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Fingernails and Guns

Teach Your Daughters To Shoot

As a woman, a mother, a social worker and a gun owner I understand the importance of safeguarding the right to own firearms for self-defense…

Butterfly Effect

Of Butterflies & Gun Rights

As I am writing this in New Jersey we are waiting on hearings to find out whether new stricter gun laws will be enacted against NJ gun owners….

Shari Spivack

Shari Spivack on the Right To Choose & Guns

Whether you are young or old, a man or a woman, you should have the education to decide if shooting a gun is something you are comfortable with or enjoy doing and the right to own one if you so choose…


Wenger Launches Jewelry Line for Outdoor Enthusiasts

HypeX jewelry pendants are designed to be functional and attractive tools for the outdoorsman (or woman) that have the clean, classic lines of the Wenger brand and the quality and durability that Swiss Army Knife stands behind…

Springfield XD-S .45ACP Handgun

Shari’s SHOT Show Roundup

Four days at SHOT Show 2012 in Vegas was hardly enough time to see every one of the thousands of exhibitor booths on the show floor….

Band Of Brothers Running

Exercises to Improve Your Shooting

A workout designed around exercises that would benefit one of your favorite hobbies, shooting sports, might inspire more commitment…

Girls Guide to Guns

Women Shooters Gun Resources

Many are interested but they don’t know where to turn for advice and information. The following is a list of some websites that may be of interest to women shooters…

Chicks with Guns by Lindsay McCrum

Chicks with Guns

Lindsay McCrum’s artistic talents in Chicks with Guns, offer an aesthetically pleasing pictorial record of female gun owners and delivers a good account of the passion and seriousness women across the country have for their guns…

Gun Safety At Home – The First Priority

I would take it a step further and suggest that it is a good idea that all occupants of the home be educated – on their level – on how to safely handle, or not handle a firearm…

Pediatricians And Anti-Gun Bias

Pediatricians are saying they need to question me about my personal property and specifically whether I have any guns in my home…