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Defend Freedom Tour

The Defend Freedom Tour

Who better to speak on such issues as the VA scandal and on failed foreign policy strategies than veterans who fought on the front lines…

Chuck Norris vs. Communism

Operation Digital Delta Force

If my action movies have the power to help liberate people, maybe it’s time for our amazing military to covertly airdrop & smuggle more of them into such countries as North Korea, Syria & Iran…

Campaign 2016

Youth Vote Is Key to 2016 and Saving America

The only way they inherit the freedom we have known is if we fight for it, protect it, defend it & then hand it to them with the well-taught lessons of how they, in their lifetime, must do the same…

Chuck Norris

11 Law Enforcement Officers Killed

While citizens have been rallying in Ferguson, Missouri, & NY, in just the past month, a dozen cops have been killed across our country by murderous thugs or unfortunate accidents in the line of duty.

Doris Miller

Miller’s Model: A Solution for Ferguson

Maybe it’s time we quit hunting for evidence to support our views or conclusions that degrade others. Maybe it’s time we shake the stereotypes. Maybe it’s time to cease fire on fellow Americans…

Chuck Norris

The Neutering of Our Religious Holidays

Let us never forget that there was once a time in the U.S. when people and even presidents weren’t afraid to stand for traditional values and encourage others to do the same…

Chuck Norris

California Forces Churches To Fund Abortions

First, the mayor of Houston flagrantly violated clergy’s First Amendment rights. And now California government officials are forcing churches to fund abortions. What’s next???

Chuck Norris

Houston, We Have A (1st Amendment) Problem!

Unfortunately the Mayor of Houston thinks it’s her role to use unconstitutional intimidation if necessary to achieve those ends. In the name of the First Amendment, someone needs to stop her…

Chuck Norris

Unfair: Exposing The IRS ~ Video

Here we are 500 days after the IRS was caught red-handed using fear & intimidation to wage war on conservative groups, including tea party patriots, pro-Israel advocates & Christian organizations…

Eric Holder

Supreme Court Justice… Eric Holder?

What if Obama and Holder are not only protecting themselves from some past public sin through his resignation but also prepping Holder for some future position by his absence from the public stage???

Chuck Norris

Even Libs Say No to Hillary in 2016

Outside of her super-rich comrades who have clear self-invested interests in resurrecting and ensuring a Clinton dynasty a hosts of other liberals are petrified of her becoming president…

Order vs Chaos

America at the Tipping Point (Part 1)

Radical Islam has spread over the past seven years; the global community is more volatile than ever; the USA is in a more unstable & vulnerable position & inching closer & closer to another world war.

Chuck Norris

Lambs to the GMO Slaughter

Today, in the United States, as much as 80 percent of packaged foods contain ingredients that have been genetically modified…

Chuck Norris

What America Needs Now

Where are the presidents today who are visionary leaders and spur on American exceptionalism, excellence and the entrepreneurial spirit? Where are the leaders who call us to dream again???

Charles Chuck Norris

Charles (Chuck) Norris Had the Answers

Chuck’s early life ended, but his legacy didn’t. Indeed, the American dream and drive were passed on to him from his parents and were handed down from him to his posterity, just as someone did for you…

Declaration of the Causes and Necessity of Taking Up Arms

Declaration of Arms Before Independence

But did you know that on July 6 1775 a year before the 1776 Declaration of Independence, Congress initiated a ‘Declaration of the Causes and Necessity of Taking Up Arms’…


Veterans, PTSD and US Government Abandonment

Know one can stomach the latest political farce & cover-up from the Obama administration, the secret record keeping & delays in treatment at veterans hospitals that led to dozens of patients dying…

Who Owns Our Kids Anyway?

It’s time for the government to stop overreaching into our families and dictating where children can pray, what children will learn, what children will eat, what medical treatment children will receive…

The White House’s Cover-up of Benghazi

Families and friends of the four brave Americans murdered in Benghazi continue to suffer without answers, reasons or justice. Is there not a shred of heart left in Washington???