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5.11 ATAC L1 Flashlight

5.11 ATAC L1 Flashlight Review

Over the Thanksgiving Holiday I had the chance to test out some items by 5.11 Tactical including their ATAC L1 flashlight…

Freedom Arms 454 Casull with Leupold Scope

Leupold FX-II Handgun 4x28mm Duplex Scope Review

If you buy any of these super powered revolvers be prepared to lay out some serious cash for both the gun and ammo. Are they worth it? That would be for you to decide. But I say yes to leupold…

Building a Carbine

New Building a Carbine DVD from Panteao

In this video Paul Howe reviews important topics like motivation to survive, fear and negative thoughts, mental programming, how to handle stress, tactical confidence, medical self-aid, and more…