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Defense Distributed Liberator Pistol

3D Printer Guns – The Mouse That Roared

The successful firing of the world’s first plastic gun made with 3D printing technology, has brought immediate calls for a ban on so-called “undetectable weapons.”..

The Terrorists Won in Boston ~ Video

On multiple occasions, officers and agents kicked in doors without warrants or probable cause, pointed guns at residents – men, women, and children – and herded them into the street with shouted orders and violent threats…

Gun Bills Headed to the Texas Governor’s Desk

SB 864 will reduce the number of hours for a concealed handgun license to “not less than four or more than six” and will not include time on the shooting range or the range proficiency exam…

Lapierre: Gun Owners Make U.S. Safer

From the moment of the tragedy in Newtown, it was apparent that the push for new anti-gun laws had less to do with school safety than it did with a crusade to destroy the Second Amendment…