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Butterfly Effect

Of Butterflies & Gun Rights

As I am writing this in New Jersey we are waiting on hearings to find out whether new stricter gun laws will be enacted against NJ gun owners….

Keystone NICS Cops

NICS Operations Stats Too Horrible to Believe

Typical Keystone Kops procedures plague the system — “overburdened field investigators… delaying investigation of prosecutable cases… insufficient resources… insufficient staffing… extensive case backlogs… ” it’s a loooonng list…

Gun Owners of America Fighting to Preserve Liberty

It can seem depressing hearing all the states that are pressing for more gun control. But what they don’t tell you is that there are EVEN MORE states that are loosening restrictions on firearms…

American President in Uniform

Obama Runs Away From The War On Terrorism

The White House signed off on a new counterterrorism strategy that amounted to running away from Iraq and Afghanistan as quickly as possible and limiting the offensive campaign to drone strikes…

Fidel Castro

All the Things We Do Not Know

It’s the things we do not know about that the government is doing that shape history and which currently are eroding rights that Americans take for granted…

Police vs Civilian Crime Chart

Civilians are Safer than Police

I don’t know what is so special about law enforcement officers that civilian gun owners should imitate them. A badge doesn’t suddenly make people more responsible or better shots…