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New Ground Strike Targets From Birchwood Casey

The new Ground Strike™ Targets from Birchwood Casey® are constructed of a durable self-healing material that will withstand hundreds of shots while still maintaining their original shape.

All Temp Tactical Lube

All Temp Tactical Lube

All Temp Tactical Lube works to condition and smooth metal surfaces creating a barrier against friction (heat), wear, carbon build up, and water…

ThermaCELL Heated Insoles

ThermaCELL Heated Insoles Review

ThermaCELL, the makers of the tested and true mosquito repellent systems have introduced Heated Insoles that are rechargeable, wireless, and best of all, really work…

Day 6 PlotWatcher Pro Camera

Day 6 PlotWatcher Pro Camera Review

This compact trail camera is designed to perform surveillance work during daylight hours and is just the ticket to scout in absentia. And, so far, I like what I’ve seen…

Camp Chef 72-Hour Emergency Kit

Camp Chef 72-Hour Emergency Kit Review

The 72-Hour Emergency Kit is exactly the type of kit that is well packaged, durable and takes the guess work out of the food prep side of the survival equation…

Hornady 7mm Remington Mag

Hornady Ammo and Bullets Review

I have used Hornady bullets for quite a few years and have found them to perform well. One of my favorites is the 7 mm 175 grain either spitzer or round nose depending on circumstances…

Trauma Med Kit

Trauma Med Kit: Gear Check

You can’t shoot a detonated bomb, but you can help the victims survive to see the inside of hospital…

Lucky Buck Mineral Giveaway

Lucky Buck Mineral Giveaway

The goal of the Lucky Buck study is to determine how many different species of animals feed on shed antlers and how quickly shed antlers get fed upon after they are dropped…