  • Diamondhead aluminum front & rear flip up sights
Stag Arms Model 9T AR-15 in 9mm

Stag Arms Model 9T AR-15 in 9mm

Founded in May of 2003, STAG ARMS LLC is one of the leading manufacturers of rifles and rifle components. What began as a sister company to a corporation with over 30 years experience manufacturing Aerospace and rifle parts, STAG ARMS has grown into a nationwide phenomenon with the introduction of their Stag 15L – the world’s first true left handed rifle of its kind. STAG ARMS has since grown into one of the largest AR-type manufacturers in the world. Visit:

  • 2 User comments to “Stag Arms Introduces New 9mm Series of AR-15 Rifles”

    1. Swamp Yankee on August 6, 2014 at 3:04 PM said:

      Nice one. I really like how its made in my home state too. too bad Governor Maloy treats all Connecticut citizens like criminals. No law abiding Connecticut citizens are allowed to purchase guns like that. (Except criminals). What’s the black market msrp? I’m really surprised companies like Stag Arms remain in this state

    2. What’s up with the description in the press release info, and the specs on the individual model web pages? The PR talks about a carbine-length gas system, and a one-piece bolt and carrier. In an AR-style rifle/carbine, normally these two features are mutually exclusive; either it has a gas system and a two-piece bolt/carrier, or it is a straight blowback action (no gas system or tube) and uses a one-piece bolt/carrier.

      This confusion continues on the web pages for each model. The Model 9 action is described as gas-impingement operated, but the other three models (9L, 9T, and 9TL) all have actions described as semi-auto blowback.

      It is possible, but highly unlikely that these long guns are being manufactured with different action/operating systems. STAG needs to figure out what the hell they are building, and remove the incorrect info in the various locations so customers can buy with confidence.

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