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THE GENERALS -the book-

In WWII generals got fired when they failed on the battlefield. They also got promoted and given even better combat commands when they won on the battlefield….

Tom Gresham: Sandy Hook Caused Many To Realize They Need To Be Armed

Ohio Newspaper Runs Pro-Gun Editorial

Why didn’t the Sandy Hook murders result in passage of new federal gun laws? That explanation came in an editorial written by noted firearms author and broadcaster, Tom Gresham…

Al Jazeera America

‘Al Jazeera America’ Goes After Your Gun Rights

Al Jazeera America, owned by the royal family of Qatar. Dictators that also fund the Muslim Brotherhood & the terrorist group Hamas, are here to throw a burqa over your God-given right to keep & bear arms…

Jesus Christ, God’s Son, Savior.

Equations of Christmas: What does “X” really mean?

A growing secular society attempts to remove Jesus Christ from the equation of Christmas, take joy in the fact that despite these efforts the ultimate truth remains: The reason for the season is a gift from God, the world’s Savior…