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HSUS Crushed on Election Day

HSUS and its legislative arm spent bundles of money and came up empty. And for homeless animals in need, it’s a lost opportunity…

U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance Post-Election Wrap Up

Election Day has come and gone and Americans have cast their votes. Now politicians will turn their attention from winning elections to governing our country. But how will the outcome of this year’s election affect sportsmen???

Minnesota Elk

Better Groceries for Minnesota Elk

Elk, deer and other wildlife in Minnesota are getting 1,167 acres of more lush, nu—tritious and palatable forage, thanks to habitat enhancement work funded in part by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation…

Wolf Packs

The Fight Over Western Great Lakes Wolves

The hunting of wolves has once again become one of the biggest topics in the sportsmen’s community as anti-hunting organizations have started filing or threatening a barrage of lawsuits…

Wildlife Forever Sells Bridge to Somewhere

Wildlife Forever Sells Bridge to Somewhere

Through a collaborative project with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Afognak Native Corporation (ANC) of Kodiak Alaska, Wildlife Forever sold for $1, a portable aluminum bridge to help fish and wildlife…