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Bolt Action Rifle

Seasoning A New Firearm – Steps for Beginners

Similar to a new pair of shoes, a firearm needs to be broken in as soon as you purchase it. One of the first things to know is that depending on the type of gun, the break-in process varies…

Bio Hazard

My Ebola Survival Gear Short List

As with all survival situations you can never be completely prepared, but it pays to plan ahead and stock up now as the listed survival items will be the first to go when the SHTF…

Guns of Outlaws: Weapons of the American Bad Man

Guns of Outlaws: Weapons of the American Bad Man

From colonial-era rifles carried on the “Owlhoot Trail” to John Dillinger’s Colt pistols, the history of the American outlaw is told in guns–weapons that became each man’s personal signature…

Maggie Enjoying the Colonel Harl's Hand Made Rugs

A Blue Ribbon Rugs… Not Beer

Pabst Beer has been milking that Blue Ribbon thing for over a hundred years since they won first place at a fair. We just need to figure out how we can parlay our own Blue Ribbon in to something big..