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Accidental Death 2010

Your Feelings About Guns

We’re missing something. Our perspective is incomplete and we’re only looking at half the picture. These charts don’t show the many lives saved from public violence by civilians with guns…

Revolver Handgun Shooting

2,082 Reasons Why Guns Are Lifesavers Every Day

Gun control proponents tell us we need more gun control and we need it now. To make this point, they seize on one illegal gun use while ignoring thousands of defensive gun uses each year…

Jennifer Nicole Lee

Ear Buds Can Kill You

The Hi and Lois cartoon in the Monday paper caught my attention because I did not think it was funny. The caption in the second panel has Hi saying “she must be wearing honk-canceling headphones.”…

Female Clerk Fells Armed Robber, Toledo, Ohio

An armed robber entered the Stop & Go convenience store in Toledo, Ohio and got into a confrontation with clerk December Long. At some point during the attempted robbery, Long was able to retrieve a firearm…

Porn’s Part in Sex Trafficking (Part 3)

In the first two parts of this series, I discussed how 10 times more U.S. minors than foreigners are trafficked in the U.S. But are many of them trafficked into the legal porn industry???