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Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Amnesty Lite Is Still Amnesty

Comprehensive immigration reform means granting some form of amnesty up front and promising to control the border later. How many more times are we going to fall for that bait and switch fraud???

Gun Violence Is Off The Charts

Obama’s Biggest Frustration: Reality

When the President of the United States is asked about his greatest frustrations and his response is the lack of action to restrict the enumerated constitutional rights of Americans, that’s a diversion…

Thomas Sowell

A Bitter After-taste

With terrorists threatening to at least fragment Iraq, if not take it over, it is a sobering thought that Barack Obama has been wrong about Iraq and every other foreign policy issue…

Alan Caruba

Caruba: Iraq Agonistes

After six years of the Obama administration, the U.S. has no friends in the Middle East—the kind that trust us, but it does have interests to protect…

Governor Christie

President Chris Christie?

If he does secure the nomination that will be a major factor in 2016 and will guarantee a tough fight for the Democratic candidate…