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Two Ocean Pass Teton Wilderness

The Elkhorn Brand Rides Again

Wild beasts and birds are by right not the property merely of the people alive today, but the property of the unborn generations, whose belonging we have no right to squander…

Remove Western Great Lakes Wolves From ESA Protection

Reasoning that Only one wolf population exists within the Western Great Lakes region, will avoid letting the antis use this unsupported claim as another roadblock to rightfully returning wolves to state management…

Fire Displaces Los Alamos Bears

Los Alamos Police Department have agreed to distribute Living With Large Predator brochures to residents of Los Alamos who are reporting the influx of animals to the community…

This One’s For the Girls – Upcoming Outdoor Event for Women

This One’s For the Girls – Upcoming Outdoor Event for Women EDGEFIELD, S.C. –( The Michaux-Yellow Breeches and Shippensburg Strutters chapters of the National Wild Turkey Federation will host a “Women in the Outdoors” event on Saturday, Aug. 27, from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. at Bass Pro Shops in Harrisburg. Pre-registration is required for […]