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Is the C39 pistols from Century the ultimate truck gun?

Century C39 Pistol; The Ultimate Truck Gun?

For many of you northeastern Yankees, “truck gun” may be a foreign term. Please allow a moment for elaboration and clarification. A truck gun, by loose definition, is a long gun kept at the ready in the cab of your pickup truck for general shooting chores.

Snow Bound Cars

Winter Weather Ready or Not?

I personally witnessed several thousand people walking away from abandoned vehicles, on just one highway. Ice was an inch thick! I drove as far as I could yesterday morning, and then walked three more miles…

DKX Armor

Body Armor, Punched Or Pierced, Your Choice

Soft body-armor will protect you from most common pistol bullets. You’ll end-up with a nice bruise, but you’ll probably live through it. Your choice is: “punched” or “pierced!”…

Safeguard StealthPro Body Armor

Designing Cooler Body Armor

For many years, body armor was designed simply for protection without regard to comfort. Many people were becoming overheated because the material that was used to make the vests was not breathable at all…

Black Man With A Gun Reloaded

Black Man With A Gun Reloaded – New Book

Now free to tell it all, Blanchard shares personal stories and struggles beginning with his family life, humorous stories as well as lessons learned as a an African American gun rights activist…