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Newport Or Gun Turn In 'buyback'

‘Buy Back’ Gun Turn In Backfires

Second amendment supporters outnumbered sellers at the gun ‘buyback’ turn in event in Newport, Oregon. Private buyers purchased many decent guns.

To watch vide, click here.

USCCA 1 Million Round Giveaway

Beginning January 20, 2015 the USCCA will be giving away over 1 million rounds of .22 LR ammunition. To become eligible to win generous amounts of the ammunition, simply sign up for one of four USCCA

Armed Woman Stops Crime Spree

Armed Woman Stops Crime Spree

An armed woman in PA stops a crime spree by a pair of criminals. Most urban dwellers know about multiple car burglaries. They are rare in rural areas.

Pat Buchanan

To Die for Charlie Hebdo?

Islamic peoples grow in number & militancy, while the peoples of Europe age and pass on. Europe will have to adapt to Muslim demands or face endless civil & cultural conflict on the Old Continent…

Marijuana and Guns

Concealed Carry and Marijuana Use

The Colorado Campaign for Equal Gun Rights that is putting forth a ballot initiative that would remove the ban on CHL permits for Marijuana users…