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Nite Owl Rendering 1

Nite Owl Firearms Takes Flight

Evans Machining Services Inc. proudly announces the launch of the Nite Owl Firearms brand of personal striker fired pistols for civilian use…


CMMG Ships First Run of Mk47 MUTANT Rifles

CMMG Inc. has announced that the company has shipped its first production run of Mk47 MUTANT rifles to preferred retailers and big box stores, including Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops.

Please do ring in the new year with celebratory gunfire.

Celebratory Gunfire in Dallas

Celebratory gunfire has a long history in this country. It can be done responsibly, but firing bullets into the air in urban areas is a bad idea.

Palm Pistol

Palm Pistol Status Report December 2014

We current are testing different barrel rifling twist rates at various lengths to determine the optimum combination for maximum muzzle velocity while keeping the barrel as short as possible…

Fatal Firearm Accidents 2012 Comparison

NSSF: Fatal Firearm Accident Comparisons

Fatal accidents with firearms are at historic lows. Firearm numbers in society have skyrocketed, but the rate of fatal accidents has fallen 94% in 100 years…