The Ultimate Elk Decoy Setup Guide From Montana Decoy

Elk Decoy Setup Guide From Montana Decoy
Elk Decoy Setup Guide From Montana Decoy
Montana Decoy
Montana Decoy

USA –-( Montana Decoys is excited to announce the launch of the new Elk Decoy Setup Guide.

This downloadable guide features five unique hunting situations that will show hunters how and when to use a decoy.

With advice from some of the top elk hunters, this guide will help everyone become a better elk hunter in a matter of minutes.

This guide illustrates situations that are common in elk hunting. They are: how to lure in a mature bull into a field, how to hunt high-terrain elk, how to hunt the rut, how to get the attention of an occupied bull, and how to hunt the post rut. Each of these scenarios comes with a detailed description of which decoys to use in certain scenarios and how to use them effectively.

The guide is free to download at As a gift for downloading the guide, users will receive a special coupon code for 15% off of the next purchase at

About Montana Decoy: Created in 1996 by Jerry McPherson, Montana Decoy got its start from an average hunter trying to improve his bowhunting success. Tormented by an uncooperative bull elk, McPherson returned to his truck, thinking about how he could design a packable decoy without any unnecessary bulk and weight. McPherson found inspiration from folding band saw blades. He combined an actual photograph of a cow elk in the wild with a unique and now patented twist-and-fold concept to hold open the decoy. Montana Decoy currently offers turkey, elk, whitetail, mule deer, antelope and predator options along with a Moo Cow confidence decoy. All are easy to use, lightweight and feature ultra realistic HD photography.

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