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The State of the Union – An Inside Report

Appealing to our national pride, President Obama promised not to cede dominance in green energy production to China and Germany. Excuse me, but who wants to be Number One at losing money???

Grey Wolf

Wisconsin Problem Wolves To Be Addressed Quickly

We are ready and capable of managing Wisconsin’s wolf population at a healthy, sustainable level and we welcome the opportunity to begin addressing those areas where problem wolves are attacking domestic animals…

Groups are organizing to repress your hunting rights

The Dirty Dozen

As 2012 begins, it’s important to take note of groups that are working against your opportunities to hunt, trap, fish and enjoy the outdoors. To that effect, here is what we call The Dirty Dozen.

Dallas Ingles of Shadehill Recreation Area

The Good Life at Shadehill South Dakota

It’s that legacy that Ingles left Shadehill as he retired earlier this month from the South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks after a total 44 years of service…