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Alcohol vs. Marijuana (Part 1)

I understand the arguments for the legalization of marijuana: It can generate tax revenue. It can reduce illegal supply and demand. It can strip power from cartels, but…

Caruba: I AM Afraid of My Government

They have good reason. When they can no longer depend on the Department of Justice, the Internal Revenue Service, and other elements of the government to act lawfully…

Obama I cant hear you

Caruba: One Speech Too Many

Obama’s assertion that he will use executive orders to get his way is simply an admission that he has failed to work with Congress and intends to continue as his second term shapes up to be one of increased resistance…

Kevin de Leon Full Retard

Ghosts of California’s Future

So to keep criminals and crazy people from killing people with untraceable guns, de León would require the criminals and crazy people to first register those guns… Freaking brilliant….

Andrew Cuomo

Enemies of Humanity?

What makes this governor’s comments, and comments of most leftist Democrats, so scary is that they are declaring all who disagree with them to be “enemies of humanity!”…