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Police Firearm Training, a Video Look

Today I ran across a great video if police in Oregon training to respond to immediate threats in high risk situations and it’s wonderful to see the beautiful landscape and nice private range these officers train on…

Noveske Shooting Team

Brownells Backed 3-Gunners Claim National Title

Noveske Shooting Team members Rob Romero and Jansen Jones, sponsored by Brownells, along with Colt Manufacturing’s professional shooter, Clint Upchurch, have clinched the coveted “Nation’s Best 3-Gun Team” title..

Tom Johnston, Ohio 4H Lead Pistol Instructor

Kids with Gun – It’s a Good Thing

Those of us who don’t live in the artificial bubble of New York City or Los Angles understand that introducing young people to the shooting sports is a tradition as old as this nation…

NSSF Donates $100,000 to USA Shooting Team

The National Shooting Sports Foundation, a longtime USA Shooting sponsor, recently provided the organization with $100,000 donation to help support the USA Shooting Team and shooter development programs…