Urge Your Representative Vote Yes on H.J. 69, Overturning Harmful Alaska Regulation

Safari Club International
Safari Club International

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- Safari Club International (SCI) encourages all sportsmen and women to contact your U.S. Representative today and voice your support for House Joint Resolution 69.

If approved, H.J. Res. 69 will allow Congress to reverse a final rule, adopted by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS), that prohibits and restricts legal forms of hunting on National Wildlife Refuges in Alaska.

This final FWS rule contradicts the Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s constitutional mandate to manage the state’s wildlife resources for sustained yield, which is affirmed in the Alaska Statehood Act, the Alaska National Interests Land Conservation Act, and the National Wildlife Refuge System Improvement Act. In short, the FWS regulation that H.J. Res. 69 will nullify is one that interferes with the State of Alaska’s ability to provide adequate wildlife for the state’s hunters.

With your help, H.J. Res. 69 will give Congress the opportunity to reverse this harmful FWS regulation adopted during the last months of the Obama Administration. It is imperative that you contact your Representative today and urge him/her to vote Yes on H.J. Res. 69. You must act NOW, as this Resolution is anticipated to be voted on the House floor tomorrow Thursday, February 16.

SCI, along with 26 other hunter conservation groups, signed a letter supporting H.J. Res. 69 (previously identified as H.J. Res. 49), which has been sent to House Speaker Paul Ryan and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy. That letter provides additional details about the FWS regulation and about H.J. Res. 69.

  • 101 thoughts on “Urge Your Representative Vote Yes on H.J. 69, Overturning Harmful Alaska Regulation

        1. National wildlife refuges are NATIONAL land. Protecting predators is scientifically based. Eliminating them just to make game farms out of refuges is not the purpose of refuge.

        2. Bill, you are p**ing on a flat rock trying to teach these trolls anything. They are stupid and they like it that way. That’s why they vote for people like Obama and Hill-A-Sh*t, and think they are just wonderful.
          You are never going to get through to them with the truth or reality.

        1. How does name calling help us to understand why this is good for the country, good for Alaska? Explain it. As Americans we should be concerned about our environment as well as the economy. Why can’t we support both? Help me understand.

          1. I’ll explain it for them. I God, ain’t no one gonna take away my god given rights, including killing *hit.

            Don’t waste your breath and time on them, Lauren, call your senators, write to them, FLOOD them with calls and SOON and tell everyone you know to do the same. This is what I am doing.

            That land is a REFUGE for God’s sake, and belongs to ALL of us and by gum, the likes of you and I have got to be better stewards of it than a bunch of low-life “hunters”.

    1. So by killing large carnivores such as bears or wolves does it make your penis larger? Or is it that you are so afraid that anything that may step in the way of your manhood on this planet should be killed? What about your children and grandchildren being able to witness wildlife? Go to your grave with the thought that you’ve killed off something that was here way before you were even thought of. Oh yeah you are decent human beings.

      1. @Jan Humphrey, I don’t know what shooting animals have to do with making a penis larger I have never gotten that effect. It must be ingrained in your mind. I never gave any thought about if a woman shot an animal it would make her VJ tighter.

      2. @Jan you are obviously not aware of the Lacy Act or the Pittman-Robinson act which together brought the animals of the United States back from the brink of extinction. Those acts were written by sports hunters. Those acts fund wild animals and their habitat. Absent American hunters you would have never even heard of a bear, or a dear, or an elk or a duck, much less seen one. Absent the American hunter American wild life would have been as plentiful as Pequats.

        1. You don’t have to kill them while they hibernate……oh that’s right, doing that makes it easy for all you big “sportsmen”. And inhumane leg traps, hope one of them snare your limbs. If hunters didn’t kill all the prey, we wouldn’t have problems with predators. It all comes down to hunting being profitable, whether for licenses, guns, clothing and accessories. Hunting will continue (despite what the NRA might tell you), but don’t be so barbaric, these are lives you are taking, they have families, raise their young, feel pain, mourn, don’t be so Neanderthal in thinking otherwise…….or maybe you can’t.

          1. Snowflake, what the f#^k are you talking about? No one hunts bears sleeping in dens, and there is never a season to hunt bear cubs, you are living in your own dream world. Go back to hunting penises with Jan…

            1. Actually this bill hj red 69 specifically lifts the ban on hunting an animal while its hibernating. This website did not tell you that and that’s why it is very sad when you read these comments. Our country is in very bad trouble with these websites like this. Read the bill yourself. It does nothing but lift the ban on hibernating wolves and bears. I am republican a gun owner and a hunter. This website should be ashamed at the way it portrayed this bill. It is sick it was even proposed

            2. This removes that protection. Now, the state gets to “manage” federal wildlife refuges in any means they want to. They will, and they will do it to turn them into game farms. Science strongly opposes this as a healthy way to manage wildlife.

            3. It’s those restrictions on those exact practices that the resolution overturns…. strangely the above article just told you to call and tell your rep to vote yes for overturning but doesn’t actually tell you what they are overturning and the meat of the legislation. Read the resolution and the restrictions it overturns. I have no issue with hunting but responsible hunters believe in humane practices and conservation as well or we won’t have anything left to hunt.

        2. I don’t think you understand the bill which says they can use planes to hunt down these animals and just kill them off not for food purposes but just for the purpose of killing. they are trying to reverse the bill to do just that make it possible to kill for the sake of killing not for food but for trophy.wrong all wrong !

        3. This site with the lion on the front makes me sick. Your all about as brave as that /$=÷# of a dentist that shot the tame lion drinking water. Only you all want to shoot sleeping bears, Can’t you possibly protect their habitat without trying to kill them. What is wrong with you.

    2. So killing a bear in hibernation is ok with you….I mean it would make it so much easier for you big “sportsman” and leg hold traps….? Really, I suppose an animal can get away by chewing their leg off, but I would find it much more effective if the person setting the trap could experience that, so here’s hoping they do. Hunting will continue (despite what the NRA tells you)…can you be more humane in your attempts. These animals have families, provide for their families, raise their young, feel pain, mourn….hey sounds an awful lot like humans. If you can’t do that, then you shouldn’t be hunting.

      1. Dear Nancy or Snowflake or whatever, I am really sorry, but none, not one thing of what you have written is correct. Bear fathers leave after their contribution and often try to kill cubs to bring female bears back into heat.No morning and not family like.
        Mother bears raise their cubs up to a certain point, if the cub looks healthy and of viable size. If not, well what she does is not family like. After raising the cub (often only one survives), the mother bear unceremoniously chases the cub or cubs away, and immediately goes “dating”. Now, I do not know about your family, but it doesn’t sound like my family.
        Nor does mama bear give a damn about mother deer’s family or mother ground squirrel’s family. If you know what I mean. And If you don’t …well… I talking menu.
        No leg traps. No one hunts the den. Seasons preclude that because we hunters want to see the species survive. No one puts money into wild life like American sportsmen do. So stop believing what you hear because someone is just using you.

        1. Except that is exactly that this resolution is suggesting. Removing restrictions on killing cubs and pups in dens, shooting game from the air, yep cause that’s sporting of you.

          If y’all need ito make it this easy to hunt, perhaps your local ASPCA might be more your speed. All caged up and ready to go.

          1. Just insane how these NRA members try to justify this as a ‘good thing’. They like it because the majority are not skilled at hunting. So this way they get a easy kill and a great photo to show their macho friends.

          2. @Seriously, where does it say that hunting bears and cubs in dens would be allowed. I clicked on all the additional tags and could not find that.

          1. @Nancy S, No, I did not, but I would like to. I could not find it to read it, as I have said before! So, help me out and give me a site to go to so that I can read the thing. Please.

    3. Are you kidding me?! Do you know what the word Refuge means?! Freaking gun toting idiots! Animals deserve life more than you do!

      1. Dalton, sorry you are so uneducated, because if you had a clue you would know that the North American Model of Conservation created the “Refuge” and this model’s foundational core management tool IS … Hunting. American hunters and their conservation efforts are the only reason we have wildlife like we do today.

        1. That is the exact lie that hunters spout out all of the time! I am so sick of the same song same verse that you demented freaks spew out to justify your sick behavior!

          1. @Animal lover – actually it is a fact, but don’t let facts get in your way. Your ad hominem attack reveals your lack of knowledge about the subject. Stay ignorant and keep up the name calling.

    4. I just don’t understand the reasoning behind this. Where is the sport in shooting a bear (possibly with cubs) in it’s den while it’s hibernating? Or luring and animal with food so you can get a close up shot?

      1. Abee, nice,,, you would rather see humans die over animals, you are despicable, no matter how stupid I think you are I would never wish any human harm or worse death. Your kind are an embarrassment to the nature you claim to love. Sicko.

        1. Actually Fred if you read the bill you are defending you would understand her anger. I am very conservative. This bill does nothing but strip protections from animals that should be off limits, i.e. Hibernating. The bill does not give you more animals to kill as this website claims, it merely makes it legal to kill hibernating dens. You cannot defend this. Stop trying. It makes us look bad. Go trump.

    5. I am pro guns and republican to the core. This bill does nothing but strip protections from hibernating animals. This article makes no sense. Read the bill. It’s quite disgusting from a conservative point of view.

    6. This line says it all: “State of Alaska’s ability to provide adequate wildlife for the state’s hunters.” I’m a big game hunter from Colorado, I ask: “What about fair chase?” Killing bears in den is not hunting, it is harvesting. If Alaska has a bear control population, they should decide that this is an effective means of control. But, if the reason is “provide adequate wildlife for the state’s hunters”, not good enough. Grow a pair and learn to hunt bear!

    7. This is ridiculous, find something to do besides killing animals. Your whole group here is a disgrace to the human race. If I was up there and saw you shooting sleeping bears, I would make sure you never shot anything again.

    8. I’m not a person who’s passing judgement on any hunter, my family has several hunters. But, this bill is wrong. Anyone who hasn’t studied it really needs to. This bill will make it ok to shoot game from helicopters, kill hibernating families, and we all know what leg traps do. It was introduced by a Representative from Alaska, who is also a trapper. Hunters and other officials do not want this bill passed. It’s wrong. This website has left out a lot of information.

    9. Well, I see this got invaded by all the ignorant left winger snowflakes, morons and idiots who have not a clue; I bet they all support PETA which has a record for the number of dogs and other pets they KILL in their “shelters”.
      I bet also that they have never contributed one cent to conservation or studied conservation and are totally unaware that allowed to grow beyond the ability of the habitat to support them that animals starve and begin attacking pets.
      What a load of ignorance.
      Thanks again for all the stupidity and ignorance posted here by lefty anti-hunting morons.

      1. Who the ***k let you out of the kitchen, Colonialb8tch? You do talk some absolute sh\te. Thanks for taking women’s right back to the Victorian era, idiot. I really bet you are a student of conservation. Lol.

        1. @Troll Stool, Actually CG is correct on her facts, nor have you disputed her facts. All of the remainder of you writing was insult, empty words, wasted effort.This is a clear debate loss. Have you learned nothing about argumentation from these fine gentlemen and ladies that comment here?

          1. Old Bill, you silly old fart. You really do have nothing better to do than to hang out on this forum and reply to EVERY post like some obsessive-compulsive retard. What a pathetic way to while away your twilight years. Haven’t you been smacked down enough? Colonialb8tch doesn’t need your help, she needs to get back in the kitchen and make me a pot pie.

      1. @Tom R, No, it is not that plain and simple. Market hunters, hunted the passenger pigeon to extinction for food. Market hunters brought nearly all the game animals in North America to the brink of extinction, all for food. Hunting wild game for food was 24/7/365. Sport hunters got together and got Congress to out law market hunting for food. It is called the Lacey Act.
        After 30 years the game animals of North America had not come back in any appreciable numbers. It was rare, indeed, to see a white tail deer. Only sport hunters knew why. Sport hunters got Congress to pass the Pittman-Robinson Act, part of which was a ten per cent tax on all firearms and ammunition sold. It is the only example in the history of the United States that a group of people asked Congress to tax themselves especially. (Note: now Congress has increased the tax, applied it to bowes and arrows, and steals from the fund regularly to pay for social projects.) The money was used by sportsmen to buy, preserve, and improve habitat for the game animals, long before state governments got involved.
        Then the sportsmen asked state governments to set seasons and limits on when, how, and how many animals could be taken each year. Absent thoughtful, knowledgeable, dedicated, and self sacrificing sport hunters there would be no wild animals in North America. So it is not as simple as modern people would have us believe.

    10. National Wildlife Refuge means National, in other words it belongs to ALL of the people not just the tree huggers and environmental cases. As such we who hunt and fish have as much right to enjoy our interests on that land as you environmental cases have to hike and kayak. You don’t want to hunt, don’t. Where does it say in our constitution that everyone has to ask your permission or get your approval for anything. “GFYS’s” You have no more right to dictate to me than I have to dictate to you, WE all own the NATIONAL WILD LIVE REFUGES, because we as Americans own the land that is not in private hands. I have the right, without your permission to do as I please within the confines of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

      1. Yes, National means National, Wildlife means Wildlife and Refuge means Refuge. Now which of these words are you struggling with? And no, you do not have a right to do as you please in a national wildlife refuge unless you are a self admitted poacher. You must adhere to rules and regulations designed to maintain wildlife populations. What a foolish and naive post by a bitter high school drop-out that can’t think beyond a single dimension.

        1. You obviously have a problem with reading comprehension, I never said I had the right to do as I pleased outside of the law Sh*t bird.

          1. My reading comprehension is excellent. You said “I have the right, without your permission to do as I please within the confines of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.”

            And I said unless you want to behave like a low life poacher, then you need to follow the rules and regulations the government imposes on you. So what is it, responsible hunter or lowlife poacher that supports the killing of pups in their dens or hibernating bears and their cubs?

            1. Now there’s a witty rejoiner. What I would expect from somebody that finds fish and game regulations repugnant.

    11. If you have not actually read the bill yourself and are commenting based only what you’ve read on this webpage, how can you think you understand what the bill is ACTUALLY about? You are commenting from a point of ignorance. Shut up and read the full bill, making sure you clearly understand it. If you can’t understand it, shut up. If you do understand it and still think it’s ok, comment at will – that’s your perogative. But don’t be surprised when others imply you’re stupid or someone who really just likes to kill things, not actually hunt. More heads on the wall does not make you a good hunter. A really good shot can take game at 500yds. A real hunter doesn’t need to.

    12. A few notes in case anybody comes along… I am NOT a hunter. However, as an environmentalist I appreciate the value of NWR’s… and how they are managed… and how the States, the Feds, and private parties work together to manage refuges.

      So many people seem clueless about context. Some of the following has been hinted at above:

      – Duck Stamps, bought by hunters, nature lovers and others, pay for NWR’s. 98% of funds go to that… one of the most efficient gov’t programs of all.

      – Many states follow a best practice called “multiple use and sustained-yield management”
      – This DOES involve managing animal populations… and sometimes extreme measures must be taken to avoid a harmful population explosion. (If you end up with too many of one species, ALL suffer…)

      – What the Obama administration wanted to do was:
      – Replace “multiple use and sustained-yield management” with “species diversity” as the top priority. Sounds good but actually it is not smart for many reasons.
      – Ensure federal rules would override state management… thus destroying the State-Fed-Private partnership

      It’s quite obvious from other examples that the Feds don’t have animal welfare as a top priority. Example: the White House explicitly gave wind farms long term permission to kill endangered bald and golden eagles. Hundreds of thousands of birds annually have died since 2008, including dozens of bald and golden eagles.

      Bottom line: this is actually a fight over whether the feds can simply muscle in and destroy a very effective long term partnership.

      1. @Mr Pete, I appreciate the explanation, but what about the killing bears in hibernation part? I am all for “multiple use and sustained-yield management” and states being in the best positions to understand and scientifically manage their animal populations, but hunting bears in hibernation hardly seems appropriate or sporting. I don’t know any hunter that thinks that would be sporting.

        1. Hunting bears in hibernation is certainly not sporting.

          However, opposition to this bill is fixated on a false dichotomy. Alaska can have both state control of hunting regulations and prohibitions on practices deemed unethical – citizens just need to push for the state laws to be changed.

          If a majority of Alaskans are truly opposed to those practices, they can make it happen.

      2. Please cite your references for wind farms killing “Hundreds of thousands of birds annually have died since 2008, including dozens of bald and golden eagles.”

        1. The first hit in a Google search for “wind farm bird deaths us” was an article from the Audubon Society titled “Will Wind Turbines Ever Be Safe For Birds?”, dated March 16, 2016. From that article:

          “Wind turbines kill an estimated 140,000 to 328,000 birds each year in North America, making it the most threatening form of green energy.”

          That certainly qualifies as “hundreds of thousands” annually.

          1. That is not a peer reviewed journal nor is it a research project. Cite references and if you cannot understand that, go back to school.

            1. The Audubon Society is a long-established pro-environment group focused specifically on avian species – sort of like Greenpeace before they went so off the rails that founding members gave up on it.

              If you have a better source that says differently, feel free to share.

              Just make sure it’s not a shill for the wind energy lobby.

      3. so Mrpete, you spoke about “This DOES involve managing animal populations… and sometimes extreme measures must be taken to avoid a harmful population explosion. (If you end up with too many of one species, ALL suffer…)”

        what do you do when the human population gets to much?

    13. It truly blows my mind how the far left goes against this bill, but they protest in the streets to support killing a human fetus that is almost full term all in the name of science and population control. Yet, when a Bill is passed for the Alaskan people to survive off the land, as has been done for hundreds of years, as well as to control the black bear population, the same people who at PRO-ABORTION, fight it. Hypocrisy at it’s finest.

    14. The majority of Alaskans oppose this. This bill is for thrill-seekers and trophy hunters. Just say it like it is and quit hiding behind the people of Alaska! Your a bunch of jerks!

    15. I have no skin in this game – I’m not a resident of Alaska, nor do I have plans to go hunting there.

      It seems there are two separate but intertwined issues here – the federal government usurping the authority of the state to manage conservation within its borders, and distaste for certain hunting tactics that may become legal should control revert to the state.

      Currently, the Left Coast Liberals and Flyover State Conservatives from the lower 48 each have more of a say in this matter than the residents of Alaska do. Whatever you think of current hunting laws in Alaska (or imagine them to be), that is neither right nor fair. Those decisions should be made by the residents of Alaska via their own state representatives.

      1. A 2016 poll of Alaskans opposed this bill. Yet it was introduced anyway. Inhumane practices caused the overkilling of native alaskan predators. This resolution allows The use of Cruel tactics. Going into dens and killing wolf pups, chasing down bears from the air, that type of hunting. Ethical hunters do not hunt this way, most are actually very good stewards of the land.This resolution allows hunting in REFUGE’s and is opposed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Trophy hunters who are not hungry Akaskans will be the one’s that benefit. They have enough food already and enough money to practice this. Also, I don’t need to be a resident to know right from wrong, ethical from unethical. This is being decided Federally, not within the State.

        1. If a majority of Alaskans truly oppose it, then the laws can be changed a state level to outlaw the specific hunting practices in question. It doesn’t need to be decided federally, nor should it be.

          1. Adam and Cynthia, i have read all these comments and i think if they could just change the inhumane hunting practices and make them illegal that people would not be so upset and i would not care so much if the state had control again. but Young may think differently. i understand sometimes you need to control the population but not just so hunters can kill more moose. there has to be balance. but have some damn compassion also.

    16. NO!!! They are putting a spin on this. This is not about hunting. Hunters are against this because it’s so barbaric and cruel! It will allow whole families and wolf pups to be gassed in their dens. Bears shot while hibernating. Trapping bears with steel-jawed leg holds and snares. Allowing hunters to lure animals with food and then shooting them and point blank range, and on and on. Do your own research. This bill will allow this to happen on 16 National Wildlife REFUGES? covering 76 million acres all in Alaska. This Bill has passed Congress and now goes to the Senate and then to the President. Please contact your Senators and tell them NO to Resolution 69. Tell them we want our protected lands and protected wildlife to stay protected for our future generations.

    17. Alright, you pathetic gutless [email protected] TS has joined this thread. I classify trappers as the lowest form of humans. If any of you cowardly, smegma eating Neanderthals had any balls at all, you would find a new pastime. If the only way you can get your jollies is to shoot sleeping animals then you are beyond redemption. You are what is wrong with the world and why the aliens will never contact us.

    18. @Troll Stool, I don’t see that you have any standing to complain because you never go out into nature. You think nature consists of the Robbins that hop around in your parents’ yard.

        1. @Troll Slime, My tribe is the United States Army, and I doubt that you have spent more time in the great outdoors than us. We are not very inbred, though. We leave children where ever we go. Ask your mom. Finally, thank you for the spelling lesson, so… what is a #sshat?

          1. Old Bill. No, your tribe is hootch drinking hillbillies who have children with each other, and you are a long way from the army, sunshine. Your hero card is expired, so shut up about it. You can ask about #sshats at your next AA meeting.

            1. @Too Snockered, I would not put a thief in my glass to steal my brains, too many critters depend upon me, but apparently you would. I don’t know how this stuff springs forth in your mind. It must be alcohol or drugs. And as far as your demand for me to shut up, well… apparently that is as tolerant as the liberal/progressive/socialists get.

    19. Hard to believe that such a top-shelf website of conservation minded hunters would support such a despicable bill that would legalize the unsportsmanlike behavior normally ascribed to poachers, the lowest of the low life that is a threat to every good minded hunter. The editors should really re-think their momentary lapse of reason. And every good minded conservation minded hunter should be outraged that this back door bill has even reached the stage it has and should contact their senator and register their outrage.

    20. I tried to research J H 69 . AK rep. Young submitted it to defeat a federal power over reach for control of game department regs. That in it self would be enough for me to get behind it. I was not able to see any changes the feds wanted but it was labeled non-subsistence policy. No ethical person, hunter or not would approve of some of the practices described above. If I read correctly the measure failed in both house and senate, however he (
      Rep. Young) may have succeeded in attaching a rider to defund it.

    21. Did you ever play the party game where you sit in a big circle and start a rumor that you whisper into the person next to you’s ear, and see how much it changed by the time it got back to you. Especially the more you’ve had to drink. Well start at the top and have a ball.

    22. there is a story of a Samurai warrior and a monk……the samurai goes to the monk and says” can you teach me about heaven and hell” the monk replies “me teach you a big, stupid, dirty Samurai” at this the samurai picks up his sword and is about cut the monks head off and then the monk looks at him as says “that is hell” the samurai puts down his sword and thinks for a moment and then the monk says “that is heaven”
      Please stop the slaughter for wildlife, because when you kill them you are killing yourself

      1. I certainly respect your choice to not hunt or eat meat. Humans are omnivores and have been hunting since recorded history. Further, humans have domesticated animals for food. I do not think there is a huge warehouse of bad karma that has been filled due to humans hunting for food over the past million years. Where is that bad karma warehouse for other top level predators that kill to eat?

    23. Keep in mind only 6 percent of our population participates in that sick demented sport called hunting. I get get so tired of these people who call themselves sportsmen talking about killing defenseless animals. And then having their repulsive pictures taken with the dead animal whose only defense is to run And most of the time they are baited. This passage speaks badly of the Rep House of Reps . And I am a Rep There is something wrong with humans who love to go our and kill something.that cannot defend itself You cannot justify that. Hey they need you in Syria! Take your fat a**es to the grocery store and eat one of the billions of farm animals who are tortured every day.

    24. I emailed my senator to vote No. Wildlife experts are against this but special interest groups have the money and power for it to pass. When given a choice between an emaciated cow elk or a trophy bull, which one will a hunter shoot and which one will a pack of wolves take down? By taking the sick, injured, and weak prey, wolves strengthen the prey species. I’m a hunter and talked to other hunters who oppose this extermination of wolves and bears. This is about money, more prey animals = more paying hunters. If it is about state rights being overruled by the federal government then Alaska should have stopped this practice at the state level. If Alaskans are starving then divert some of that oil money to feed them. Let’s have a balanced environment, after all nature knows best.

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