Ronald Reagan ‘Carried His Own Gun’ While President

By AWR Hawkins

Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan

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Washington DC – -( While doing research for his newest book, The President’s Shadow (, author Brad Meltzer came across an interesting fact at Secret Service headquarters: Ronald Reagan “carried his own gun” with him while president.

Meltzer was not able to determine if Reagan carried the gun from day one of his presidency, or if he began carrying after the failed March 30, 1981, attempt on his life.

According to the Daily Mail, Meltzer was in Secret Service headquarters looking at “the actual car door from the limousine where Reagan was shot.” He described the door as an “eerie keepsake,” but said it was nothing to compare to the surprise he received when an agent told him Reagan “carried his own gun.”

Meltzer said he did not believe it initially, and the agent said it was “a .38 [and] Reagan used to hide it in his briefcase and take it on Air Force One.”

The New York Daily News reports that Meltzer reacted to the news by wondering if other presidents carried guns, as well.

Meltzer reached out to former President and Reagan Vice President George H.W. Bush to find out, saying Bush’s response was more or less the surprise he, too, had. Meltzer said Bush “had no idea Reagan carrie a gun.”

So Meltzer looked into the carrying habits of President George W. Bush and found that he did not even carry a wallet. The only thing he carried with him every day was “the NYPD badge of George Howard, a first responder who was killed on 9/11.”

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  • 10 thoughts on “Ronald Reagan ‘Carried His Own Gun’ While President

    1. Sadly, another Bush has entered the race for President. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times and I am a fool.

          1. TO both of the previous replies: Isn’t that the same difference? It’s like debating the semantics of calling one dumb as a box of rocks and the other dumb as a box of hair.

            1. I made a “funny” playing off the previous post, Genius. I am not a comedian but we sure won’t be waiting around for you to build a rocket. It’s painfully obviously in your case that intellect is required to enjoy humor. Have a nice day with your box of rocks.

    2. We can hope the Republican primaries will give us someone that we WANT to vote for this time, but whoever that turns out to be I’ll be voting for the Republican candidate. . . . even is it is the White House dog from a previous administration . . Uh, wait, that would be Hillary, wouldn’t it? Nah. She’ll never be on the Republican ticket. . .

    3. Do you seriously think the country is better after 6 years of Obama than it was under any Bush’s leadership? I’m afraid, sir, that YOU are the fool.

      1. Ok. A bit ironic that one of the only presidents in recent history to carry a gun, was also one of the only ones shot while in office…

    4. Both Ted Cruz and Scott Walker back the Trade Bill. Again there realkly is no one to vote for. Both Bushs and Clinton were worthless. Jorge W gave the excuse to get Hussain was “He tried to kill my daddy”. As horrific as Hussain was he still had control of Iraq. Because of Jorge W, Iraq is in turmoil and he was also responsible for chjanges to the Rules Of Engagement which has caused more American Soldieers to be Maimed and Killed.

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