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ISIS in the usa

ISIS Terror – Coming To A Place Near You!

Don’t be surprised when we see Kenyan-style massacres occurring within CONUS, particularly in places like NY, NJ, and MD, where gun-ownership among citizens is officially discouraged and denigrated…

Defense Training International, Inc

Live-Fire Scenarios!

At least once per year, Pat Troy and I get together and do a Live-Fire Scenario Course at the wonderful Echo Valley Range in WV. Many from the DC area join us there…

Oops crying

Middle Finger and Unintentional Discharges

He was on-line, and the downrange area was clear, but the discharge was obviously unintentional, a great embarrassment to the student, and a startling surprise to the rest of us…

Upland Game Slams

Upland Game Slams Start in Utah

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources has announced that seven Upland Game Slams will start in the state beginning this fall.