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Deer Season

Sighting Your Favorite Deer Gun

With relatively moderate temperatures still with us, it’s best get your favorite deer gun sighted in properly while conditions cooperate…

Ruger Redhawk .44 Magnum

Handgun Hunting Deer in Standing Corn

Standing corn is not something to complain about & hunting in it takes no special skills. If that trophy hasn’t been hanging out in your neck of the woods, you may want to consider a stalk, of sorts..

Target Practice

The Accuracy Game by Glen Wunderlich

There’s no intent here to persuade anyone to shoot the wings off flies at 100 paces with a deer gun. But good gear and lots of practice can get you close…


Freedom is NOT Free

It is fair to ponder that freedom is not free when it is at the expense of others. Think about that when government portends to give us anything…

ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent Lantern

Mosquito Warfare, Lets Kill Em All

If you have that outdoor bug – a hankering for fresh air and sunshine – there’s one real bug ready to have you, too: the mosquito…

Long Shot Deer

One Shot One Kill, Single-Shot Mentality

When heading afield for a hunt, I still like the single-shot firearms. Since only one shot is at hand, you’ll be required to learn the discipline of a sportsman and the single-shot mentality…

Michigan Longbeard Ambushed

Michigan Longbeard Ambushed

I outfitted my inexpensive rubber hen decoy with some authentic turkey-feather wings for a bit more realism, when the first hen of the season caught a glimpse of the “trespasser”, she quickened for a showdown…

Mossberg FLEX-22 Autoloading Rifle

Mossberg Flex 22 Rifle ~ Video Review

Linda Powell of Mossberg demonstrates the unique flexibility of the new Flex 22, which allows adaptations for different conditions and body sizes making this firearm a versatile addition to anyone’s collection…

Survival Gun Gear

New Years Resolution: More Survival Gear

I solicited advice from outdoor enthusiasts from across North America and here’s a list of items you may wish to consider to take along on your next outdoor excursion…