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Flame Thrower At Work, Vietnam

Fiery Response To Evil

Consider this, using a flamethrower to demonstrate to the evil that wants to harm America and Americans, that we, the US, can deliver total destruction if need be…

La Marianne

La Marianne and Her Ruger Mini 14 Rifle

The tipping point has arrived, and it is time for not only the police, military & any other official defensive group to act, but that the average citizen must also be ready…

The Good Old Days, Electric Heater

These Are The Good Old Days

We kept telling Grandma to turn down the heat. No way was that going to happen. She would look at us, smile and say…

Buffalo Bore Heavy 30-30 Winchester Rifle Ammunition

John Wayne Would Have Killed To Have This Ammo

If you are looking for ammo for your grandfather’s gently used 30-30 lever action rifle, the 28A / 30-30 will get that job done and is safe to use in almost all of the older lever actions…

Rioters loot the Ferguson Market and Liquor store on August 16, 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri. Several businesses were looted as police held their position nearby.

It Is Too Late When The Riots Start

There was no way in hell I was going to be able to stop rioters or looters trying to break into my home with just a single action handgun and a lever action rifle…

Maggie Enjoying the Colonel Harl's Hand Made Rugs

A Blue Ribbon Rugs… Not Beer

Pabst Beer has been milking that Blue Ribbon thing for over a hundred years since they won first place at a fair. We just need to figure out how we can parlay our own Blue Ribbon in to something big..

Toyota Quality Weapons

Toyota Quality Weapons

If Consumer Report Magazine started doing quality evaluations of military weapons, there is no doubt that Japanese military industrial hardware would get fire-wall “red dots” for excellent products…

Guns Guns Guns

Stuff And The Proper Storage Of It

One of the problems of military life is the moving you have to do. The government will only pay for shipping a prescribe amount of weight, based on your rank…

756th Bomber Squadron

Behind Enemy Lines

1LT. Cole was six feet and four inches and weight 240 pounds when he exited that crashing bomber and when he finally got back to Italy he weighed 160 pounds…

Nuclear Japan

Japan: No Army = No War = No Way

The day North Korea lands a missile on Japanese soil the process for removing Article 9 will start. Ninety days later Japan will have nukes…

Oglethorpe Rope

Oglethorpe Rope

How much longer will it be before we come to the end of our nation’s “Oglethorpe rope”??

View from the Higgins Boat on D-Day

The Boat That Won World War II

General Eisenhower once proclaimed that Andrew Higgins was the man who won WW II, because of his boat. There are less that 130 Higgins Boats in service in the Navy, but they still get used…

American Nightingale by Bob Welch

American Nightingale

Jewish boys became doctors, but Jewish girls did not become nurses, especially immigrant ones from the old country with their old country ways…