White House: Ammo Ban Delayed, BUT Obama Still Committed to Gun Control

By AWR Hawkins

5.56 M855 Ball Ammunition Ban
5.56 M855 Ball Ammunition Ban
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(Ammoland.com)-  One day after the AR-15 ammo ban was delayed, White House spokesman Josh Earnest made clear that President Obama is still committed to gun control and is still pursing avenues for more gun control laws.

Earnest stressed Obama’s desire to put “common-sense rules” in place for guns.

According to The Hill, Earnest’s comments follow what Representative Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) referred to as the gun lobby’s “shameful” efforts to block the AR-15 ammo ban. Maloney said, “The gun lobby… successfully worked to block an effort that would keep our communities safer from the threat of gun violence.”

Never mind that the Fraternal Order of Police and various sheriffs around the country said the AR-15 ammo ban was “not necessary.”

But the White House wants everyone to know that despite the ATF’s decision to halt the ban, Obama is not done. In fact, Earnest said Obama’s commitment to “prevent those who shouldn’t have guns from getting them, is as strong as ever.”

Breitbart News previously reported that Representative Mike Thompson (D-CA-5th Dist.) and gun control proponent Gabby Giffords are both committed to more gun control as well.

Giffords, especially, believes everyone who wants a gun should have to pass the same background check her attacker passed. And Rep. Thompson wants to require all gun show purchasers to pass the same background check Adam Lanza circumvented.

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  • 11 thoughts on “White House: Ammo Ban Delayed, BUT Obama Still Committed to Gun Control

    1. Write your congressmen (Senators and Representatives). They will pay attention to direct contact. Tell them no more useless gun laws. Support self defense.

      1. Jay you’re an idiot. The only use for gun laws is to control the people, and as long as idiots like you allow the government to control them, the government will make laws to that end. There are already laws on the books for murder, theft, assault etc. In fact these laws existed before guns were invented. What part of shall not be infringed do you not understand? Self defense is a natural right, aka God given right. It doesn’t matter what laws are enacted, I will own the tools to defend myself, even if that makes me a “criminal.”
        So, your so called “useless” laws are the governments “useful” laws.

    2. The ATF never had the power or authority to reclassify M855 as an armor piercing round to start with and still dont. The ATF can only enforce laws that are passed by Congress.

      1. The right to Bear Arms is woven into the fabric of this Nation and given to its Citizens to protect the “People” from tyranny.
        Tell me, 318,900,000 citizens can’t muster a voice and stand strong against Obama, Biden, Supreme Court Justices, 100 Senators and 435 Congressmen. We the People elect men and women to go to Washington DC in hopes they will represent our interest, not their own.
        546 people pass laws that help politicians, their friends and big business. The People struggle with high taxes and high prices everywhere we shop.
        All the while, those who pass laws live lives of plenty.
        Our weapons and ammo are equalizing any stand that a tyrannical leader who would send troops into the streets of America to wage combat upon U.S. citizens.
        Thomas Jefferson said, “It is be the duty of the “People” to raise up against their own Government should “We” be oppressed and under the thumb of Politicians who fail to do the bidding of America. Many offices have ammo and weapons and so should the “People”.
        Should they ever find a way to strip our weapons from us, there too goes our “Liberty”.
        Obama and others like him who feel it is their divine calling to disarm America have no power to do anything of the sort unless, citizens give them the power to do so.
        318,900,000 Citizens vs 546 Politicians, I know who has the power, the “People” do…

        1. Charles
          You do realize that a MAJORITY of Americans voted for BHO for POTUS not just once but TWICE and still after all the trouble he and the rest of the Dems have caused these United States he still has a 42% acceptance rating. So Although I agree with your underlying theory I think you would be hard pressed to convert words into viable actions. The bottom-line is people in this country still prefer something for nothing then working for freedom and liberty. They show it over and over every time a Dem is elected be it in a local mayoral election or for the POTUS the bottom-line to most Free is good while freedom is too costly. We are a country of “I deserve it” rather then “I earned it and will continue to for everyday I am alive” Dr Dave

    3. I love guns. I love rifles and military arms and short barrel shotguns. I don’t trust the government and I think the whole point of the right to bear arms is because normal people need to be a threat to the government, to keep them from thinking that they can run the show the way they want. Having said that, I’m a liberal. I wish everyone in the nation could get a good education. I worry about the environment. I think Obama has fixed a lot of things that had been going wrong. I’ve got relatives that are crazy liberal and relatives that are crazy conservative. i guess all I’d hope is that you all be open minded. Please let us all try to come together to keep this country free, and strong, and forward-thinking.

    4. Rule #1 – When you see or hear the words “gun control” just substitute them with ‘government control’, ‘people control’ or ‘population control’. Gun control is about all of those things! The only exception to that rule is when you’re talking about hitting what you’re aiming at!

    5. Civil disobedience will be the result of any gun or ammo ban. Obama is a lace-pantie liberal who lacks the cajones to take on supporters of the 2nd Amendment. He makes pretty speeches that sound reasonable, reasonable, that is, until you realize he’s full of IT and full of himself. He’s a joke as president and commander in chief. I served under a real CIC, Dwight Eisenhower/ I seriously doubt that Obummer has even been a Cub Scout.

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