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U.S. District Court Dismisses Lawsuit to Ban Traditional Ammunition

The U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia today dismissed a lawsuit brought by the radical anti-hunting Center for Biological Diversity and six other groups demanding the Environmental Protection Agency ban traditional ammunition containing lead components.

Empty Brass Ammo

My Take on the Ammunition Shortage

The only thing that would turn this around in the near future is if conditions change to remove or moderate the perception of economic and political uncertainty in the U.S…

Hornady Honors Ellett Brothers

Hornady Honors Ellett Brothers

Ellett Brothers was honored by Hornady with its 2012 Customer Award in appreciation for a record breaking sales year…

Hornady 7mm Remington Mag

Hornady Ammo and Bullets Review

I have used Hornady bullets for quite a few years and have found them to perform well. One of my favorites is the 7 mm 175 grain either spitzer or round nose depending on circumstances…

Ammo Tax

California to Focus on More Gun Control, Next Week

On Monday, the Assembly Committee on Revenue and Taxation will hear testimony pertaining to Assembly Bill 760 (Dickinson) that seeks to impose a sales tax of .05 cents per ammunition components …