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Maggie Enjoying the Colonel Harl's Hand Made Rugs

A Blue Ribbon Rugs… Not Beer

Pabst Beer has been milking that Blue Ribbon thing for over a hundred years since they won first place at a fair. We just need to figure out how we can parlay our own Blue Ribbon in to something big..

IWI US Online Store

IWI US Launches Online Web Store

IWI US, Inc. introduced the IWI US Online Web Store, the easiest way to shop online for Tavor SAR accessories, including the 9mm Conversion Kit and spare parts…

Legally Armed: A Concealed Carry Gun Law Guide

Legally Armed: A Concealed Carry Gun Law Guide

Any concealed carry permit holder knows the laws for carrying a firearm vary from state to state. This book clears up any confusion associated with interstate travel or relocation…

The Shadow Patriots by Warren Ray

The Shadow Patriots by Warren Ray

This new book by Warren Ray is a gritty thriller filled with themes of duplicity and betrayal that illustrates how easily life in America can spiral out of control…

A Guide Book of Carry Gun Values

A Guide Book of Carry Gun Values

This first edition covers handguns ranging from pocket-sized derringers to .45 Winchester Magnum M1911s. Full color & fully illustrated, this book offers accurate pricing estimates…

Victorinox Champion Plus Knife

Pocket Knives, My Top Five

Welcome to my digital campfire as I run down my top five list of pocket knife styles that will offer something for everyone form old school dogs to the new kid on he block…

Knives of Alaska Cub Bear Knife Model

Top Skinning Knives Every Hunter Should Have

As kids when we were trapping we used a small pocket knife, now as adults we can afford more efficient, purpose built, knives for making fast skinning work of big & small game…