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The Concealed Carry Purse

The Concealed Carry Purse

Carrie of The Well Armed Woman shares some things to think about when considering the concealed carry purse…

Jody Hice

Jody Hice and Gun Owners Win Big In Georgia

Jody is a great friend of the Second Amendment, and thanks to the support of people like you, GOA was able to flood the airwaves and mailboxes with his pro-gun message…

Obama Stinks Attracking Flys

Caruba: Obama Encounters an Apex of Anger

The cliché is that “the fish stinks from the head” and it is clear now that the Obama administration reflects the corruption and incompetence of Barack Obama..

Wild Bill for America

Race Card vs The Mom Card

Parents are outraged over the Obama child dumping stunt! Mothers should speak out loud and clear against government child abuse…

Chuck Norris

What America Needs Now

Where are the presidents today who are visionary leaders and spur on American exceptionalism, excellence and the entrepreneurial spirit? Where are the leaders who call us to dream again???