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Laser Lighter Fake Gun

Armed Man from TN faces Fake Gun in WI

An armed man from Tennessee was threatened with a fake gun in Madison, Wisconsin. The suspect ran off after the Tenneseean drew his legally carried weapon.

Boko Haram Murder Victims

Boko Haram Pigs, They Are on the March!

Predictably Administration officials will cynically label such incidents with intelligence-insulting terms such as, “workplace violence,” “lone-wolf incidents,” and “random attacks.”…

Michelle Malkin

All Life Matters: Jahi McMath’s Journey

Terri and Jahi’s families stand as powerful seasonal reminders about my true heroes: those who fight tirelessly for the sanctity of life, no matter how hard the journey…

You Can Affect Positive Change

Your Blueprint to Affecting Positive Change

YOU can affect positive change. This is what you need to think about before you…the deal will only be available for a limited time so…see what some industry professionals have to say about…