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The Relentless Power of Demography

The Relentless Power of Demography

The only thing that will preserve America’s place in the world is if all Americans —Democrats, Republicans, Hispanics, blacks, Jews, Christians and atheists— decide to have babies…

Hawaii: Background Check Bill Makes Final Committee Stop

Introduced by state senators Will Espero, Rosalyn Baker, Brickwood Galuterie & Josh Green, all democrats, SB 69 was originally a gun “buyback” bill, but has evolved into a mandatory background check bill on ALREADY acquired firearms…

NRA Member Card

Why Fido Joined the NRA

So how do you reconcile your fear of getting “on a list” with your desire to contribute to NRA’s noble cause???

Evil Obama

Americans will Curse Obama for Obamacare

Barack Obama has four more years to work his will and future historians will conclude that Americans twice elected a President who hates them and their nation…

Sheriff Johnny D Brown

Defend Yourself Or ‘Bang’ You Are Dead

You may still run and hide in the face of violence but if evil kicks in the door of the room you are hiding in, you are much better prepared to make that life saving decision to stop the evil…