Gun Safety. Again. And AGAIN

Gun Safety
Gun Safety. Again. And AGAIN
Gun Talk Radio
Gun Talk Radio

MANDEVILLE, LA –-(  When I went on an on-air rant about gun safety recently, it generated a number of emails of thanks, along with some “I did this” stories.

It’s easy to get complacent. You must make firearms safety part of who you are, not just what you do. You must BECOME the safety officer. It’s an all-time commitment.

When we talk about this being a lifestyle change, we are talking about you making it one of the most important things in your life. This applies especially if you are committing to carrying a gun for protection.

With names removed to avoid embarrassment, here are a couple of those stories.


“Since you were talking about gun safety on the after show I thought I would give you my story about safety for me.

Starters, my friends and girlfriend all think I am too precautious when it comes to gun safety. I have a friend that will leave a loaded gun on the bench at the range and walk away, and when he comes back it is unloaded, mag out and the plus one sitting next to it with action open. And they always know it is me – haha.

But besides that, my story behind my being so anal (or what I just believe to be safe) comes from when I was 16 ( I am 26 now). I liked to shoot my brothers pellet gun in the back yard, and I would often have a friend over and we would shoot bottles and cans. Well, one day I had handed him the pistol, (daisy pump target pistol), so I could get something out of a cabinet, and before I could even turn around I heard the pellet gun go off and heard a ringing between my ears. He had shot me about a half inch away from my temple on my head. In shock, I had felt my head and, of course, there was blood. I ended up being OK, only because the air gun was old and had a leak in the air chamber and most of the air had leaked out.

But because of that, even before anyone could teach me gun safety, I had learned and taught my self to check, check again, and before you pull the trigger in a safe direction to check one last time. Thank god I am OK today and it did not deter me for my future love for firearms.

P.S. Mom and Dad were divorced, so he wasn’t around to teach me. Mom didn’t like anything with a trigger beside an egg beater and my brothers were always to busy. So I learned the hard way.


“Great job talking about gun safety yesterday.  

I have never shared this with any one, other than my wife, but I had a NEGLIGENT discharge with a Glock about six years ago. I was disassembling my carry gun, pulled the magazine out, set it on the bed, and let the dog outside. When I picked it up again, I didn’t clear the round in the chamber. I pointed it at my bed, pulled the trigger, and put a 180 grain Gold Dot through two pillows, a TempurPedic mattress, solid wood bed frame, the sheetrock, and it lodged in the 2×6 wall stud where it still sits today.

Needless to say, my opinions on gun safety changed that day. Nor do I carry a Glock any more (not that it was the gun’s fault).

Reminding people of gun safety cannot be done too often. I also appreciate how you reiterate this all the time on your TV shows.

Love the show!

P.S.  The one other thing that sticks with me about that event is how loud a handgun is inside a house. I literally could not hear for a good 20 minutes, and had loud high pitched ringing for many hours. If you have to fire a gun in your house without hearing protection, don’t plan on communicating verbally after that. (I couldn’t imagine an AR being shot inside.)”

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    1. That second story is why I refuse to own a Glock brand firearm. They need to revise the design so you need not dry fire it in order to take it down. It’s ridiculous.

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