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Paul Markel Teaching Medical Training

Everyday Carry For Healing Versus Killing

For the uninitiated, who have not been teaching combat medicine for the last ten years, duct tape in the mini-roll size has also become a staple of every med kit…

Polar Bear 48PackBreakAmmoLand

Introducing the Polar Bear Mossy Oak Cooler

Polar Bear Coolers and Mossy Oak have partnered to bring outdoors enthusiasts the best of both worlds – high-quality, leak-proof, soft-sided coolers with popular camouflage patterns…

Pocket Life-Saver EDC Med Kit

Pocket Life-Saver EDC Med Kit

If you are even involved in a traumatic injury situation, you will want to do something. The big question is will you have able to doing anything effective to aid the victim…


New Ground Strike Targets From Birchwood Casey

The new Ground Strike™ Targets from Birchwood Casey® are constructed of a durable self-healing material that will withstand hundreds of shots while still maintaining their original shape.

All Temp Tactical Lube

All Temp Tactical Lube

All Temp Tactical Lube works to condition and smooth metal surfaces creating a barrier against friction (heat), wear, carbon build up, and water…