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gun-owners-score-big-in-the-senate 1 page
Gun Owners Score Big in the Senate
were-winning-on-guns-and-amnesty 1 page
We're Winning on Guns and Amnesty
nevada-now-offers-a-bowhunter-education-course-at-bowhunter-ed-comnevada 1 page
Nevada Offers A Bowhunter Education Course At Bowhunter-ed.Com/Nevada
win-a-free-exhibition-shooting-show-from-the-gould-brothers-video 1 page
Win a Free Exhibition Shooting Show from the Gould Brothers ~ Video
dolio-repeats-as-mass-idpa-stock-service-pistol-state-champ 1 page
Dolio Repeats As Mass. IDPA Stock Service Pistol State Champ
panteaos-tom-yost-takes-home-4-titles-at-mass-state-idpa-competition 1 page
Panteao’s Tom Yost Takes Home 4 Titles At Mass. State IDPA Competition
dem-senator-admits-using-newtown-families-to-break-gop-gun-control-filibuster 1 page
Dem. Senator Admits Using Newtown Families to Break GOP Gun Control Filibuster
connecticut-gun-maker-ptr-industries-moving-company-jobs-to-south-carolina 1 page
Connecticut Gun Maker PTR Industries Moving Company & Jobs To South Carolina
mygundb-returns-idpa-championship-sponsor 1 page
MyGunDB Returns As Smith & Wesson New England Regional IDPA Championship Sponsor
daily-beast-tries-to-pin-craziest-member-of-congress-on-senator-ted-cruz 1 page
Daily Beast Tries to Pin 'Craziest Member of Congress' on Senator Ted Cruz
crimson-trace-expands-sales-staff 1 page
Crimson Trace Expands Sales Staff
course-of-fire-the-courage-to-be-conservative 1 page
Course of Fire: The Courage To Be Conservative
dont-cry-for-me-america-comparing-argentina-and-the-united-states 1 page
Don't Cry for Me, America: Comparing Argentina and the United States
wake-up-our-freedom-is-in-jeopardy 1 page
Wake Up! Our Freedom Is in Jeopardy
a-north-carolina-bill-to-prohibit-destruction-of-firearms-is-signed-into-law 1 page
A North Carolina Bill to Prohibit Destruction of Firearms is Signed into Law
stone-cold-steve-austin-takes-on-gun-control-on-larry-king-now 1 page
'Stone Cold' Steve Austin: Takes On Gun Control on 'Larry King Now'
who-is-winning-the-gun-war 1 page
Who Is Winning the Gun War?
recall-of-anti-2nd-amendment-colorado-state-senator-angela-giron-succeeds 1 page
Recall of Anti-2nd Amendment Colorado State Senator Angela Giron Succeeds
living-in-the-governments-fishbowl 1 page
Living in the Government's Fishbowl
gun-owners-foundation-taking-on-zero-tolerance-in-schools 1 page
Gun Owners Foundation Taking on Zero Tolerance in Schools
congressman-sam-graves-r-mo-praised-for-legislation-protecting-second-amendment-rights 1 page
Congressman Sam Graves (R-Mo.) Praised for Legislation Protecting Second Amendment Rights
nssf-bolsters-shot-show-and-events-staff 1 page
NSSF Bolsters SHOT Show and Events Staff
nra-submits-testimony-opposing-mandatory-liability-insurance-bill-for-gun-owners-in-d-c 1 page
NRA Submits Testimony Opposing Mandatory Liability Insurance Bill for Gun Owners in D.C.
israeli-tavor-sar-rescue-knives-pt-2-and-survival-bracelets 1 page
Israeli Tavor SAR, Rescue Knives Pt. 2 & Survival Bracelets
three-illinois-counties-refuse-to-enforce-ban-on-concealed-carry 1 page
Three Illinois Counties Refuse to Enforce Ban on Concealed Carry
north-american-hunters-12th-season-opens-on-pursuit-velocity-wild-tv 1 page
North American Hunter’s 12th Season Opens on Pursuit, Velocity & Wild TV
tune-in-to-the-newest-season-of-realtree-road-trips 1 page
Tune in to the Newest Season of 'Realtree Road Trips'
second-season-of-big-deer-tv-brings-epic-adventure-impressive-whitetails-on-sportsman-channel 1 page
2nd Season of Big Deer TV Brings Epic Adventure & Impressive Whitetails on Sportsman Channel
sportsman-channel-celebrates-100th-episode-of-nranews-cam-co-today 1 page
Sportsman Channel Celebrates 100th Episode of NRANEWS Cam & Co
second-defense-alliance-we-protect-you-when-you-protect-yourself 1 page
Second Defense Alliance: We Protect You When You Protect Yourself
team-iti-members-morgan-allen-and-gary-byerly-take-top-honors-in-the-carolina-cup-2013 1 page
Team ITI Member Morgan Allen wins ESP Division and Gary Byerly takes CDP 2nd place in 2013 Carolina Cup.
team-iti-member-gary-byerly-wins-custom-defense-pistol-cdp-division-title-at-the-4th-virginia-state-idpa-match 1 page
Team ITI Member Gary Byerly Wins Custom Defense Pistol Division Title at Virginia State IDPA Match
team-iti-member-laura-torres-reyes-wins-high-lady-title-at-2013-il-state-idpa-championship 1 page
Team ITI Laura Torres-Reyes wins High Lady at 2013 IL State IDPA Championship.
all-the-things-we-do-not-know 1 page
All the Things We Do Not Know
recall-of-second-anti-gun-senator-in-colorado-certified-to-proceed 1 page
Recall of Second Anti-Gun Senator in Colorado Certified to Proceed
the-sweeney-kill-gun-rights-bill-passes-nj-budget-committee 1 page
The 'Sweeney Kill Gun Rights Bill' S2723/A4182 Passes NJ Budget Committee
nj-democrat-sweenys-gun-rights-ban-package-passes-new-jersey-senate 1 page
NJ Democrat Sweeny's Gun Rights Ban Package Passes New Jersey Senate
nj2as-statement-regarding-the-legal-warning-issued-to-nj-politicians-june-24-2013 1 page
NJ2AS Statement Regarding The Legal Warning Issued to NJ Politicians June 24, 2013
democrats-have-been-obsessed-with-gun-control 1 page
Since the April 17 2013 Loss, Democrats Have Been Obsessed with Gun Control
dropping-approval-numbers-for-colorado-governor-john-hickenlooper 1 page
Dropping Approval Numbers for Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper
molon-labe-industries-becomes-gold-sponsor-of-operation-300s-second-annual-aaron-vaughn-memorial-frogman-swim 1 page
Molon Labe Industries - Gold Sponsor of Operation 300’s Aaron Vaughn Memorial Frogman Swim
continue-to-take-action-against-hsus-ammunition-ban 1 page
Continue to Take Action Against HSUS Ammunition Ban
nssf-releases-report-on-first-time-gun-buyers 1 page
NSSF Releases Report On First-Time Gun Buyers
migratory-bird-commission-acquires-of-9000-acres-of-wetlands 1 page
Migratory Bird Commission Acquires of 9,000 Acres of Wetlands for National Refuge System
team-iti-member-laura-torres-reyes-wins-high-lady-production-division-at-the-2013-western-pennsylvania-sections 1 page
Team ITI Member Laura Torres-Reyes Wins High Lady Production Div. at 2013 Western PA Sections.
smith-enterprise-m14-flash-hider 1 page
Smith Enterprise Announces The New M14 Flash Hider
ammunition-manufacturer-creating-150-jobs-in-north-carolina 1 page
Ammunition Manufacturer Creating 150 Jobs in North Carolina
gun-owners-of-america-fighting-to-preserve-liberty 1 page
Gun Owners of America Fighting to Preserve Liberty
brownells-announces-leadership-promotions 1 page
Brownells Announces Leadership Promotions
california-senate-committee-to-vote-on-legislation-to-ban-private-sale-of-handguns 1 page
California: Senate Committee to Vote on Legislation to Ban Private Sale of Handguns
in-a-rigged-do-over-nj-gun-bill-passes-assembly-budget-committee 1 page
In a Rigged 'Do-Over' NJ Gun Bill Passes Assembly Budget Committee
eco-vessel-launches-mossy-oak-collection-of-triple-insulated-bottles 1 page
Eco Vessel Launches Mossy Oak Collection of Triple Insulated Bottles
ecovessel2ammoland 1 page
law-enforcement-officers-safety-act-allows-military-police-to-concealed-carry-in-50-states 1 page
Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act Allows Military Police to Concealed Carry in 50 States
atf-confiscating-drop-in-auto-sears 1 page
ATF Confiscating Drop-In Auto-Sears
2014-mitsubishi-outlander-and-outlander-sport-preview 1 page
2014 Mitsubishi Outlander And Outlander Sport Preview
2014-mazda-cx-9-crossover-suv-preview 1 page
2014 MAZDA CX-9 Crossover SUV Preview
2014-toyota-tundra-pickup 1 page
2014 Toyota Tundra Pickup Preview
big-2014-truck-news-from-the-big-three 1 page
Big 2014 Truck News From 'The Big Three'
a-look-at-swaging-your-own-bullets-with-cma-custom-ammo 1 page
A Look at Swaging Your Own Bullets with CMA Custom Ammo
senator-lee-puts-wheels-in-motion-to-stop-anti-gun-anti-freedom-obamacare 1 page
Senator Lee Puts Wheels in Motion to Stop Anti-gun, Anti-freedom ObamaCare
a-perfectly-natural-july-4th 1 page
A Perfectly Natural July 4th
student-protection-act-this-week-on-gun-talk-radio 1 page
Student Protection Act - This Week on Gun Talk Radio
evan-nappen-to-bring-justifiable-need-case-to-nj-supreme-court 1 page
Evan Nappen To Bring 'Justifiable Need' Case To NJ Supreme Court
nj-supreme-court-to-hear-2a-case-on-justifiable-need-njs-excuse-for-denying-concealed-carry-permits 1 page
NJ Supreme Court to Hear 2A Case on 'Justifiable Need', NJ's Excuse for Denying All Concealed Carry Permits
fun-horror-of-new-jersey-gun-laws-this-week-on-gun-for-hire-radio 1 page
Fun & Horror of New Jersey Gun Laws This Week on Gun for Hire Radio
make-the-most-of-your-summer-frank-talk-about-guns-july-2013 1 page
Make the Most of Your Summer - Frank Talk About Guns July 2013
mayor-bloombergs-gun-control-doesnt-play-well-in-montana 1 page
Mayor Bloomberg's Gun Control Doesn't Play Well in Montana
join-free-montanans-to-protest-the-bloomberg-anti-gun-show-bus-tour 1 page
Join Free Montanans to Protest the Bloomberg Anti-Gun Show Bus Tour
montana-prepares-special-welcome-for-bloombergs-no-names-bus-tour 1 page
Montana Prepares 'Special Welcome' for Bloomberg's No Names Bus Tour
the-time-is-now-to-start-planting-hunters-food-plots 1 page
The Time Is Now to Start Planting Hunter's Food Plots
nature-the-economy-owe-a-debt-of-gratitude-to-michigan-sportsman 1 page
Nature & the Economy Owe a Debt of Gratitude to Michigan Sportsman
gun-law-expert-hits-obama-government-on-stand-your-ground-issue 1 page
Gun Law Expert Hits Obama Government On Stand Your Ground Issue
zimmerman-verdict-shows-respect-for-the-right-to-use-a-gun-in-self-defense 1 page
Zimmerman Verdict Shows Respect for the Right to Use a Gun in Self-Defense
124017 1 page
July 4th Shows Big Shot Loss of American Ideals
new-jersey-patriots-going-the-distance-for-gun-owners-rights 1 page
New Jersey Patriots Going the Distance for Gun Owner's Rights
nj-gov-vetos-of-one-anti-gun-bill 1 page
Anthony & Scott Discuss the NJ Gov's Veto of One Anti Gun Bill to Hit His Desk
dave-richey-passes 1 page
Dave Richey Passes
enfield-rifle-company-merc415-rifle 1 page
Enfield Rifle Company Introduces MERC415 Rifle
the-ar15-isnt-that-an-assault-weapon 1 page
The AR15 - Isn’t That An Assault Weapon...
wilson-combat-returns-as-major-sponsor-of-idpas-u-s-national-championship 1 page
Wilson Combat Returns As Major Sponsor Of IDPA’s U.S. National Championship
state-of-delaware-acquires-shooting-sports-facility 1 page
State Of Delaware Acquires Shooting Sports Facility
sitka-gear-boreal-jacket 1 page
Sitka Gear's New Boreal Jacket Keeps Waterfowlers on Focus
2013-duck-breeding-population-estimates 1 page
2013 Duck Breeding Population Estimates Released: Duck Populations Still Strong
teal-in-early-season-hunter-bag-limits-encourage-duck-hunters 1 page
More Teal In Early-Season Hunter Bag Limits Encourage Duck Hunters
nebraska-commissioners-approve-states-first-mountain-lion-season 1 page
Nebraska Commissioners Approve State’s First Mountain Lion Season
saving-liberty-hoplophobes-need-not-apply 1 page
Saving Liberty - Hoplophobes Need Not Apply
nssf-and-usa-shooting-team-up-to-promote-firearm-safety 1 page
NSSF and USA Shooting Team Up To Promote Firearm Safety
ten-tips-for-firearm-safety-in-your-home 1 page
Ten Tips for Firearm Safety in Your Home
politicians-could-find-common-ground-to-advance-gun-safety 1 page
Politicians Could Find Common Ground To Advance Gun Safety
outdoor-industry-association-urges-house-leadership-to-apply-common-sense-to-interior-appropriations 1 page
Outdoor Industry Association Urges House Leadership to Apply Common Sense to Interior Appropriations
oia-applauds-introduction-of-miscellaneous-tariff-bill-in-u-s-house-of-representatives 1 page
OIA Applauds Introduction Of Miscellaneous Tariff Bill In U.S House Of Representatives
this-week-on-north-american-hunter-tv-vancouver-bears 1 page
This Week on North American Hunter-TV: Vancouver Bears
doug-koenig-championship-season-presents-on-the-road-to-bianchi-cup 1 page
Doug Koenig Championship Season Presents 'On the Road to Bianchi Cup'
doug-koenigs-championship-season-presents-calling-in-a-kansas-rio-turkey 1 page
Doug Koenig’s Championship Season Presents 'Calling in a Kansas Rio Turkey'
doug-koenigs-championship-season-presents-on-the-hunt-for-osceola-turkey-in-florida 1 page
Doug Koenig’s Championship Season Presents 'On the Hunt for Osceola Turkey in Florida'
doug-koenigs-championship-season-presents-game-on-for-missouri-whitetails 1 page
Doug Koenig’s Championship Season Presents: 'Game On for Missouri Whitetail’s'
robert-vogel-dominates-the-2013-idpa-carolina-cup 1 page
Team Safariland’s Robert Vogel Dominates The 2013 IDPA Carolina Cup
safariland-congratulates-winners-of-2013-mgm-ironman-3-gun-match 1 page
Safariland Congratulates Winners of 2013 MGM Ironman 3 Gun Match
reflections-on-gettysburg 1 page
Reflections on Gettysburg
alaska-update-spring-2013-from-the-man-in-black 1 page
Alaska Update Spring 2013 from The Man in Black
usa-shooting-team-colt-talo-distributors-and-pete-single-custom-wiley-clapp-government-1911 1 page
Colt, Talo Distributors and Pete Single Create Custom Colt Pistol in Support of USA Shooting Team
pennsylvania-game-commission-executive-director-to-retire 1 page
Pennsylvania Game Commission Executive Director To Retire
brownells-donates-to-iowa-valley-community-college-gunsmithing-program 1 page
Brownells Donates to Iowa Valley Community College Gunsmithing Program
rick-perry-featured-speaker-at-nasgws-2013-dinner 1 page
Texas Governor Rick Perry Featured Speaker at NASGW’s 2013 Annual Awards Dinner
ducks-unlimited-set-to-sponsor-national-hunting-and-fishing-day 1 page
Ducks Unlimited Set To Sponsor National Hunting and Fishing Day
cargill-increases-support-for-montezuma-wetlands-complex 1 page
Cargill Increases Support For Montezuma Wetlands Complex
ducks-unlimited-improving-habitat-at-brazos-bend-state-park 1 page
Ducks Unlimited Improving Habitat At Brazos Bend State Park TX
2013-state-of-the-birds-report 1 page
State Of The Birds Report Celebrates Private Landowners' Contributions
scholastic-shooting-sports-foundation-national-team-championships 1 page
Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation Reports Record Attendance at National Team Championships
shooting-the-breeze-with-john-stankewicz-of-battle-comp-enterprises 1 page
Shooting the Breeze with John Stankewicz of Battle Comp Enterprises
all-new-3-gun-nation-airs-4th-of-july-on-sportsman-channel 1 page
All New 3-Gun Nation Airs 4th of July on Sportsman Channel
max-michel-jr-champion-competitive-shooter-firearms-instructor-and-tv-personality-signs-italian-gun-grease-as-new-gold-sponsor 1 page
Max Michel, Jr., Champion Competitive Shooter Signs Italian Gun Grease as New Gold Sponsor
italian-gun-grease-long-term-protection-kit 1 page
Italian Gun Grease Offers Long-Term Protection Kit for Firearms
gaston-j-glock-style-lp-releases-new-dark-green-lightweight-shooting-vest 1 page
GASTON J. GLOCK style LP announce new lightweight shooting vest for warmer weather.
max-michel-jr-champion-competitive-shooter-firearms-instructor-and-tv-personality-signs-laura-burgess-marketing-lbm-to-handle-publicity 1 page
Max Michel, Jr., Champion Shooter & TV Personality, Signs with Laura Burgess Marketing
support-kelly-measure-to-restrict-arms-trade-treaty-funding 1 page
Support Kelly Measure To Restrict Arms Trade Treaty Funding
mayor-emanuel-blames-gun-rights-for-chicagos-violence 1 page
Mayor Emanuel Blames Gun Rights for Chicago’s Violence
piers-morgans-ratings-down-while-gun-sales-continue-to-climb 1 page
Piers Morgan's Ratings Down While Gun Sales Continue to Climb
new-maryland-gun-law-backfires-bloody-baltimore-hows-that-new-gun-control-thing-working 1 page
New Maryland Gun Law Backfires, Bloody Baltimore: ‘How’s That New Gun Control Thing Working?’
the-complete-guide-to-hunting-wild-boar-and-javelina 1 page
The Complete Guide to Hunting Wild Boar and Javelina
kahr-firearms-group-down-plays-ny-for-major-expansion-in-pennsylvania 1 page
Kahr Firearms Group Down Plays NY for Major Expansion in Pennsylvania
munitio-nines-tactical-earphones 1 page
Munitio Re-Engineers Nines Tactical Earphones
sotg-radio-bidens-bad-advice-co-recall-shooter-ed-camp 1 page
SOTG Radio: Biden's Bad Advice, CO Recall, Shooter Ed. Camp
mayor-bloombergs-anti-gun-crusade 1 page
Mayor Bloomberg's Anti-Gun Crusade
pro-gun-lawsuits-this-week-on-gun-talk-radio 1 page
Pro Gun Lawsuits This Week on Gun Talk Radio
joe-manchin-wines-dines-with-mayor-bloomberg 1 page
Say It Ain’t So, Joe! – Manchin Wines & Dines with Mayor Bloomberg
open-letter-to-ct-politicians-as-gun-lobby-withdraws-support-for-coltsville-national-park 1 page
Open Letter to CT Politicians as Gun Lobby Withdraws Support For Coltsville National Park
beretta-and-hard-core-decoys-join-forces-to-make-you-an-xtreme-waterfowler 1 page
Beretta and Hard Core Decoys Join Forces to Make You an Xtreme Waterfowler
mossberg-management-announcement-taylor-maclellan-expand-leadership-roles 1 page
Mossberg Management Announcement: Taylor & MacLellan Expand Leadership Roles
watchdog-group-tells-hsus-hand-over-sandy-victim-relief-funds 1 page
Watchdog Group Tells HSUS, Hand Over Sandy Victim Relief Funds
all-the-contradiction-thats-fit-to-print-new-york-times-editorial-board 1 page
All the Contradiction that's Fit to Print ~ New York Times Editorial Board
mainstream-scumbag-journalism-domestic-enemy-1-video 1 page
Mainstream Scumbag Journalism - Domestic Enemy #1 ~ Video
americas-first-indoor-hunting-shooting-center 1 page
America's First Indoor Hunting Shooting Center Coming to Grapevine, Texas
were-buying-zimmerman-a-new-gun-despite-eric-holder-and-the-u-s-doj 1 page
We're buying ZIMMERMAN a NEW GUN Despite Eric Holder and the U.S. DOJ
federal-premium-ammunition-presents-fresh-tracks-with-randy-newberg 1 page
Federal Premium Ammunition Presents Fresh Tracks with Randy Newberg
moultrie-panoramic-150-trail-camera 1 page
Moultrie Panoramic 150 Wins 2013 Best Of The Best Award
moultrie-m-80-game-camera 1 page
Moultrie Trail Camera Is The #1 Choice Of Readers
harry-reid-moves-to-destroy-the-senate-rules-un-blocking-passage-of-gun-control 1 page
Harry Reid Moves to Destroy the Senate Rules, Un-Blocking Passage of Gun Control
what-phony-scandals-is-obama-talking-about 1 page
What 'Phony' Scandals is Obama Talking About?
raton-nm-dumpster-bear-narrowly-escapes-encounter-with-power-pole 1 page
Raton NM Dumpster Bear Narrowly Escapes Encounter With Power Pole
nrawomen-tv-leading-the-pack-%e2%80%a2-the-suzie-brewster-story 1 page | Leading the Pack • The Suzie Brewster Story
nrawomen-tv-vicki-kawelmacher-new-energy 1 page | Vicki Kawelmacher: New Energy
sotg-radio-shooter-ed-ballistic-testing-concealed-carry 1 page
SOTG Radio - Shooter Ed, Ballistic Testing & Concealed Carry
nra-news-commentators-shifting-perspectives-featuring-natalie-foster 1 page
NRA News Commentators "Shifting Perspectives" Featuring Natalie Foster
new-this-week-on-shooting-usa-the-army-version-of-impossible 1 page
New This Week on Shooting USA: The Army Version of Impossible
jim-scouttens-shooting-usa 1 page
This Week on Shooting USA with Jim Scoutten: Time Changes on Outdoor Channel
pa-attorney-general-refuses-to-defend-marriage-law-an-insiders-view 1 page
PA Attorney General Refuses to Defend Marriage Law - An Insider's View
police-chief-killed-with-rifle-lost-in-fast-furious-gun-tracking-program 1 page
Police Chief Killed With Rifle Lost In Fast & Furious Gun-Tracking Program
sotg-book-signingradio-at-red-jacket-firearms-on-july-13th 1 page
SOTG Book Signing/Radio at Red Jacket Firearms on July 13th
sotg-radio-019-armor-up-for-home-defense-training-vs-practice 1 page
SOTG Radio 019: Armor up for Home Defense & Training vs. Practice
center-for-biological-diversity-lawsuit-scheming-to-ban-lead-ammo-dismissed 1 page
Center For Biological Diversity Lawsuit Scheming to Ban Lead Ammo Dismissed
proper-use-of-lead-inavasive-geese-today-on-fieldsports-channel-tv-video 1 page
Proper Use of Lead & Inavasive Geese Today on Fieldsports Channel TV ~ Video
save-the-wolf-advocates-are-more-proactive-than-hunters 1 page
Save the Wolf Advocates Are More Proactive Than Hunters? Can This Be?
digital-door-viewer-from-cannon-security-products 1 page
The Digital Door Viewer From Cannon Security Products
prepared-and-ready-home-defense 1 page
Prepared and Ready - Home Defense
browning-a5-12-gauge-shotgun 1 page
Browning Introduces the A5 3 1/2" 12 Gauge Shotgun
carl-zeiss-sports-optics-terra-ed-binoculars-2 1 page
ZEISS Wins Triple Crown with the 'Best Of The Best' for TERRA ED Binocular
bushnell-scout-dx-1000-arc-lrf-acquires-ranges-instantly 1 page
Bushnell Scout DX 1000 ARC LRF Acquires Ranges Instantly
202356-scout-dx-realtree-xtra-ammoland 1 page
202356 Scout DX Realtree Xtra AmmoLand
scout-dx-1000-arc_field-ammoland 1 page
Scout DX 1000 ARC_Field AmmoLand
elk-decoying-tips-part-two-with-elk-mountain-gears-jeff-ervin 1 page
Elk Decoying Tips Part Two with Elk Mountain Gear's Jeff Ervin
how-to-find-your-elk-get-him-in-close-by-john-e-phillips 1 page
How to Find Your Elk & Get Him in Close by John E. Phillips
elk-decoying-tips-dynamic-decoying-with-the-elk-mountain-slip 1 page
Elk Decoying Tips - Dynamic Decoying with the Elk Mountain SLIP
this-week-on-winchester-deadly-passion-tall-tined-illinois-whitetails 1 page
This Week on Winchester Deadly Passion: Tall-Tined Illinois Whitetails
this-week-on-winchester-deadly-passion-double-trouble-for-gators 1 page
This Week on Winchester Deadly Passion: Double Trouble for Gators
126699 1 page
Ol' Man Outdoors Climbing Treestands
west-virginia-citizens-defense-league-planning-legal-action-against-wv-sheriffs 1 page
West Virginia Citizens Defense League Planning Legal Action Against WV Sheriffs
galco-stow-n-go-and-tuck-n-go-holsters 1 page
Galco Introduces New Gun Holsters for Popular Springfield XD-S Pistols
sportsman-channel-honors-american-servicemen-and-women-in-july-4th-made-in-america-marathon-salute 1 page
Sportsman Channel Honors American Servicemen & Women in July 4th 'Made in America' Marathon
nra-news-special-report-from-ginny-simone-a-wake-up-call-for-self-defense 1 page
NRA News Special Report From Ginny Simone | A Wake-Up Call for Self-Defense
nra-news-special-investigative-report-from-ginny-simone-gov-cuomos-safe-act-a-new-class-of-criminals 1 page
NRA News Special Investigative Report From Ginny Simone | "Gov. Cuomo's SAFE Act: A New Class of Criminals"
nra-news-special-investigative-report-from-ginny-simone-preview-a-new-class-of-criminals 1 page
NRA News Special Investigative Report From Ginny Simone | "Preview: A New Class of Criminals"
nra-news-video-exposes-cal-dojs-firearm-confiscation-program-for-what-it-truly-is 1 page
NRA News Video Exposes Cal-DOJ’s Firearm Confiscation Program For What It Truly Is
special-investigative-report-from-ginny-simone-californias-apps-bonus-feature-doj-special-agent-greg-cameron 1 page
Special Investigative Report From Ginny Simone: "California's APPS Bonus Feature"
smith-and-wesson-sponsors-wyoming-womens-antelope-hunt 1 page
Smith and Wesson Sponsors Wyoming Women's Antelope Hunt
mossy-oak-featured-on-midlands-newest-hd-wearable-video-camera 1 page
Mossy Oak Featured On Midland’s Newest HD Wearable Video Camera
bushnell-elite-tactical-8-40x-60mm-lightweight-modular-spotting-scope 1 page
Bushnell Elite Tactical 8-40x 60mm Lightweight Modular Spotting Scope
mehl-v-blanas-an-important-decision-in-a-now-irrelevant-handgun-carry-case 1 page
Mehl v. Blanas: An Important Decision In A Now-Irrelevant Handgun Carry Case
the-brady-bunch-are-at-it-again-in-california-help-us-counter-their-drill-asap 1 page
The Brady Bunch Are At It Again in California, Help Us Counter Their Drill ASAP
brian-schaffer-named-pheasants-forever-youth-coordinator-in-kansas 1 page
Brian Schaffer Named Pheasants Forever Youth Coordinator in Kansas
quail-forever-names-wallace-new-regional-representative-for-mo-ar-la 1 page
Quail Forever Names Wallace New Regional Representative for MO, AR & LA
leupold-pro-jessie-duff-continues-dominance-at-world-speed-shooting-championship 1 page
Leupold Pro Jessie Duff Continues Dominance at World Speed Shooting Championship
scott-simmons-joins-leupold-stevens 1 page
Scott Simmons Joins Leupold & Stevens, Inc.
californias-armed-prohibited-persons-program-being-credited-for-recent-arrest-is-dubious 1 page
California's Armed & Prohibited Persons Program Being Credited For Recent Arrest Is Dubious
before-shtf-establish-a-neighborhood-protection-plan 1 page
Before SHTF Establish a Neighborhood Protection Plan
bugging-out-vs-sheltering-in-place 1 page
Bugging Out Vs Sheltering In Place
will-you-be-locked-out-of-your-gun-safe-forever 1 page
Will You Be Locked Out Of Your Gun Safe Forever?
master-of-chaos-reality-based-novice-training-6-day-immersion-in-handguns-shotguns-rifles 1 page
Master Of Chaos Reality-Based Novice Training, 6-Day Immersion in Handguns, Shotguns & Rifles
moc3-provisioning-package 1 page
army-giving-up-traditional-ammo-stopping-power-for-green-bullets 1 page
Army Giving Up Traditional Ammo & Stopping Power For 'Green' Bullets
army-sniper-hits-enemy-at-1060-meters-with-smith-enterprise-m14 1 page
Army Sniper Hits Enemy At 1060 Meters With Smith Enterprise M14
new-york-hunter-safety-course-now-offered-online-at-hunter-ed-com 1 page
New York Hunter Safety Course Now Offered Online At Hunter-Ed.Com
hunt-channel-tvs-southern-boyz-outdoors-with-kinion-bankston-cracks-top-ten 1 page
Hunt Channel Tv’s Southern Boyz Outdoors With Kinion Bankston Cracks Top Ten
american-technologies-network-corp-atn-launches-weekly-facebook-product-giveaway 1 page
American Technologies Network Launches Weekly Facebook Product Giveaway
enter-hunt-channel-tvs-summertime-big-buck-hunt-giveaway 1 page
Enter Hunt Channel TV's Summertime Big Buck Hunt Giveaway
what-divides-us-what-unites-us 1 page
What Divides Us - What Unites Us?
kkk-alive-and-well-in-the-usa 1 page
KKK Alive and Well in the USA - 'Kracka Killa Klub'
caruba-too-much-trayvon-and-george 1 page
Caruba: Too Much Trayvon and George
gun-geo-marker-app-targets-firearms-owners-enables-gun-racists-to-promote-hate 1 page
Gun Geo Marker App Targets Firearms Owners & Enables Gun Racists To Promote Hate
ted-nugent-self-defense-vindicated-by-zimmerman-verdict 1 page
Ted Nugent: Self-Defense Vindicated by Zimmerman Verdict
new-38-sw-ammunition 1 page
New 38 S&W Ammunition Causes Delayed Appreciation
obamas-executive-ordered-study-report-on-gun-violence-slaps-him-in-the-face 1 page
Obama's Executive Ordered Study Report On Gun Violence Slaps Him In The Face
sponsors-announced-for-2013-remington-national-rifle-association-high-power-rifle-championships 1 page
Sponsors Announced for 2013 Remington - National Rifle Association High Power Rifle Championships
remington-named-title-sponsor-of-2013-nra-national-rifle-pistol-championships-at-camp-perry 1 page
Remington Named Title Sponsor of 2013 NRA National Rifle & Pistol Championships at Camp Perry
gov-nikki-haley-tours-fn-manufacturing-tests-gun-products-video 1 page
Gov. Nikki Haley Tours FN Manufacturing, Tests Gun Products ~ Video
prograde-range-grade-ammunition-provides-everything-you-need-to-perfect-your-shot 1 page
Prograde Range Grade Ammunition Provides Everything You Need To Perfect Your Shot
this-is-no-ammo-bubble-welcome-to-the-new-normal 1 page
This Is No Ammo Bubble, Welcome to the New Normal
enter-to-win-a-nosler-rifle-more-in-sportsman-channel-and-noslers-be-a-big-shot-giveaway 1 page
Win a Nosler Rifle & More in Sportsman Channel / Nosler’s 'Be a BIG SHOT' Giveaway
lock-load-to-defeat-the-ny-safe-act 1 page
stay-informed-of-the-latest-firearms-news-and-gunsmithing-tips-with-guns-and-gunsmiths-a-new-blog-and-newsletter-sponsored-by-the-american-gunsmithing-institute-agi-and-the-gun-club-of-america-gca 1 page
New AGI & GCA News Blog and Newsletter Keeps Gunsmiths Up To Date
pheasants-forever-to-host-michigans-largest-outdoor-youth-event 1 page
Pheasants Forever & Partners to Host Michigan’s Largest Outdoor Youth Event
126641 1 page
The Buckeye Firearms Association Website Is Back Online
free-national-tactical-officers-association-webinar-terrorist-tactics-against-law-enforcement-lessons-from-afghanistan-and-iraq 1 page
Free National Tactical Officers Association Webinar - Learn Terrorist Tactics
gun-casket-safety-in-owning-a-firearm 1 page
Gun Casket – Safety in Owning a Firearm
become-a-master-gunsmith-with-the-american-gunsmithing-institutes-professional-gunsmithing-course 1 page
American Gunsmithing Institute Master Gunsmithing Program offers students professional firearms instruction in the comfort of their homes.
federal-suit-filed-over-deputy-tirade-illegal-arrest-of-gun-owner-viral-video 1 page
Federal Suit Filed Over Deputy Tirade & Illegal Arrest Of Gun Owner ~ Viral Video
saluting-our-hound-shows 1 page
Saluting Our Hound Shows
sight-in-your-rifle-in-just-two-shots 1 page
Sight In Your Rifle in Just Two Shots
whats-it-like-being-a-professional-marksman 1 page
What's it like being a Professional Marksman?
goa-fights-to-preserve-stand-your-ground-laws-pro-gun-majority-on-court 1 page
GOA Fights to Preserve Stand Your Ground Laws & Pro-gun Majority on Court
beat-the-heat-with-these-cool-gun-products 1 page
Beat The Heat With These Cool Gun Products
nra-life-of-duty-patriot-profiles-outlaw-platoon-ii 1 page
NRA Life of Duty | Patriot Profiles: Outlaw Platoon II
brother-of-slain-border-patrol-agent-brian-terry-speaks-to-c 1 page
Kent Terry - Brother of Slain Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry Speaks to NRA News
control-exposing-the-truth-about-guns-by-glenn-beck 1 page
Control: Exposing the Truth about Guns By Glenn Beck
in-my-native-city-of-detroit-atlas-has-at-long-last-shrugged 1 page
In My Native City Of Detroit, Atlas Has At Long Last Shrugged
over-sexed-democrats 1 page
Over-Sexed Democrats
new-york-are-these-the-kind-you-want-to-represent-you 1 page
New York City's Bad Boys Are These the Kind You Want to Represent You?
nra-news-commentators-episode-19-message-for-the-media-with-natalie-foster 1 page
NRA News Commentators Episode 19: "Message for the Media" With Natalie Foster
nra-news-commentators-language-featuring-natalie-foster 1 page
NRA News Commentators "Language" Featuring Natalie Foster
pro-series-tour-kicks-off-this-week-on-3-gun-nation 1 page
Pro Series Tour Kicks Off This Week on '3-Gun Nation'
3-gun-nation-launches-new-website 1 page
3-Gun Nation Launches New, Improved Website
3gn-qualifier-this-week-on-3-gun-nation 1 page
3GN Qualifier This Week on 3-Gun Nation
3-gun-nation-magazine-june-2013 1 page
3-Gun Nation Launches Latest E-Magazine
3-gun-nation-releases-3rd-installment-of-3gn-club-tv 1 page
3-Gun Nation Releases 3rd Installment of '3GN Club TV'
3gn-championship-encore-presentation-this-week-on-sportsman-channel 1 page
3GN Championship Encore Presentation This Week On Sportsman Channel
staying-sharp-training-when-ammunition-is-hard-to-find 1 page
Staying Sharp - Training When Ammunition Is Hard To Find
shotgun-extension-tube-selection 1 page
How Much is Enough? Competition Shotgun Extension Tube Selection
new-jersey-outdoor-alliance-southern-region-sporting-clays-fund-raiser 1 page
New Jersey Outdoor Alliance Southern Region Sporting Clays Fund Raiser
designer-concealed-carry-handbags 1 page
Designer Concealed Carry Announces Innovative Handbags for Safely Carrying a Handgun
part-two-of-bowhunter-tvs-bull-elk-encounter-fall-series-premier-continues-this-friday 1 page
Part Two of Bowhunter TV’s Bull Elk Encounter Fall Series Premier Continues This Friday
tenpoint-stealth-ss-crossbow 1 page
TenPoint Unveils Stealth SS Crossbow
sig-sauer-captain-max-michel-wins-rimfire-overall-steel-challenge-titles 1 page
SIG SAUER Captain Max Michel Wins Rimfire, Overall Steel Challenge Titles
sig-sauer-captain-max-michel-repeats-as-pro-am-champion 1 page
SIG SAUER Captain Max Michel Repeats as Pro-Am Champion
max-michel-jr-wins-second-consecutive-high-overall-professional-title-at-2013-pro-am-championship 1 page
Max Michel, Jr. Wins 2nd Consecutive High Professional Title at 2013 Pro-Am Championship
rmef-partners-expand-public-access-to-oregon-elk-habitat 1 page
RMEF, Partners Expand Public Access to Oregon Elk Habitat
oregon-2013-legislative-session-adjourns-with-victories-for-gun-owners 1 page
Oregon: 2013 Legislative Session Adjourns with Victories for Gun Owners
u-s-fish-and-wildlife-service-boosts-state-endangered-species-conservation-with-32-million-in-grants 1 page
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Boosts State Endangered Species Conservation with $32 Million in Grants
young-boys-help-rescue-rare-mexican-spotted-owl 1 page
Young Boys Help Rescue Rare Mexican Spotted Owl
hunting-works-for-america 1 page
NSSF Expands West with Hunting Works for America
airguns-hogs-and-kabooms-american-airgunner 1 page
Airguns, Hogs and Kabooms - This Week on American Airgunner
squirrel-soldier-3-gun-this-week-on-airgunner-tv 1 page
A Dragon, a Squirrel Soldier & 3-Gun this Week on Airgunner TV
nssf-holds-record-10th-retailer-education-seminar-in-iowa 1 page
NSSF Holds Record 10th Retailer Education Seminar in Iowa
the-survival-mindset-more-tacitcs-tips-from-a-failure-of-civility 1 page
The Survival Mindset: More Tacitcs & Tips from A Failure of Civility
al-gore-training-1500-leaders-for-climate-crisis-push 1 page
Al Gore Training 1,500 Leaders for 'Climate Crisis' Propaganda Push
smith-enterprise-upgrades-battle-worn-sound-suppressors 1 page
Smith Enterprise Upgrades Battle-Worn Sound Suppressors for 82nd Airborne Silver Star Recipient
acusport-advanced-armament-corp-pistol-silencer-package 1 page
AcuSport & Advanced Armament Corp Offer an Exclusive Pistol/Silencer Package
laserlyte-brings-home-the-masters-spirit-award-from-the-2013-shooting-industry-masters-held-in-cody-wyoming 1 page
LaserLyte Brings Home the Masters Spirit Award at the 2013 Shooting Industry Masters
crimson-trace-supports-firearms-industry-event 1 page
Crimson Trace Supports Firearms Industry Event
davidsons-platinum-sponsor-of-2013-shooting-industry-masters 1 page
Davidson’s - Platinum Sponsor Of 2013 Shooting Industry Masters
crazy-quail-hosts-side-match-at-industry-masters-shooting-event 1 page
Crazy Quail Hosts Side match at Industry Masters Shooting Event
brownells-continues-support-of-shooting-industry-masters 1 page
Brownells Continues Support of Shooting Industry Masters
redring-usa-offering-shooting-industry-master-participants-a-chance-to-up-their-clay-scores 1 page
Redring USA, participants in the 2013 Shooting Industry Masters offering Redring sights for almost $200 off retail with $50 going to First Shots program.
streamlight-siege-led-lantern 1 page
Streamlight Introduces The Siege LED Lantern
racine-wi-gun-buyback-program-presents-buying-opportunity-for-gun-lovers 1 page
Racine, WI 'Gun Buyback' Program Presents Buying Opportunity For Gun Lovers
us-bank-corp-tells-customers-no-concealed-carry-at-their-banks 1 page
US Bank Corp Tells Customers NO Concealed Carry At Their Banks
cowboy-mounted-shooting-association-scully-western-u-s-championship 1 page
Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association Scully Western U.S. Championship Returns To Las Vegas
ruger-sponsors-smith-wesson-new-england-regional-idpa-championship 1 page
Ruger Sponsors Smith & Wesson New England Regional IDPA Championship
ruger-guide-gun-named-best-of-the-best 1 page
Ruger Guide Gun Named 'Best of the Best'
armalite-is-acquired-by-strategic-armory-corps 1 page
ArmaLite is Acquired by Strategic Armory Corps
talon-ordnance-to-open-tactical-firearms-manufacturing-facility-in-mississippi 1 page
TALON Ordnance to Open Tactical Firearms Manufacturing Facility in Mississippi
mojo-outdoors-launches-new-interactive-web-site 1 page
MOJO Outdoors Launches New Interactive Web Site
new-floating-redhead-decoys-from-final-approach 1 page
New Floating Redhead Decoys From Final Approach
bremer-buck-to-head-american-knife-tool-institutes-board-of-regents 1 page
Bremer & Buck to Head American Knife & Tool Institute's Board of Regents
champion-pivot-traverse-bipod 1 page
Champion Pivot Traverse Bipod Wins Field & Stream Best of the Best Award
ranger-xp-900-named-best-of-the-best-by-field-stream-magazine 1 page
RANGER XP 900 Named 'Best of the Best' by Field & Stream Magazine
zeiss-conquest-rimfire-riflescope 1 page
ZEISS Announces The New CONQUEST RIMFIRE Riflescope
new-mexico-conservation-department-officers-recognized-for-dedicated-service 1 page
New Mexico Conservation Department Officers Recognized For Dedicated Service
nm-trophy-deer-poacher-ordered-to-donate-1000-to-operation-game-thief 1 page
NM Trophy Deer Poacher Ordered To Donate $1,000 To Operation Game Thief
gov-bobby-jindal-signs-nssf-advocated-fixnics-legislation-into-law-in-louisiana 1 page
Gov. Bobby Jindal Signs NSSF-Advocated FixNICS Legislation into Law in Louisiana
june-background-checks-as-related-to-gun-purchases-up-3-0-percent 1 page
June Background Checks as Related To Gun Purchases Up 3.0 Percent
a-right-to-bear-arms-what-were-the-founders-thinking 1 page
What Would The Founding Fathers Say? A Factual Explanation Of The Second Amendment
12-little-known-facts-about-the-declaration-of-independence-part-3 1 page
12 Little-Known Facts About the Declaration of Independence (Part 3)
reflections-on-the-4th-of-july-the-continued-fight-for-freedom 1 page
Reflections on the 4th of July & the Continued Fight for Freedom
12-little-known-facts-about-the-declaration-of-independence-part-2 1 page
12 Little-Known Facts About the Declaration of Independence (Part 2)
take-your-patriots-oath 1 page
Take Your Patriot's Oath
sheila-oliver-says-the-constitution-of-the-united-states-is-irrelevant 1 page
Sheila Oliver Says The Constitution Of The United States Is Irrelevant.
crow-shooting-supply-now-cheddite-primers-cases 1 page
Crow Shooting Supply, Now An Official Supplier of Cheddite Primers & Cases
illinois-ag-is-premature-in-trying-to-get-concealed-carry-case-dismissed 1 page
Illinois AG is Premature in Trying To Get Concealed Carry Case Dismissed
isra-applauds-override-of-governor-quinns-veto-of-concealed-carry-legislation 1 page
ISRA Applauds Override Of Governor Quinn's Veto Of Concealed Carry Legislation
remembering-a-happy-fourth-the-state-of-concealed-carry-legislation-in-illinois 1 page
Remembering a Happy Fourth & the State of Concealed Carry Legislation in Illinois
eze-scorer-silhouette-targets-from-birchwood-casey 1 page
Eze-Scorer Silhouette Targets From Birchwood Casey
pregame-splattering-targets-from-birchwood-casey 1 page
Pregame Splattering Targets from Birchwood Casey
collage 1 page
summit-viper-sd-climbing-tree-stand 1 page
Summit Viper SD Is The #1 Climbing Tree Stand Of Readers
arizona-charity-is-raffling-off-four-dpms-ar-15-type-rifles-with-a-twist 1 page
Arizona Charity Is Raffling Off Four DPMS AR-15 Type Rifles, With A Twist
texas-alert-details-cautions-regarding-switchblades 1 page
Texas Alert - Details & Cautions Regarding Switchblades
nyc-stalling-for-more-time-to-turn-over-maig-document-request 1 page
NYC Stalling For More Time To Turn Over MAIG Document Request
tannerite-victory-makes-them-the-kleenex-of-binary-exploding-targets 1 page
Tannerite Victory Makes Them the Kleenex of Binary Exploding Targets
bianchi-enhances-www-bianchi-intl-com-with-new-features 1 page
Bianchi Enhances with New Features
doutel-v-norwalk-prevails-on-claims-of-4th-amendment-violations 1 page
Doutel v Norwalk Prevails on Claims of 4th Amendment Violations Regarding Illegal Confiscation of Firearms
connecticut-despp-caught-lying-in-court-complaint-against-board-of-firearms-permit-examiners 1 page
Connecticut DESPP Caught Lying in Court Complaint Against Board of Firearms Permit Examiners
connecticut-state-police-despp-using-deception-to-confiscate-firearms 1 page
Connecticut State Police & DESPP Using Deception to Confiscate Firearms
ct-governor-malloy-looking-to-stack-the-deck-against-permit-applicants 1 page
CT Governor Malloy Looking To Stack The Deck Against Gun Permit Applicants
how-to-re-energize-the-right-and-begin-turning-blue-states-red 1 page
How to Re-Energize the Right and Begin Turning Blue States Red
american-technologies-network-corp-atn-free-webinar-series-begins-july-17th-2013 1 page
ATN offers a series of webinars on night vision and thermal imaging starting July 17, 2013.
nra-news-commentator-to-be-featured-at-republican-event 1 page
Colorado: NRA News Commentator, Colion Noir, to be Featured at Republican Senators' Event
sheriffs-sue-over-colorado-gun-control-this-is-our-alamo 1 page
Sheriffs Sue over Colorado Gun Control: 'This Is Our Alamo'
stop-north-carolina-sheriffs-from-abusing-the-gun-permit-process 1 page
Stop North Carolina Sheriffs from Abusing the Gun Permit Process
sportsman-channel-announces-its-top-sportsman-wild-game-summer-recipes 1 page
Sportsman Channel Announces its 'Top Sportsman Wild Game Summer Recipes'
winchester-aa-traacker-loads 1 page
Winchester Receives Field & Stream’s 2013 Best Of The Best Award
d-t-systems-releases-the-next-in-their-series-of-dog-training-videos 1 page
D.T. Systems Releases the Next in Their Series of Dog Training Videos
backcountry-hunters-partner-with-forest-service-to-improve-habitat-on-pole-mountain 1 page
Backcountry Hunters Partner with Forest Service to Improve Habitat on Pole Mountain
robert-zimmerman-joins-mark-walters-on-armed-american-radio 1 page
Robert Zimmerman Joins Mark Walters On Armed American Radio
don-kates-on-stand-your-ground 1 page
Don Kates on Stand Your Ground
caruba-more-bad-news-for-trayvon 1 page
Caruba: More Bad News for Trayvon
myths-exposed-from-the-george-zimmerman-treyvon-martin-trial 1 page
Myths Exposed From the George Zimmerman / Treyvon Martin Trial
the-white-guy-riot-zimmerman-comments 1 page
The White Guy Riot - Zimmerman Comments
rmef-grants-to-benefit-20000-acres-of-wildlife-habitat-in-montana 1 page
RMEF Grants to Benefit 20,000 Acres of Wildlife Habitat in Montana
rmef-grants-to-help-elk-habitat-and-research-in-colorado 1 page
RMEF Grants to Help Elk, Habitat and Research in Colorado
pheasants-forever-hires-new-farm-bill-rangewildlife-biologist-in-washington 1 page
Pheasants Forever Hires New Farm Bill Range/Wildlife Biologist in Washington
pheasants-forever-hires-new-farm-bill-wildlife-biologist-in-colorado 1 page
Pheasants Forever Hires New Farm Bill Wildlife Biologist in Colorado
kahr-arms-puts-wikipedia-on-notice-regarding-company-info 1 page
Kahr Arms Puts Wikipedia on Notice Regarding Company Info
happy-anniversary-new-jersey-second-amendment-society 1 page
Happy Anniversary New Jersey Second Amendment Society
chad-belding-the-fowl-life-launch-new-website 1 page
Banded Productions, Chad Belding, The Fowl Life Launch Brand New Website
laserlyte-rolls-out-full-line-of-cabelas-branded-products-available-in-30-cabelas-retail-locations 1 page
LaserLyte Rolls Out Full Line of Cabela's Branded Products
rep-kelly-applauds-committee-approval-of-funding-ban-for-un-arms-trade-treaty 1 page
Rep. Kelly Applauds Committee Approval of Funding Ban for UN Arms Trade Treaty
reseach-paper-exposes-link-between-un-arms-trade-treaty-transnational-gun-control 1 page
Reseach Paper Exposes Link Between UN Arms Trade Treaty & Transnational Gun Control
arms-trade-treaty-ratification-is-just-a-gateway-to-more-gun-control-2 1 page
Arms Trade Treaty Ratification Is Just A Gateway To More Gun Control
crossbreed-holsters-accommodate-viridian-reactor-5-green-laser 1 page
Crossbreed Holsters to Accommodate Viridian Reactor 5 Green Lasers
field-stream-names-best-new-outdoor-gear 1 page
Field & Stream Names Best New Outdoor Gear for 2013
redring-usa-and-the-redring-optical-shotgun-sight-win-field-streams-best-of-the-best-award-for-2013-hunting-gear-awards 1 page
Redring USA and the Redring Optical Shotgun Sight Win Field & Stream’s Best-of-the-Best Award
slam-talker-deer-call-from-hunters-specialties 1 page
Slam Talker Deer Call From Hunter's Specialties
well-regulated-militia-border-patrol-scaring-obama 1 page
Well Regulated Militia Border Patrol - Scaring Obama
wild-bill-answers-the-lib-wits 1 page
Wild Bill Answers the Lib Wits
bighorn-sheep-road-killed-in-montana 1 page
Seven Bighorn Sheep Road-Killed in West-Central Montana
knowing-guns-the-ins-outs-of-firearms-firearms-politics 1 page
Knowing Guns: The Ins & Outs of Firearms & Firearms Politics for the Uninitiated
i-am-soldier-of-fortune-dancing-with-devils 1 page
I Am Soldier Of Fortune: Dancing With Devils
hurricane-bag-archery-targets-last-and-last 1 page
Hurricane Bag Archery Targets Last and Last
gaston-j-glock-style-lp-releases-new-extreme-performance-shooting-shirt-for-men-and-women-competitive-shooters 1 page
GASTON J. GLOCK Releases New Extreme Performance Shooting Shirt for Competitive Shooters
safari-club-int-hosts-briefing-for-congressional-sportsmens-caucus-on-hunting-heritage-legislation 1 page
Safari Club Int. Hosts Briefing For Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus on Hunting Heritage Legislation
1917-45acp-revolver-improved-ammo-new-life-for-old-guns 1 page
1917 45ACP Revolver + Improved Ammo = New Life for Old Guns
crimson-trace-is-leading-the-american-economic-recovery 1 page
Crimson Trace & Firearms Industry Is Leading The American Economic Recovery
qdma-announces-annual-conservation-branch-achievement-awards 1 page
QDMA Announces Annual Conservation & Branch Achievement Awards
yamaha-viking-eps-side-by-side-in-realtree-ap 1 page
Yamaha Viking EPS Side-by-Side in Realtree AP: Featuring a 3-Person Cab
davidsons-appoints-aaron-rogos-director-of-human-resources 1 page
Davidson’s Appoints Aaron Rogos Director Of Human Resources
terralux-introduces-even-more-powerful-new-led-flashlights 1 page
TerraLUX Introduces Even More Powerful New LED Flashlights
extremebeam-m1000-fusion-flashlight 1 page
ExtremeBeam Releases .50cal BMG Rated Bohemoth, M1000 Fusion Flashlight
cyclops-orbis-3-watt-led-rechargeable-spotlight 1 page
Cyclops Introduces Their Orbis 3-Watt Led Rechargeable Spotlight
cook-county-chicago-il-deal-serious-blows-to-gun-rights 1 page
Cook County & Chicago IL Deal Serious Blows to Gun Rights, Responding to Concealed Carry Legislation
rahm-trying-to-circumvent-new-il-concealed-carry-law-in-chicago 1 page
Rahm Trying to Circumvent New IL Concealed Carry Law with Bogus Gun Free Zones
ati-talon-t2-stocks-and-pistol-grips 1 page
ATI is Now Shipping Talon T2 Stocks and Pistol Grips
accu-grip-introduces-3-new-colors-to-its-adjustable-ar15-ak47-pistol-grip 1 page
Accu-Grip Introduces 3 New Colors To Its Adjustable Ar15 & Ak47 Pistol-Grip
konus-fission-2-0-micro-dot-sight 1 page
Konus Introduces Fission 2.0 Micro Dot Sight
fbi-labeled-al-aulaqi-dangerous-terrorist-day-before-he-spoke-at-pentagon 1 page
FBI Labeled al-Aulaqi 'Dangerous Terrorist' Day Before He Spoke at Pentagon
cut-wheat-equals-dead-pigeons-on-this-weeks-fowl-life-with-chad-belding 1 page
Cut Wheat Equals Dead Pigeons on this Weeks Fowl Life with Chad Belding
local-youth-target-foundation-athletes-earn-3-college-scholarships 1 page
Local Youth Target Foundation Athletes Earn 3 College Scholarships
nssf-awards-60000-in-scholarships-to-students 1 page
NSSF Awards $60,000 in Scholarships to Students
schoenrock-earns-national-junior-team-distinction-in-3par-national-championships 1 page
Schoenrock Earns National Junior Team Distinction in 3PAR National Championships
tim-frampton-promoted-to-weatherby-product-manager 1 page
Tim Frampton Promoted to Weatherby Product Manager
north-carolina-gun-group-targets-restaurants 1 page
North Carolina Gun Group Targets Restaurants
tell-governor-mccrory-actons-speak-louder-than-words-sign-gun-bill-hb-937 1 page
Tell Governor McCrory Actons Speak Louder than Words - Sign Gun Bill HB 937
north-carolina-takes-a-leap-forward-for-gun-rights-but-will-the-governor-block-it 1 page
North Carolina Takes a Leap Forward for Gun Rights, But Will the Governor Block It?
are-maryland-state-police-unable-or-unwilling-to-expedite-instant-back-ground-checks 1 page
Are Maryland State Police Unable or Unwilling to Expedite Instant Back Ground Checks
7-day-wait-woollard-and-more-maryland-shall-issue-update 1 page
7 Day Wait, Woollard and More Maryland Shall Issue Update
quantico-tactical-is-an-fbi-national-academy-associates-strategic-alliance-sponsor-and-the-official-police-equipment-supplier 1 page
Quantico Tactical is the LEO Equipment Supplier & Sponsor of FBI National Academy Associates
in-memorium-an-fbi-lifetitle-edward-s-miller 1 page
In Memorium: An FBI LifeTitle, Edward S. Miller
bill-ayers-and-bernardine-dohrn 1 page
j-edgar-hoover 1 page
dorothy-lamour 1 page
gander-mountain-coming-to-charlottesville-va 1 page
Gander Mountain Coming To Charlottesville, VA
missouri-governor-nixon-signs-self-defense-legislation-into-law 1 page
Missouri: Governor Nixon Signs Self-Defense Legislation into Law
bushnell-partners-with-bear-grylls-on-gps-product-line 1 page
Bushnell Partners With Bear Grylls On GPS Product Line
mayor-bloombergs-anti-gun-circus-bus-is-coming-to-minnesota-but-were-staying-home 1 page
Mayor Bloomberg's Anti-Gun Circus Bus is Coming To Minnesota - But We're Staying Home
the-anti-governor-cuomo-strikes-back-at-gun-rights-lawsuit 1 page
The 'Anti' Governor: Cuomo Strikes Back At Gun Rights Lawsuit
youth-trapper-takes-first-wisconsin-wolf 1 page
Youth Trapper Takes First Wisconsin Wolf
make-ready-with-massad-ayoob 1 page
Make Ready with Massad Ayoob: Learn from Ayoob on Concealed Carry
make-ready-with-matt-jacques-fighting-from-concealment 1 page
Make Ready with Matt Jacques: Fighting from Concealment
when-is-a-law-not-a-law-when-obama-says-so 1 page
When is a Law, Not a Law? When Obama Says So
obamacare-extortion-and-exploitation 1 page
Obamacare Extortion and Exploitation
stag-arms-supports-troops-overseas 1 page
Stag Arms Supports Troops Overseas, Helped Raise $321,042 With Move America Forward
thomas-jefferson-and-a-16-year-old-malala-yousafzai-vs-islamists-part-1 1 page
Thomas Jefferson and a 16-Year-Old Malala Yousafzai vs. Islamists (Part 1)
sotg-tv-airgun-fun-springfield-xdm-one-handed-shooting-2 1 page
SOTG TV: Airgun Fun, Springfield XD(M), One-Handed Shooting
co-police-department-targets-local-resident-after-applying-for-a-bb-gun-permit 1 page
CO Police Department Targets Local Resident After Applying for a BB Gun Permit
critical-legislation-for-sportsmen-journalists-who-film-on-public-lands-introduced 1 page
Critical Legislation for Sportsmen Journalists Who Film on Public Lands Introduced
trapping-our-oldest-outdoor-tradition-constantly-under-attack 1 page
Trapping - Our Oldest Outdoor Tradition Constantly Under Attack
ww1-aircraft-squadron-insignia-american-pilot-archive-for-13200-at-mohawk-arms-auction 1 page
WW1 Aircraft Squadron Insignia & American Pilot Archive For $13,200 At Mohawk Arms’ Auction
nra-national-sporting-arms-museum 1 page
Grand Opening of NRA National Sporting Arms Museum at the Bass Pro Shops in Missouri
massive-summer-firearms-auction-does-not-disappoint 1 page
Massive Summer Firearms Auction Does Not Disappoint, $4.7 Million Dollars in Sales
ar15-com-news-for-july-2013 1 page News for July 2013
quail-and-upland-wildlife-federation-testifies-on-chronic-wasting-disease-in-mo-to-legislative-committee 1 page
QUWF Testifies on Chronic Wasting Disease in MO To Legislative Committee
win-a-weekend-with-get-a-grip-program-in-atlanta 1 page
Win A Weekend With Get A Grip Program In Atlanta
feradyne-outdoors-and-nap-announce-litigation-settlement 1 page
FeraDyne Outdoors and NAP Announce Litigation Settlement
3rivers-archery-partners-with-byron-ferguson 1 page
3Rivers Archery Partners With Byron Ferguson
tenpoint-purchases-horton-archery-assets 1 page
TenPoint Purchases Horton Archery Assets
a-record-doubling-of-youth-archers-at-2013-nasp-world-championship 1 page
A Record Doubling of Youth Archers at 2013 NASP World Championship
field-logic-iq-micro-bowsight 1 page
IQ Micro Bowsight - Shoot Longer Distances And Tighter Groups
thompson-center-predator-this-week-on-guns-gear-tv 1 page
Thompson Center Predator - This Week On Guns & Gear TV
air-hog-this-week-on-gun-talk-television 1 page
Air Hog – This Week On Gun Talk Television
second-amendment-foundation-sues-seattle-over-withheld-gun-buyback-documents 1 page
Second Amendment Foundation Sues Seattle Over Withheld Gun Buyback Documents
obama-probably-cant-reform-immigration-via-executive-order 1 page
Obama: 'Probably' Can't Reform Immigration via Executive Order
new-jersey-second-amendment-society-monthly-news-for-july-2013 1 page
New Jersey Second Amendment Society Monthly News for July 2013
gun-girl-radio-revolver-champion-annette-aysen 1 page
Gun Girl Radio - Revolver Champion Annette Aysen
realtree-grizzly-coolers 1 page
Realtree Grizzly Coolers Available in a Variety of Realtree Patterns
under-armour-presents-ridge-reaper-premieres-on-outdoor-channel 1 page
'Under Armour Presents Ridge Reaper' Premieres On Outdoor Channel
operation-bows-and-heroes-joins-the-moonlight-fund-retreats-for-wounded-military 1 page
‘Operation Bows And Heroes’ Joins ‘The Moonlight Fund’ Retreats For Wounded Military
team-glock-captain-kc-eusebio-wins-2013-west-coast-steel-challenge 1 page
Team GLOCK Captain KC Eusebio Wins 2013 West Coast Steel Challenge
illinois-many-local-governments-rush-to-enact-last-minute-gun-bans 1 page
Illinois: Many Local Governments Rush to Enact Last-Minute Gun Bans
limbsaver-introduces-tactical-recoil-pads 1 page
Limbsaver Introduces Tactical Recoil Pads
green-berets-take-on-anti-gunners-at-annual-meeting 1 page
Green Berets Take On Anti-Gunners at Annual Meeting
col-plummer-usa-ret-visits-otis-technology 1 page
Col. Plummer, USA Ret. Visits Otis Technology
shooting-illustrated-magazine-august-2013 1 page
Shooting Illustrated Magazine's August 2013 Copy is on Newstands
hunters-specialties-helps-hunters-hoist-their-gear-with-confidence 1 page
Hunter's Specialties Helps Hunters Hoist Their Gear With Confidence
hs 1 page
d-c-gun-transfer-law-is-unconstitutional 1 page
D.C. Gun Transfer Law Is Unconstitutional
cell-phone-app-helps-families-avoid-dangerous-gun-free-zones 1 page
Cell Phone App Helps Families Avoid Dangerous Gun Free Zones
are-americans-living-in-a-police-state 1 page
Are Americans Living in a Police State?
sotg-hunt-channel-chiappa-rhino-todd-jarrett-ar-15-king 1 page
SOTG HUNT Channel: Chiappa Rhino, Todd Jarrett, AR-15 King?
sotg-radio-monsters-among-us-and-examining-the-ar-15 1 page
Student of the Gun Radio: Monsters Among Us and Examining the AR-15
brunken-named-pheasants-forever-youth-coordinator-in-michigan 1 page
Brunken Named Pheasants Forever Youth Coordinator in Michigan
introducing-the-all-new-where-to-shoot-app-find-ranges-near-you 1 page
Introducing the All-New 'Where To Shoot' App - Find Ranges Near You
124977 1 page
Goal Zero Becomes Official Partner of Tread Lightly!
monday-morning-must-have-bushnell-solar-wrap-mini-review 1 page
'Monday Morning Must Have' Bushnell Solar Wrap Mini Review
national-wild-turkey-federation-championship-turkey-calling-to-carlisle-outdoor-nationals 1 page
National Wild Turkey Federation Brings Championship Turkey Calling to Carlisle Outdoor Nationals
legends-of-talent-entertain-at-the-2014-sci-hunters-convention 1 page
Legends of Talent Entertain at the 2014 SCI Hunters' Convention
when-good-citizens-do-nothing-yeah-i-am-talking-about-you 1 page
When Good Citizens Do Nothing, Yeah I Am Talking About You
bi-partisan-share-act-helps-ensure-hunters-recreational-shooters-voices-are-heard 1 page
Bi-Partisan 'Share' Act Helps Ensure Hunters', Recreational Shooters' Voices Are Heard
high-speed-gear-announces-advance-guard-international-to-represent-hsgi-in-overseas-markets 1 page
High Speed Gear Announces Advance Guard International to Represent HSGI Overseas
smart-optix-universal-field-guide-camera-insert 1 page
Smart Optix Unveils New Universal Insert System
north-american-hunting-club-game-camera-photo-contest 1 page
Enter to Win the North American Hunting Club Game Camera Photo Contest
rep-carter-amendment-would-end-funding-for-atf-collection-of-information-on-multiple-long-gun-sales 1 page
Rep. Carter Amendment Would End Funding for ATF Collection of Information on Multiple Long Gun Sales
sitka-gear-system-now-complete-for-serious-whitetail-hunter 1 page
Sitka Gear System Now Complete For Serious Whitetail Hunter
meet-the-mcmillans-welcome-mma-legend-randy-couture-on-sportsman-channel-sunday-night 1 page
Meet the McMillans welcome MMA Legend, Randy Couture on Sportsman Channel – Sunday Night
gov-christie-vetos-legislation-to-prevented-state-pensions-investing-in-gun-industry 1 page
Gov Christie Veto's Legislation That Would Prevented State Pensions Investing In Gun Industry
hunt-channel-tv-launches-today 1 page
Hunt Channel TV Launches Today! - July 1st 2013 on DISH Network
join-rocky-mountain-gun-owners-counter-protest-of-mayor-bloombergs-gun-control-bus-tour 1 page
Join Rocky Mountain Gun Owner's Counter Protest of Mayor Bloomberg's Gun Control Bus Tour
virginias-lafayette-gun-club-needs-our-help-tonight-2a-mob-approved-event 1 page
Virginia's Lafayette Gun Club Needs Our Help Tonight - 2A Mob Approved Event
mike-hanbacks-journey-to-great-white-north-yields-huge-results-on-sportsman-channel 1 page
Mike Hanback’s Journey to ‘Great White North’ on Sportsman Channel
traditions-rawhide-series-single-action-revolver 1 page
Traditions Firearms Intros Single Action Revolvers For 2013 Frontier & Rawhide Series
the-advantage-tactical-sight-for-fnh-usa-pistols-now-available 1 page
The Advantage Tactical Sight is now available for the FNH and FNX pistols
john-goliber-joins-fnh-usa-as-chief-technology-officer 1 page
John Goliber Joins FNH USA as Chief Technology Officer
125935 1 page
National Tactical Officers Association Annual Tactical Operations Conference to be Held in Kansas City
two-nssf-member-shooting-ranges-earn-five-stars 1 page
Two NSSF Member Shooting Ranges Earn Five Stars
nc-flintlock-shooting-range-subject-of-us-forest-service-meeting-august-3rd-2013 1 page
NC Flintlock Shooting Range Subject of US Forest Service Meeting August 3rd 2013
success-for-now-in-york-county-va-for-lafayette-shooting-club 1 page
Success FOR NOW in York County, VA for Lafayette Shooting Club
colorado-partnership-for-recreational-shooting-along-front-range-holding-public-meetings 1 page
Colorado: Partnership for Recreational Shooting Along Front Range Holding Public Meetings
senators-reps-introduce-nssf-supported-plan-for-public-shooting-ranges-promoting-firearm-safety 1 page
Senators & Reps Introduce NSSF-Supported Plan For Public Shooting Ranges, Promoting Firearm Safety
senate-bill-addresses-top-sportsmens-priorities 1 page
Senate Bill Addresses Top Sportsmen’s Priorities
obama-compares-ho-chi-minh-to-thomas-jefferson 1 page
Obama Compares Ho Chi Minh to Thomas Jefferson
americas-communist-economy 1 page
America's Communist Economy
from-communist-to-conservative 1 page
From Communist to Conservative
hunt-channel-tvs-taxidermy-trails-learn-to-be-your-own-boss 1 page
Watch Hunt Channel TV’s 'Taxidermy Trails' & Learn To Be Your Own Boss
final-approach-introduces-combo-decoy-packs 1 page
Final Approach Introduces Combo Decoy Packs
puddlepack-decoys 1 page
PuddlePack Decoys
the-thrill-of-3-gun 1 page
The Thrill of 3-Gun
nra-news-commentators-episode-18-home-security-with-dom-raso 1 page
NRA News Commentators Episode 18: Home Security With Dom Raso
nra-news-commentators-puppets-featuring-dom-raso 1 page
NRA News Commentators "Puppets" Featuring Dom Raso
no-tools-no-ladder-no-problem-for-moultries-easy-lock-game-feeder 1 page
conceal-carry-becomes-law-in-illinois 1 page
Conceal Carry Becomes Law in Illinois
bushnell-introduces-six-riflescopes-in-its-new-ar-optics-line 1 page
Bushnell Introduces Six Riflescopes in its New AR Optics Line
ar-scope-collage 1 page
AR Scope Collage
nssf-sponsors-crimson-trace-3-gun-event 1 page
NSSF Sponsors Crimson Trace 3-Gun Event
buck-knives-clearwater-bait-knife 1 page
Buck Knives Introduces New Clearwater Bait Knife
realtree-nursery-soft-mast-for-bow-season 1 page
Realtree Nursery Soft Mast for Bow Season
evolved-harvest-throw-gro-radish-x-treme 1 page
Evolved Harvest Throw & Grow Radish X-Treme No-Till Food Plot Seed
leatherman-cam-bow-hunting-tool 1 page
Leatherman Expands PocketTool Line with Shooting Specific Models
benelli-guns-featured-on-tonights-top-shot-all-stars 1 page
Benelli Guns Featured on Tonight’s Top Shot All-Stars
team-benelli-3-gunners-top-the-field 1 page
Team Benelli 3-Gunners Top the Field at Major Practical Shotgun Events
corruption-allegations-for-south-africas-central-firearms-registry 1 page
Corruption Allegations for South Africa's Central Firearms Registry
translating-anti-gun-propaganda-into-english 1 page
Translating Anti-Gun Propaganda into English
sportsmen-welcome-senate-review-of-colorado-river-study 1 page
Sportsmen Welcome Senate Review of Colorado River Study
to-ct-senator-john-mckinney-we-dont-want-another-gun-banner-as-governor 1 page
To CT Senator John McKinney, We Don't Want Another Gun Banner as Governor
midwayusa-hires-adam-augustine-as-customer-relationship-manager 1 page
MidwayUSA Hires Adam Augustine as Customer Relationship Manager
magpul-donates-high-capacity-mags-for-recall-of-pro-gun-control-dems 1 page
Magpul Donates 'High Capacity' Mags for Recall of Pro-Gun Control Dems
potty-mouthed-hollywood-actor-jim-carrey-on-fieldsports-channel-tv-video 1 page
Potty-mouthed Hollywood Actor Jim Carrey on Fieldsports Channel TV ~ Video
sig-sauer-donates-pistols-to-boy-scouts-of-america 1 page
SIG SAUER Donates Pistols to Boy Scouts of America for 2013 National Scout Jamboree
eliza-graves-joins-bushnell-as-trade-marketing-manager 1 page
Eliza Graves Joins Bushnell as Trade Marketing Manager
california-attorney-general-to-fed-agents-no-dangerous-handguns-for-you 1 page
California Attorney General to Fed Agents: No Dangerous Handguns For You
rhode-to-history-365-days-later 1 page
Rhode to History . . . 365 Days Later
benchmade-names-derrick-lau-pr-and-communications-manager 1 page
Benchmade Names Derrick Lau PR and Communications Manager
custom-benchmade-knife-commemorates-remington-nra-national-matches 1 page
Custom Benchmade Knife Commemorates Remington / NRA National Matches
great-wildlife-refuges-for-birding 1 page
Great Wildlife Refuges for Birding
marion-hammer-nobody-asked-me-either-gerald-ensley-but 1 page
Marion Hammer: Nobody asked me either, Gerald Ensley, but ....
top-ten-reasons-for-owning-a-laser-sight-system 1 page
Top Ten Reasons for Owning a Laser Sight System
a-girl-a-gun-expands-in-houston-with-athena-gun-club-event 1 page
A Girl & A Gun Expands In Houston With Athena Gun Club Event
solving-a-14000-land-access-issue-this-week-on-fresh-tracks-with-randy-newberg 1 page
Solving a $14,000 Land Access Issue This Week on Fresh Tracks with Randy Newberg
army-rifle-shooters-showcase-skills-at-interservice-championships 1 page
Army Rifle Shooters Showcase Skills At Interservice Championships
third-special-session-best-opportunity-yet-to-reform-texas-firearm-laws 1 page
Third Special Session, Best Opportunity Yet to Reform Texas Firearm Laws
as-texas-governor-plans-his-future-student-concealed-carry-supporters-feel-forgotten 1 page
As Texas Governor Plans His Future, Student Concealed Carry Supporters Feel Forgotten
crazy-quail-at-scholastic-clay-target-program-nationals 1 page
Crazy Quail at Scholastic Clay Target Program Nationals
progressive-position-pistol-national-championships-set-to-get-underway-with-new-twist 1 page
Progressive-Position Pistol National Championships Set to Get Underway with New Twist
jeff-holguin-duels-to-fourth-in-granada-world-cup 1 page
Jeff Holguin Duels To Fourth in Granada World Cup
usa-shooting-hall-of-fame-to-induct-spurgin-walsh-september-21-2013 1 page
USA Shooting Hall of Fame to Induct Spurgin & Walsh September 21 2013
usa-shooting-team-closes-granada-world-cup-with-two-medals 1 page
USA Shooting Team Closes Granada World Cup with Two Medals, Eight Finalists & 18 Top-15 Performances
milev-holds-on-for-rapid-fire-bronze-at-granada-world-cup 1 page
Milev Holds on for Rapid Fire Bronze at Granada World Cup
eleven-olympians-youth-experience-make-up-diverse-u-s-riflepistol-team-for-granada-world-cup 1 page
Eleven Olympians, Youth & Experience Make Up Diverse U.S. Rifle/Pistol Team for Granada World Cup
five-olympians-headline-us-shotgun-team 1 page
Five Olympians Headline U.S. Shotgun Team Gunning for Granada World Cup Success
campco-uzi-tactical-defender-pen 1 page
UZI Tactical Pens Offer Value and Protection to Personal Defense & LEOs
jeff-puckett-joins-blue-heron-communications 1 page
Jeff Puckett Joins Blue Heron Communications
yeti-coolers-tank 1 page
YETI Coolers Launches the Tank
international-training-inc-virginia-facility-to-teach-two-day-tactical-carbine-and-pistol-course-on-october-11th-and-12th-2013 1 page
International Training Inc. to Teach 2 Day Tactical Carbine & Pistol Course Oct 11th, 12th, 2013
constitution-party-of-wisconsin-says-absolutely-not-to-federal-bailout-for-detroit 1 page
Constitution Party Of Wisconsin Says 'Absolutely Not!' To Federal Bailout For Detroit
constitution-party-of-wisconsin-logo-2 1 page
mccain-agreeing-with-obama-that-stand-your-ground-should-be-reviewed 1 page
McCain Agreeing with Obama that 'Stand Your Ground' Should Be Reviewed
high-caliber-artwork-for-gun-enthusiasts 1 page
High Caliber Artwork for Gun Enthusiasts on Seeks Crowd Funding
spring-rains-spread-wood-stork-nesting-in-south-georgia 1 page
Spring Rains Spread Wood Stork Nesting In South Georgia
sig-sauer-sponsors-smith-wesson-live-free-or-die-state-idpa-championship 1 page
SIG SAUER Sponsors Smith & Wesson Live Free Or Die State IDPA Championship
top-shot-brian-zins-wins-12th-nra-national-pistol-title 1 page
Top Shot Brian Zins wins 12th NRA National Pistol Title
cabot-guns-repeats-as-nra-national-pistol-champion 1 page
Cabot Guns Repeats as NRA National Pistol Champion
free-nra-life-of-duty-memberships 1 page
Free NRA Life of Duty Memberships
u-s-postal-service-parking-lot-gun-ban-unconstitutional 1 page
U.S. Postal Service Parking Lot Gun Ban Unconstitutional
pelosi-urges-congress-to-uphold-constitution-by-passing-gun-control 1 page
Pelosi Urges Congress to Uphold Constitution by Passing Gun Control
sig-sauer-continues-support-for-chaplain-emergency-relief-fund 1 page
SIG SAUER Continues Support for Chaplain Emergency Relief Fund
konus-top-scope-picks-for-fall-hunting-season 1 page
Konus’ Top Scope Picks for Fall Hunting Season
dont-do-that-gun-safety-first 1 page
Don't Do THAT! - Gun Safety First
sig-sauer-p224-pistol-tactical-tips 1 page
SIG SAUER P224 Pistol Tactical Tips
tell-house-committee-to-approve-target-practice-and-marksmanship-training-support-act-h-r-1818 1 page
Tell House Committee to Approve Target Practice and Marksmanship Training Support Act & H.R. 1818
outdoor-channel-honored-with-aca-partnership-award 1 page
Outdoor Channel Honored With ACA Partnership Award
hunter-safety-system-hires-kelly-porter-as-graphic-designer 1 page
Hunter Safety System Hires Kelly Porter as Graphic Designer
atis-gsg-922-pistol-california-compliant 1 page
ATI's GSG 922 Pistol is Now California Compliant
outdoor-channel-sizzles-this-summer-with-brand-new-shows-returning-favorites 1 page
Outdoor Channel Sizzles This Summer With Brand New Shows & Returning Favorites
the-season-with-justin-martin-kicks-off-july-4th-with-duck-dynasty 1 page
'The Season with Justin Martin' Kicks Off July 4th with 'Duck Dynasty' Guest Appearance
rhode-island-gun-owners-successful-in-the-ocean-state 1 page
Rhode Island: Gun Owners Successful in the Ocean State
vortex-viper-hs-t-riflescope 1 page
Vortex’s New Viper HS-T Riflescope Loaded With Feature Rich Versatility
russia-larry-vickers-firearms-history-gold 1 page
Russia + Larry Vickers = Firearms History Gold
hercamoshop-adds-huntress-kelly-heard-to-field-staff 1 page
HerCamoShop Adds Oregon Huntress, Kelly Heard, To Field Staff
professional-bull-riders-family-event-at-bass-pro-shops 1 page
Professional Bull Riders Family Event At Bass Pro Shops
opening-nra-national-sporting-arms-museum-in-springfield-mo-your-invited 1 page
Opening, NRA National Sporting Arms Museum in Springfield, Mo. & You're Invited
sig-sauer-sponsors-smith-wesson-new-england-regional-idpa-championship 1 page
SIG SAUER Sponsors Smith & Wesson New England Regional IDPA Championship
the-latest-from-the-archery-industry-on-the-velocitip-system 1 page
The Latest From The Archery Industry On The Velocitip System
asbury-park-press-short-on-facts-long-on-anti-gun-disinformation 1 page
Asbury Park Press Short on Facts Long On Anti-Gun Disinformation
nra-country-on-pursuit-channel-to-lead-primetime-sundays 1 page
NRA Country on Pursuit Channel to Lead Primetime Sundays
steel-challenge-world-speed-shooting-championship-approaching-quickly 1 page
2013 Steel Challenge World Speed Shooting Championship Approaching Quickly
nra-life-of-duty-outlaw-platoon-ii-trailer 1 page
NRA Life of Duty | Outlaw Platoon II Trailer
in-celebration-of-those-who-made-july-4th-possible 1 page
In Celebration of Those Who Made July 4th Possible
take-the-fight-to-them 1 page
Take The Fight To Them
is-nj-senator-jeffrey-chiesa-bidens-1-of-5-for-gun-control 1 page
Is NJ Senator Jeffrey Chiesa Biden's '1 of 5' for Gun Control
colorado-bloombergs-gun-control-bus-tour-pulls-into-town 1 page
Colorado: Bloomberg’s Gun Control Bus Tour Pulls into Town
larysa-switlyk-larysa-unleashed-premieres-on-nbc-sports 1 page
Larysa Switlyk & 'Larysa Unleashed' Premieres on NBC Sports
illinois-votes-to-recognize-right-to-self-defense 1 page
Illinois Votes to Recognize Right to Self-Defense Overrides Governor Veto of Concealed Carry Bill
judicial-watch-must-now-sue-to-obtain-susan-rices-benghazi-talking-points 1 page
Judicial Watch Must Now Sue to Obtain Susan Rice's Benghazi Talking Points
when-life-hits-you-like-a-roundhouse-kick 1 page
When Life Hits You Like a Roundhouse Kick
colored-coalition-new-name-more-zimmerman-debate-gun-for-hire-radio 1 page
Colored Coalition's New Name & More Zimmerman Debate - Gun for Hire Radio
the-future-of-shooting-sports-it-takes-a-community 1 page
The Future of Shooting Sports - It Takes a Community
kristie-cunningham-appointed-senior-vice-president-of-communications-for-bae-systems 1 page
Kristie Cunningham Appointed Senior Vice President of Communications for BAE Systems
bushnell-offers-50-instant-savings-on-g-force-1300-arc 1 page
Bushnell Offers $50 Instant Savings on G-Force 1300 ARC
bloomberg-holds-1000-a-plate-fundraiser-for-west-virginias-manchin 1 page
Bloomberg Holds $1,000-a-Plate Fundraiser for West Virginia's Manchin
grandma-walker-indiana-ranger 1 page
Grandma Walker, Indiana Ranger
five-weird-tips-to-keep-you-from-getting-jacked-gun-for-hire-radio 1 page
Five Weird Tips To Keep You From Getting Jacked - Gun For Hire Radio
rmef-hosts-national-elk-summit-focused-on-habitat-hunting-issues 1 page
RMEF Hosts National Elk Summit Focused on Habitat & Hunting Issues
il-democrats-blast-gov-quinns-weakening-of-concealed-carry-bill 1 page
IL Democrats Blast Gov Quinn's Weakening Of Concealed Carry Bill
second-amendment-foundation-challenges-bloomberg-to-see-new-gun-rights-documentary 1 page
Second Amendment Foundation Challenges Bloomberg To See New Gun Rights Documentary
tactical-defense-solutions-sponsors-smith-wesson-new-england-regional-idpa-championship 1 page
Tactical Defense Solutions Sponsors Smith & Wesson New England Regional IDPA Championship
gun-for-hire-radio-110-preventing-vacation-disasters 1 page
Gun For Hire Radio #110 Preventing Vacation Disasters
mayors-for-gun-control 1 page
'Mayors for Gun Control'
fowl-life-hunting-with-leith-loftin-central-kansas-outfitters 1 page
Chad Belding from The Fowl Life Are Back & Hunting with Fans, Leith Loftin & Central Kansas Outfitters
the-fowl-lifes-chad-belding-hunts-with-olympic-bronze-medalist-scotty-lago 1 page
The Fowl Life's Chad Belding Hunts with Olympic Bronze Medalist Scotty Lago
froglube-joins-student-of-the-gun 1 page
FrogLube Joins Student of the Gun
police-drop-the-charges-against-jared-marcum 1 page
Police Drop the Charges Against Jared Marcum & More in this Gun Owners of America Update
north-carolina-comprehensive-pro-gun-bill-signed-into-law 1 page
North Carolina: Comprehensive Pro-Gun Bill Signed Into Law
smith-wesson-once-again-sponsors-idpa-u-s-national-championship 1 page
Smith & Wesson Once Again Sponsors IDPA U.S. National Championship
quantico-tactical-named-as-title-sponsor-for-the-c-o-p-s-7th-annual-national-golf-tournament 1 page
Quantico Tactical donates $10,000 to the Concerns of Police Survivors tournament held August 4, 2013 the Old Kinderhook in Camdenton, Missouri
north-carolina-omnibus-firearms-reform-bill-sent-to-conference-committee 1 page
North Carolina: Omnibus Firearms Reform Bill Sent to Conference Committee
bass-pro-shops-to-open-uncle-bucks-fishbowl-restaurant 1 page
Bass Pro Shops To Open Acclaimed Uncle Buck’s Fishbowl Restaurant In Destin, Florida
in-the-midst-of-americas-debate-over-gun-control-a-new-documentary-on-women-firearms 1 page
In the Midst of America's Debate Over Gun Control, A New Documentary On Women & Firearms
steves-outdoor-adventures-announces-bass-pro-shop-appearances 1 page
Steve's Outdoor Adventures Announces Bass Pro Shop Appearances
second-amendment-foundation-applauds-illinois-lawmakers-for-override-vote 1 page
Saf Applauds Illinois Lawmakers For Override Vote
pro-ears-sponsors-speed-shooting-specialist-jim-oyoung 1 page
Pro Ears Sponsors Speed Shooting Specialist Jim O'Young
firearms-industry-lawsuit-alleging-process-to-pass-ct-gun-regs-violated-statutes-constitution 1 page
Firearms Industry Lawsuit Alleging Process to Pass CT Gun Regs Violated Statutes & Constitution
ct-governor-malloy-tries-to-remove-pro-gun-board-member-from-state-concealed-carry-board 1 page
CT Governor Malloy Tries to Remove Pro-Gun Board Member From State Concealed Carry Board
walhog-wilderness-meatsavr-spray 1 page
Walhog Wilderness Introduces MeatSavR Spray
nine-straight-days-of-hunting-yields-a-record-buck-on-full-draw-adventures 1 page
Nine Straight Days of Hunting Yields a Record Buck on Full Draw Adventures
this-week-on-winchester-world-of-whitetail-big-plains-bucks 1 page
This Week on Winchester World of Whitetail: Big Plains Bucks
sportsman-channels-levi-morgan-of-name-the-game-at-deerfest-this-weekend 1 page
Sportsman Channel’s Levi Morgan of Name the Game at DeerFest
demand-pushes-live-free-or-die-idpa-match-to-2nd-day 1 page
Demand Pushes Live Free Or Die IDPA Match To 2nd Day
trash-bag-diplomacy 1 page
Trash Bag Diplomacy
crimson-trace-announces-executive-leadership-title-changes 1 page
Crimson Trace Announces Executive Leadership Title Changes
the-essentials-of-effective-parenting 1 page
The Essentials Of Effective Parenting
survey-finds-law-enforcement-united-against-gun-control 1 page
Survey Finds Law Enforcement United Against Gun Control
egypt-confronts-modernity-qa-with-herbert-meyertitle 1 page
Egypt Confronts Modernity - Q&A with Herbert MeyerTitle
invitation-to-the-new-york-freedompalooza-august-24-2013 1 page
Invitation to the New York Freedompalooza - August 24 2013
dc-police-search-gun-activists-home-nbcs-david-gregory-still-at-large 1 page
DC Police Search Pro-Gun Activist's Home, NBC's David Gregory Still at Large
antagonizer-adam-kokesh-carries-loaded-shotgun-around-washington-dc 1 page
Antagonizer Adam Kokesh Carries Loaded Shotgun Around Washington, DC
july-1st-2013-is-black-monday-for-colorado-gun-owners 1 page
July 1st 2013 is Black Monday For Colorado Gun Owners
nranews-cam-co-ranks-no-1-in-ratings-for-july-2013 1 page
NRANEWS Cam Co Ranks No 1 in Ratings for July 2013 Broadcast
armed-citizen-project-launches-national-empowerment-day 1 page
Armed Citizen Project Launches National Empowerment Day
pete-angle-joins-synergy-outdoors 1 page
Pete Angle Joins Synergy Outdoors
smart-optix-partners-with-sportsmans-warehouse 1 page
Smart Optix Partners with Sportsman’s Warehouse
local-wyoming-gun-control-scheme-targets-childrens-rights 1 page
Local Wyoming Gun Control Scheme Targets Children's Rights
skull-bounds-jana-waller-products-exclusive-to-hercamoshop 1 page
Skull Bound’s Jana Waller Products Exclusive To HerCamoShop
nssf-names-convexx-as-shot-show-management-partner 1 page
NSSF Names ConvExx as SHOT Show Management Partner
hit-tv-series-is-casting-gun-collectors-expolosion-enthusiasts 1 page
Hit TV Series Is Casting Gun Collectors & Expolosion Enthusiasts
patriot-legal-protection-for-gun-owners 1 page
Member Services Group Offers UNLIMITED Legal Protection for Gun Owners
conservation-reserve-program-acres-hit-26-year-low 1 page
Conservation Reserve Program Acres Hit 26-Year Low
holder-doj-wont-return-zimmermans-gun 1 page
Holder & DOJ Won't Return Zimmerman's Gun
national-trap-champions-at-usa-shooting-national-championships 1 page
Heiden & Burrows Repeat as National Trap Champions at USA Shooting National Championships
legal-victory-for-tannerite 1 page
Legal Victory for Tannerite
stand-your-ground-must-remain-standing 1 page
Stand Your Ground Must Remain Standing
il-gov-quinn-plays-emperor-with-citizens-civil-rights 1 page
Il Gov. Quinn Plays Emperor With Citizens’ Civil Rights
polaris-industries-named-best-place-to-work 1 page
Polaris Industries Named Best Place to Work by Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal
k-var-celebrates-20-years-in-business-in-the-firearms-industry 1 page
K-Var Celebrates 20 Years In Business In The Firearms Industry
gun-industry-association-cal-ffl-publishes-mid-term-grades-for-california-legislature-members 1 page
Gun Industry Association CAL-FFL Publishes Mid-Term Grades For California Legislature Members
how-the-nra-advanced-school-safety-when-no-one-else-would 1 page
How the NRA Advanced School Safety When No One Else Would
sig-sauer-donates-25000-to-pease-greeters-organization 1 page
SIG SAUER Donates $25,000 to Pease Greeters Organization
wyoming-blm-management-plan-of-critical-importance-to-hunters-shooters 1 page
Wyoming: BLM Management Plan Of Critical Importance To Hunters & Shooters
smith-wesson-named-to-list-of-25-most-patriotic-brands 1 page
Smith & Wesson Named to List of 25 Most Patriotic Brands
hunting-heritage-apprentice-permit 1 page
Hunting Heritage Apprentice Permit Goes Into Effect for North Carolina
bogus-american-rifle-and-pistol-association-promotes-sane-gun-control 1 page
Bogus American Rifle and Pistol Association Promotes 'Sane' Gun Control
connecticut-anti-rights-activist-judge-caught-abusing-authority-in-court 1 page
Connecticut Anti-rights Activist Judge Caught Abusing Authority in Court
il-governor-quinns-soft-spot-for-criminals-results-in-veto-of-concealed-carry-bill 1 page
IL Governor Quinn’s Soft Spot For Criminals Results In Veto Of Concealed Carry Bill
hostility-toward-christianity-grows-in-the-military 1 page
Hostility Toward Christianity Grows in the Military
ohios-buckeye-firearms-association-website-under-web-attack 1 page
Ohio's Buckeye Firearms Association Website Under Web Attack
gop-obama-gambled-national-security-to-implement-sequester 1 page
GOP: Obama Gambled National Security to Implement Sequester
miko-tempski-returns-to-second-amendment-foundation-as-general-counsel 1 page
Miko Tempski Returns To Second Amendment Foundation As General Counsel
association-of-new-jersey-rifle-pistol-clubs-monthly-news-now-online-julyaugust-2013 1 page
Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs Monthly News Now Online, July/August 2013
sportsmens-orgs-join-new-mexico-game-fish-fight-against-sheep-hunting-license-injunction 1 page
Sportsmen's Orgs Join New Mexico Game & Fish Fight Against Sheep Hunting License Injunction
new-logo-new-website-new-look-for-the-crush-with-lee-tiffany 1 page
New Logo. New Website. New Look for the CRUSH with Lee & Tiffany
gunrightsthug-new-target-telemarketers 1 page
#GunRightsThug - New Target, Telemarketers
self-defense-tactical-tip-watch-out-for-the-tail-gunner 1 page
Self Defense Tactical Tip - Watch Out For The Tail Gunner
oral-arguments-in-the-guns-save-lives-censorship-case-rests 1 page
Oral Arguments In The 'Guns Save Lives' Censorship Case Rests
dangerous-police-overreaction 1 page
Dangerous Police Overreaction
excerpt-from-your-first-gun-on-public-disarmament 1 page
Excerpt from 'Your First Gun' on Public Disarmament
after-you-shoot-your-guns-hot-the-perps-not 1 page
As Important As The Gun That Saves Your Life - 'After You Shoot: Your Gun's Hot. The Perp's Not'
an-hour-with-evan-nappen-this-week-on-gun-for-hire-radio 1 page
An Hour With Evan Nappen - This Week on Gun for Hire Radio
knockout-holiday-gun-safety-tips-gun-for-hire-radio 1 page
More KnockOut Game Victims & Holiday Gun Safety Tips - Gun For Hire Radio
constitutional-settlements-commission-of-the-states 1 page
New Idea: The 'Constitutional Settlements Commission of the States' Proposed
interview-gary-marbut-champion-for-liberty 1 page
Interview: Gary Marbut, Champion for Liberty ~ Video
hunting-elk-by-handgun 1 page
Hunting Elk By Handgun, a Primer for Beginners, a Refresher for Others
michigan-marketing-the-truth-about-hunting 1 page
Michigan Marketing the Truth About Hunting
results-matter-in-black-rhino-hunt 1 page
Results Matter in Black Rhino Hunt
advantages-of-granular-powder-in-muzzleloaders 1 page
Advantages of Granular Powder in Muzzleloaders
the-firearms-coalition-wishes-you-a-merry-christmas-happy-new-year 1 page
The Firearms Coalition Wishes You A Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
no-guns-hoplophobes-be-careful-what-you-wish-for 1 page
If Only There Were No Guns, Hoplophobes - Be Careful What You Wish For
firearms-brandishing 1 page
The Virginia Definition of Firearms 'Brandishing'
mental-health-the-next-gun-rights-assault 1 page
Mental Health - The Next Gun Rights Assault
how-the-antis-are-planning-to-push-gun-control-in-virginia 1 page
How The Antis Are Planning To Push Gun Control In Virginia
sandy-hook-and-the-body-count-of-gun-control 1 page
Sandy Hook and the Body Count of Gun Control Bleeds On
deaf-and-dumb-dc-gun-regulations 1 page
Deaf and Dumb DC Gun Regulations
galleryofguns-com-revamps-great-gun-giveaway 1 page Revamps Great Gun Giveaway
gainesville-coins-ammoland-giving-away-silver-bullet-bullion 1 page
Gainesville Coins & AmmoLand Shooting Sports News are Giving Away Silver Bullet Bullion
ruger-announces-support-of-scholastic-pistol-program 1 page
Ruger Announces Support of Scholastic Pistol Program
weatherby-mark-v-ultra-lightweight-rc-rifle 1 page
Weatherby Mark V Ultra Lightweight RC Rifle
maximus-arms-gladiator-1911-45-acp-pistol 1 page
Maximus Arm's New 100% American-Made, Custom 1911 .45 ACP Gladiator Pistol
nesika-proudly-line-of-precision-custom-rifles 1 page
Nesika Proudly Introduces New Line of Precision Custom Rifles
persistent-cold-leads-to-promising-arkansas-hunting-conditions 1 page
Persistent Cold Leads To Promising Arkansas Hunting Conditions
high-river-canada-gun-grab-documentary-fall-on-deaf-ears 1 page
Will the High River Canada Gun Grab Documentary Fall On Deaf Ears? ~ Video
commentary-outdoors-caucus-association-fur-institute-event-a-great-success 1 page
Commentary: Outdoors Caucus Association & Fur Institute Event A Great Success
congress-bans-wooden-cannons 1 page
Congress Bans Wooden Cannons
al-jazeera-america-goes-after-your-gun-rights 1 page
'Al Jazeera America' Goes After Your Gun Rights
sportsman-channels-social-media-growth-soars-past-500000-likes 1 page
Sportsman Channel’s Social Media Growth Soars Past 500,000 ‘Likes’
school-safety-what-teachers-tell-us-about-your-kids-school-video 1 page
School Safety – What Teachers Tell Us About Your Kid’s School ~ Video
ohio-moves-to-eliminate-defenseless-victim-zones 1 page
Ohio Moves to Eliminate Defenseless Victim Zones
proposed-law-would-fine-ohio-cities-into-obeying-firearms-laws 1 page
Proposed Law Would Fine Ohio Cities Into Obeying Firearms Laws
the-story-of-that-gigantic-buck-has-never-been-so-real 1 page
Tales of Monster Bucks - The Story of That Gigantic Buck Has Never Been So Real
kloak-patterns-partners-with-hillbilly-brand 1 page
KLOAK Patterns Partners with Hillbilly Brand
realtree-camo-formal-attire 1 page
New Realtree Camo Formal Attire for Women
gun-collectors-solid-concepts-first-100-1911-3d-printed-guns-up-for-sale 1 page
Gun Collectors - Solid Concept's First 100 1911 3D Printed Guns Up For Sale
hava-nssf-partnership-expands 1 page
HAVA & NSSF Partnership Expands
dick-bell-appointed-nebraska-game-and-parks-commissioner 1 page
Dick Bell Appointed Nebraska Game and Parks Commissioner
the-safariland-group-appoints-christopher-e-kubasik-to-its-board-of-directors 1 page
The Safariland Group Appoints Christopher E. Kubasik to its Board of Directors
steyr-arms-full-size-l-a1-service-pistol 1 page
Steyr Arms Introduces Its Full-Size L-A1 Service Pistol to the American Market
hornady-ammunition-announces-their-new-ammo-products-for-2014-videos 1 page
Hornady Ammunition Announces Their New Ammo Products for 2014
star-spangled-banner-challenge-98-of-the-way-there 1 page
Star Spangled Banner Challenge - 98% Of The Way There
marylands-2a-tuesday-event-is-feb-4th-2014 1 page
Maryland's '2A Tuesday' Event Is Feb 4th 2014
women-the-holy-grail-of-gun-rights-movement 1 page
Op-Ed: Women The 'Holy Grail' Of Gun Rights Movement
arizona-citizens-defense-league-steam-rolls-past-10000-members 1 page
Arizona Citizens Defense League Steam-Rolls Past 10,000 Members
wake-up-become-a-tool-against-tyranny 1 page
Wake Up - Become a Tool Against Tyranny
gun-owners-civil-rights-alliance-names-new-president-vice-president 1 page
Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance Names New President & Vice President
west-virginia-citizens-defense-league-issues-first-2014-endorsements 1 page
West Virginia Citizens Defense League Issues First 2014 Endorsements
nj2as-december-monthly-meeting-reminder 1 page
New Jersey Second Amendment Society December Monthly Meeting & Year End Roundup Reminder
new-jersey-second-amendment-society-appoints-new-membership-director 1 page
New Jersey Second Amendment Society Appoints New Membership Director
merry-christmas-from-alaska-chick-at-pioneer-outfitters 1 page
Merry Christmas from Alaska Chick at Pioneer Outfitters
volcanic-christmas-in-alaska 1 page
Volcanic Christmas In Alaska
sarah-palin-joins-sportsman-channel-as-host-of-original-series-amazing-america-with-sarah-palin 1 page
Sarah Palin Joins Sportsman Channel as Host of Original Series “Amazing America with Sarah Palin”
cabelas-to-host-mass-hiring-for-anchorage-store 1 page
Cabela’s to Host Mass Hiring for Anchorage Store
jersey-city-nj-adds-gun-ethics-questions-to-police-gun-purchase 1 page
Jersey City, NJ Adds Gun Ethics Questions To Police Gun Purchase Bid Requirements
cmmg-on-amazon 1 page
Tactical Bacon & 9mm Uppers On My Christmas Wish List
desert-tactical-arms-rebrand-as-desert-tech 1 page
Desert Tactical Arms To Rebrand Company As ‘Desert Tech’
when-hunting-happens-conservation-happens 1 page
When Hunting Happens, Conservation Happens
ducks-unlimited-continental-shoot-announced-for-las-vegas 1 page
Ducks Unlimited Continental Shoot Announced For Las Vegas
brakhage-leads-in-ducks-unlimiteds-great-lakes-atlantic-region 1 page
Brakhage Takes Lead in Ducks Unlimited’s Great Lakes and Atlantic Region
midwayusa-foundation-constituent-challenge-winner-for-november 1 page
MidwayUSA Foundation Announces Constituent Challenge Winner For November
youth-shooting-sports-receive-160000-from-potterfields 1 page
Youth Shooting Sports Receive Over $160,000 From Larry & Brenda Potterfield
sig-sauer-academy-support-for-scholastic-pistol-program-grows 1 page
SIG SAUER Academy Support For Scholastic Pistol Program Grows
justifiable-need-new-jersey-courts-rule-you-have-none 1 page
Justifiable Need - New Jersey Courts Rule You Have None
judicial-insanity-state-trooper-can-carry-on-duty-not-off-duty 1 page
Pa: Judicial Insanity: State Trooper Can Carry On Duty, But NOT Off Duty
fire-extinguishers-for-school-defense-weapons 1 page
Fire Extinguishers for School Defense Weapons
stopped-in-80-seconds-armed-response-not-gun-control-halted-school-rampage 1 page
Stopped in 80 Seconds: Armed Response, Not Gun Control, Halted School Rampage
arapahoe-county-sheriff-deputy-james-englert 1 page
two-dozen-ohio-schools-authorize-carrying-of-guns-for-kids 1 page
Nearly Two Dozen Ohio Schools Authorize Carrying Of Guns For Kids' Safety
armed-guard-saved-students-lives-in-arapahoe-school-shooting 1 page
Armed Guard Saved Students' Lives in Arapahoe School Shooting
real-prevention-measures-for-school-shootings 1 page
Real Prevention Measures for School Shootings
one-year-after-sandy-hook-stadiums-still-safer-than-schools 1 page
One Year After Sandy Hook, Stadiums Still Safer Than Schools
ati-20-gauge-shotgun-forends 1 page
ATI Adds Forends to 20 Gauge Shotgun Lineup
gun-guy-radio-thankfulness-and-the-guns-of-early-america 1 page
Gun Guy Radio - Thankfulness and The Guns of Early America
lena-miculek-lady-pro-3-gunner-joins-hiperfire-team 1 page
Lena Miculek, Lady Pro 3-Gunner Joins HIPERFIRE Team
the-eyepal-peep-sighting-system-puts-you-back-in-the-game-with-your-sights-and-your-target-in-focus 1 page
EyePal Peep Sighting System Puts You in the Game with Sights & Target in Focus
more-atf-abuses-how-the-atf-manufactures-crime 1 page
More ATF Abuses: How the ATF Manufactures Crime
feds-3-tentacles-in-the-common-core-education-part-4 1 page
Feds' 3 Tentacles in the Common Core Education (Part 4)
ae-casts-out-phil-robertson-from-duck-dynasty-tv-for-quoting-bible-calling-it-anti-gay 1 page
A&E 'Casts Out' Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty TV for Quoting Bible, Calling It Anti-Gay
sportsmens-business-owners-letter-to-interior-secretary-jewel 1 page
Sportsmen's & Business Owners' Letter to Interior Secretary Jewel
rebuttal-leo-safety-act-allows-military-police-to-concealed-carry-in-50-states 1 page
Rebuttal - 'LEO Safety Act Allows Military Police to Concealed Carry in 50 States'
your-lack-of-interest-in-firearms-rights-will-leave-you-powerless 1 page
Your Lack Of Interest In Firearms Rights Will Leave You Powerless
gun-bullies-reference-list 1 page
AmmoLand Makes Freedom Hater's List of Top Twitter 'Gun Bullies'
footnote-1 1 page
footnote-2 1 page
shot-show-deadline-ammoland-news-press-pr 1 page
SHOT SHOW 2014 Deadline - Send AmmoLand Your News, Press & PR
court-date-set-for-national-shooting-sports-foundation-suit-against-colorado-gun-laws 1 page
Court Date Set For National Shooting Sports Foundation Suit Against Colorado Gun Laws
vice-president-biden-gets-it-right-with-commitment-to-improve-mental-health-system 1 page
Vice President Biden Gets It Right With Commitment to Improve Mental Health System
daniel-defense-shoots-scores-against-the-nfl 1 page
Daniel Defense Shoots & Scores Against the NFL
medical-journal-article-debunks-major-anti-gun-talking-point 1 page
Medical Journal Article Debunks Major Anti-Gun Talking Point
santa-gave-sc-gov-nikki-haley-a-beretta-handgun-for-christmas 1 page
Santa Gave SC Gov. Nikki Haley a Beretta Handgun for Christmas
chamber-view-offers-customizable-options-for-empty-chamber-indicators-ecis 1 page
Chamber-View Offers Customizable Options for Empty Chamber Indicators (ECIs)
american-gunsmithing-institute-agi-releases-the-ultimate-glock-video-making-glocks-rock 1 page
American Gunsmithing Institute Releases The Ultimate GLOCK Video: Making GLOCKs ROCK
plinker-arms-introduces-two-new-22lr-magazines 1 page
Plinker Arms announces 2 new .22LR magazines; the .22LR Universal Magazine adn teh .22LR Upper Conversion Magazine.
midwest-gun-works-carries-blade-tech-line-of-american-made-hand-crafted 1 page
Midwest Gun Works Carries Blade-Tech Line of American-Made, Hand-Crafted Accessories
soldier-of-fortune-student-of-the-gun-double-header-at-hi-point-mks 1 page
Soldier of Fortune / Student of the Gun Double Header at Hi-Point & MKS SHOT Booth 16144
less-guns-more-crime-this-week-on-sotg-radio 1 page
Less Gun, More Crime.
armed-and-smarter-advanced-concealed-carry-weapons-and-training 1 page
Armed and Smarter: Advanced Concealed Carry Weapons and Training
armedsmart-a-beginners-guide-to-concealed-carry 1 page
Armed&Smart; a Beginner's Guide to Concealed Carry
freedom-fighters-tv-new-series 1 page
Freedom Fighter Series Dedicated To Adding New Viewers That Watch Shooting Shows
caruba-the-financial-collapse-of-america 1 page
Caruba: The Financial Collapse of America
caruba-obamas-deliberate-destruction-of-the-economy 1 page
Caruba: Obama's Deliberate Destruction of the Economy
why-is-the-new-york-times-so-upset-with-gun-owners-of-america 1 page
Why is the New York Times so Upset with Gun Owners of America
midwest-gun-works-winchester-pro-shop-carries-parts-and-accessories-for-new-to-collectible-rifle-and-shotgun-models 1 page
Midwest Gun Works Winchester Pro Shop Carries Parts for New to Collectible Rifle & Shotgun Models
crimson-trace-1911-green-products-grow 1 page
Crimson Trace 1911 Green Products Grow
idaho-annual-predator-derby 1 page
Salmon, Idaho's 1st Annual Coyote & Wolf Derby, December 28-29, 2013
west-virginia-secures-30th-concealed-carry-handgun-reciprocity-agreement 1 page
West Virginia Secures 30th Concealed Carry Handgun Reciprocity Agreement
steyr-arms-plans-a-holiday-transition-into-its-u-s-headquarters 1 page
Steyr Arms Plans a Holiday Transition Into Its U.S. Headquarters
hunt-smart-and-safe-with-a-full-body-harness 1 page
Hunt Smart and Safe With a Full-Body Harness
swamp-people-bassmaster-stars-coming-to-dothan-for-gander-mountain-grand-opening 1 page
'Swamp People' & Bassmaster Stars Coming To Dothan For Gander Mountain Grand Opening
eat-local-go-hunting 1 page
Eat Local – Go Hunting!
marshall-county-al-man-attacked-by-deer 1 page
Marshall County AL Man Attacked by Deer, Charged with Illegal Possession
alabama-hunters-should-avoid-harvesting-collared-deer-in-research-locations 1 page
Hunters Should Avoid Harvesting 'Collared Deer' in Research Locations
bud-pidgeon-nominated-for-shot-business-award 1 page
USSA Leader, Bud Pidgeon, Nominated for SHOT Business Award
newfoundland-bound-my-bucket-list-quest-moose-hunt 1 page
Newfoundland Bound: My Bucket List Quest - Moose Hunt
despite-anti-hunting-groups-efforts-participation-in-hunting-continues-to-grow 1 page
Despite Anti-Hunting Groups Efforts Participation in Hunting Continues to Grow
meopta-meostar-r2-riflescope 1 page
Meopta Launches New, MeoStar R2 Riflescope Series with the 1-6x24 R
mi-legally-gun-carry-ask-a-question-lockdown-a-school 1 page
MI: Legal Gun Carry, Ask a Question, Lockdown a School
lawsuit-filed-challenging-sunnyvale-cas-ban-on-standard-capacity-gun-mags 1 page
Lawsuit Filed Challenging Sunnyvale CA's Ban on Standard Capacity Gun Mags
dc-police-to-law-abiding-register-your-guns-go-to-jail 1 page
DC Police to Law Abiding, Re-Register Your Guns or Pay Fines, Go to Jail
i-will-not-register-my-guns 1 page
wiupdate-on-arrest-for-open-carry-on-disorderly-conduct-obstructing 1 page
WI:Update on Arrest for Open Carry on 'Disorderly Conduct' & 'Obstructing'
george-zimmerman-get-his-guns-back-again 1 page
George Zimmerman Get His Guns Back...Again
federal-premium-sponsors-pass-it-on-outdoor-mentors-expansion 1 page
Federal Premium Sponsors Pass It On – Outdoor Mentors Expansion
the-day6-plotwatcher-pro-versus-the-basic-trail-camera 1 page
The Day6 PlotWatcher Pro Versus the Basic Trail Camera
zach-fleer-joins-bushnell-as-assistant-product-manager-for-trail-cameras 1 page
Zach Fleer Joins Bushnell As Assistant Product Manager For Trail Cameras
zach-fleer-pr-headshot-bammoland 1 page
Zach Fleer PR Headshot BAmmoLand
nj2as-carry-license-application-submission-project 1 page
NJ2AS Carry License Application Submission Project
the-iwi-us-tavor-sar-is-the-2014-american-rifleman-rifle-of-the-year 1 page
The IWI US TAVOR SAR is the 2014 American Rifleman Rifle of the Year
iwi-us-inc-announces-new-law-enforcement-division 1 page
IWI US, Inc. Announces New Law Enforcement Division with Casey Flack at the Lead
brownells-shooting-usa-to-bring-viewers-home-gunsmithing 1 page
Brownells & Shooting USA to Bring Viewers Home Gunsmithing Segments Starting X-Mas Day
time-runing-out-to-comment-on-atfs-disastrous-proposed-rulemaking 1 page
Time Runing Out to Comment On ATF’s Disastrous Proposed Rulemaking
batfe-to-submit-new-regs-on-stolen-missing-guns 1 page
BATFE to Submit New Regs on Stolen & Missing Guns, Sure to Burden Law-abiding Guns Owners
buying-guns-on-black-friday-becomes-tradition-under-obama 1 page
Buying Guns on Black Friday Becomes Tradition Under Obama
outdoor-marketing-agency-epicosity-partners-with-steve-evatt 1 page
Outdoor Marketing Agency Epicosity Partners with Shooting Industry Vet Steve Evatt & Evatt Marketing Group
caruba-looking-into-my-2014-crystal-ball 1 page
Caruba: Looking Into My 2014 Crystal Ball
future-next-right 1 page
caruba-the-supreme-court-is-undermining-science-and-society 1 page
Caruba: The Supreme Court is Undermining Science and Society
environmentalisms-endless-lies 1 page
Environmentalism's Endless Lies
ammo-price-surge-expected-as-epa-regulations-close-lead-smelter 1 page
Ammo Price Surge Expected as EPA Regulations Close Lead Smelter
peta-to-mauling-victim-grin-and-bear-it 1 page
PETA to Mauling Victim: Grin and Bear It
camille-bomboy 1 page
2014-discounted-alberta-wolf-hunts 1 page
2014 Discounted Alberta Wolf Hunts
remington-2013-holiday-e-zine 1 page
Good Cooking, Good Hunting, Good Times - Remington 2013 Holiday E-zine
caution-dangerous-condition-from-water-damaged-remington-700-rifle 1 page
Caution Dangerous Condition from Water Damaged, Remington 700 Rifle
this-week-on-gallery-of-guns-tv-december-09-2013 1 page
This Week on Gallery of Guns TV - December 09, 2013
the-story-of-one-boone-crockett-generation-next-winner 1 page
The Story of One Boone & Crockett Generation Next Winner
nra-outdoors-to-offer-exclusive-members-only-elk-hunt-again-in-2014 1 page
NRA Outdoors To Offer Exclusive, Members-Only Elk Hunt Again In 2014
whitetail-deer-in-winter 1 page
Whitetail Deer in Winter??
rmef-opens-13000-acres-of-oregon-elk-country-secures-public-access-to-public-lands 1 page
RMEF Opens 13,000 Acres of Oregon Elk Country, Secures Public Access to Public Lands
rmef-team-elk-expands-to-year-round-tv-schedule 1 page
RMEF Team Elk Expands to Year-Round TV Schedule
rmef-lauds-growth-of-hunting-findings-of-scientific-study 1 page
RMEF Lauds Growth of Hunting, Findings of Scientific Study
rmef-conserves-3329-acres-of-best-of-the-best-wyoming-elk-country 1 page
RMEF Conserves 3,329 acres of ‘Best of the Best’ Wyoming Elk Country
cnn-poll-opposition-to-gun-control-up-23-percent-since-january 1 page
CNN Poll: Opposition to Gun Control Up 23 Percent Since January
aerosmith-guitarist-defends-phil-robertsons-freedom-of-speech 1 page
Aerosmith Guitarist Defends Phil Robertson, Freedom of Speech
hunting-hotties-melissa-bachman-on-fieldsports-channel-tv 1 page
Hunting Hotties Back Melissa Bachman On Fieldsports Channel TV ~ Video
crossbreed-holsters-looks-to-future-with-new-production-headquarters-2 1 page
CrossBreed Holsters Looks to Future with New Production Headquarters
crossbreed-holsters-ram-mount-concealed-carry-product 1 page
CrossBreed Holsters Adds RAM Mount Innovation to Concealed Carry Product Lineup
illinois-state-rifle-association-executive-directors-message-for-december-5-2013 1 page
Illinois State Rifle Association Executive Director’s Message for December 5 2013
wvcdl-files-injunction-against-city-of-charlestons-unconstitutional-firearm-ordinances 1 page
WVCDL Files Injunction Against City of Charleston's Unconstitutional Firearm Ordinances
supreme-court-brief-supporting-citizens-rights-to-buy-sell-guns 1 page
WV Leads 27 States,Territories in Supreme Court Brief Supporting Citizens’ Rights to Buy, Sell Guns
nra-news-special-report-from-ginny-simone-unmasking-bloombergs-mayors-gow-fields 1 page
NRA News Special Report From Ginny Simone | "Unmasking Bloomberg's Mayors: Gow Fields”
calguns-foundation-focuses-sunshine-on-sunnyvales-firearms-policy-hypocrisy 1 page
CalGuns Foundation Focuses Sunshine On Sunnyvale’s Firearms Policy Hypocrisy
pena-v-cid-case-update-challenge-to-californias-handgun-roster 1 page
Peña v. Cid Case Update (Challenge to California’s Handgun Roster)
rules-from-gunny-this-week-on-gun-talk-radio 1 page
‘Rules from Gunny’ – This Week on Gun Talk Radio
federal-judge-says-california-attorney-general-kamala-harris-wrong-on-gun-control-laws 1 page
Federal Judge Says California Attorney General Kamala Harris Wrong on Gun Control Laws
kansas-mandating-effective-gun-free-zones 1 page
Kansas Mandating Effective Gun Free Zones
seagull-free-zones 1 page
gulf-coast-quail-forever-chapter-forms-in-alabama 1 page
Gulf Coast Quail Forever Chapter Forms in Alabama
ninth-circuit-decision-sets-framework-for-second-amendment-challenges 1 page
9 Circuit Decision Sets the Analytical Framework for Second Amendment Challenges
sunnyvale-ca-anti-gun-ordinance-bars-leos-from-possessing-common-magazines-officers-to-join-litigation 1 page
Sunnyvale CA Anti-Gun Ordinance Bars LEO's from Possessing Common Magazines, Officers to Join Litigation
anti-gun-lawyers-blowing-smoke-while-planning-to-restrict-your-human-rights 1 page
Anti-Gun Lawyers Blowing Smoke While Planning to Restrict Your Human Rights
the-generals-the-book 1 page
THE GENERALS -the book-
keeperti-actively-secures-your-guns 1 page
KEEPERTI - Actively Secures - Your Guns
liberty-safelert 1 page
Free Firearm Safe Monitoring with Liberty's SafElert
michigan-bill-expanding-safe-gun-training-for-michigan-youth-unanimously-passed-in-house-committee 1 page
Michigan: Bill Expanding Safe Gun Training for Michigan Youth Unanimously Passed in House Committee
lipseys-adds-sig-sauer-to-product-offering 1 page
Lipsey’s Adds Sig Sauer To Product Offering
gander-mountain-coming-to-middle-tennessee 1 page
Gander Mountain & More Jobs Coming To Middle Tennessee
gander-mountain-first-missouri-location 1 page
Gander Mountain To Open First Missouri Location
ruger-lcrx-revolver 1 page
Ruger LCRx Revolver
applications-for-1000-civilian-marksmanship-program-scholarships-available 1 page
Applications for $1,000 Civilian Marksmanship Program Scholarships Now Available
2014-cmp-games-oklahoma 1 page
2014 CMP Games - Oklahoma To Take Place 9-13 April At Oklahoma City Gun Club
new-experienced-shooters-go-head-to-head-at-2013-gary-anderson-invitational 1 page
New & Experienced Shooters Go Head-to-Head at 2013 Gary Anderson Invitational
new-civilian-marksmanship-program-custom-shop-fixing-to-help-gun-enthusiasts-everywhere 1 page
New Civilian Marksmanship Program Custom Shop Fixing to Help Gun Enthusiasts Everywhere
military-christmas 1 page
Military Christmas
carnivore-a-memoir-by-one-of-the-deadliest-american-soldiers-of-all-time 1 page
Carnivore: A Memoir by One of the Deadliest American Soldiers of All Time
6-december-1941-pearl-harbor 1 page
December 1941 Pearl Harbor
the-uss-oklahoma-veteran 1 page
The USS Oklahoma Veteran
cabelas-big-game-hunter-debuts-for-free-on-mobile 1 page
Cabela's 'Big Game Hunter' Debuts for Free on Mobile
south-carolina-knife-law-preemption-bill-pre-filed-for-2014 1 page
South Carolina Knife Law Preemption Bill Pre-Filed for 2014
winchester-ammunition-win3gun-ammo 1 page
Winchester’s New Win3Gun Ammunition Has The Right Products For 3-Gun Competition
38-special-wont-shoot-plus-p-buffalo-bore 1 page
Got a 38 Special that Wont Shoot Plus-P - One Word 'Buffalo Bore'
advanced-ballistics-concepts-multiple-impact-bullet 1 page
Advanced Ballistics Concepts Multi-segmented Bullet Dramatically Improves Hit Probability
winchester-w-train-defend-ammunition 1 page
Winchester W Train & Defend - Straight Forward Ammunition for New Shooters
federal-court-strikes-down-magazine-limit-upholds-assault-weapons-ban 1 page
Federal Court Strikes Down Magazine Limit but Upholds NY Assault Weapons Ban
senator-kleins-assertion-gun-control-has-made-new-york-safer 1 page
NYSRPA's Response to Senator Klein's Assertion 'Gun Control Has Made New York Safer'
suit-filed-to-strike-down-new-yorks-safe-act 1 page
Suit Filed to Strike Down New York's 'SAFE' Act
quantico-tactical-becomes-sole-source-supplier-for-lancer-small-arms-systems-through-gsa-schedule 1 page
Quantico Tactical Becomes Sole Source Supplier for Lancer Small Arms Systems through GSA
the-national-tactical-officers-association-ntoa-supports-the-below-100-initiative 1 page
The National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) Supports the Below 100 Initiative
oregon-oppose-closure-of-crooked-river-national-grassland-to-target-shooting 1 page
Oregon: Oppose Closure of Crooked River National Grassland to Target Shooting
range-systems-target-retrieval-system 1 page
Range Systems Introduces New Target Retrieval System
rinehart-woodland-hunter-target 1 page
Functionality is the Name of the Game for Rinehart’s New Woodland Hunter
trackingpoint-xs4-338-lapua-magnum-smart-rifle 1 page
TrackingPoint Announces XS4 338 Lapua Magnum Smart Rifle
seven-tips-for-purchasing-a-gun-safe-by-cannon-safe 1 page
Seven Tips For Purchasing A Gun Safe by Cannon Safe
american-gunsmithing-institute-announces-annual-christmas-sale 1 page
American Gunsmithing Institute Announces Annual Christmas Sale
florida-defensive-gun-display-bill-sails-through-committee-video 1 page
Florida 'Defensive Gun Display' Bill Sails Through Committee ~ Video
florida-colleges-cannot-regulate-firearms-on-campus 1 page
Florida Colleges Cannot Regulate Firearms On Campus
countryside-alliance-winter-2013-magazine-online 1 page
Countryside Alliance Winter 2013 Magazine Now Online
amber-hill-young-sports-personality-of-the-year 1 page
Congratulations to Amber Hill, 'Young Sports Personality of the Year'
city-of-seattle-settles-saf-public-records-lawsuit-for-38000 1 page
City Of Seattle Settles Saf Public Records Lawsuit For $38,000
knife-rights-chairman-doug-ritter-reviews-2013-successes 1 page
Knife Rights Chairman Doug Ritter Reviews 2013 Successes with host Cam Edwards on Cam & Co
nranews-cam-company-daily-talk-show-moves-to-new-time-on-sportsman-channel 1 page
NRANEWS Cam & Company Daily Talk Show Moves to New Time on Sportsman Channel
one-of-the-most-powerful-christmas-lessons 1 page
One Of The Most Powerful Christmas Lessons
challenges-to-the-affordable-care-act 1 page
Liberty of Conscience in the Public Square: Challenges to the Affordable Care Act
equations-of-christmas-what-x-really-means 1 page
Equations of Christmas: What does “X” really mean?
a-miracle-of-coincidence 1 page
A Miracle Of Coincidence
3-gun-essentials-perfect-practice 1 page
3-Gun Essentials - Perfect Practice
obtaining-lead-on-target-with-bruce-scott-video 1 page
Obtaining Lead On Target with Bruce Scott ~ Video
top-10-greatest-things-overheard-at-a-gun-shop 1 page
Top 10 Greatest Things Overheard at a Gun Shop
arkansas-gun-law-questions-sidestepped-by-harrison-city 1 page
Arkansas - Gun Law Questions Sidestepped By Harrison City
gun-control-coming-to-the-us-senate-floor-on-monday 1 page
Gun Control Coming to the US Senate Floor on Monday
legislative-time-bomb-outlaw-the-possession-of-all-guns-with-non-metal-parts 1 page
Legislative Time Bomb Could Retroactively Outlaw the Possession of All Guns with Non-Metal Parts
schumer-pushes-more-gun-control 1 page
Faced with a Collapse of America’s Health System, Schumer Pushes ... More Gun Control
merry-christmas-to-ammoland-friends-from-coalition-of-connecticut-sportsmen 1 page
Merry Christmas to AmmoLand Friends from Coalition of Connecticut Sportsmen
max-michel-jr-launches-new-shot-coach-app-for-use-by-apple-products 1 page
Max Michel, Jr. Launches New 'Shot Coach' App for Use by Apple Products
pronghorn-from-umatilla-chemical-depot-are-relocated 1 page
End Of An Era As Pronghorn From Oregon's Umatilla Chemical Depot Are Relocated
western-hunting-conservation-expo 1 page
Western Hunting & Conservation Expo Set to be a Sweetheart of an Event
atf-black-powder-black-powder-substitutes-smokeless-powder 1 page
ATF to Industry Advisory – Black Powder, Black Powder Substitutes, & Smokeless Powder
firearms-industry-files-lawsuit-against-sunnyvale-calif-gun-control-ordinance 1 page
Firearms Industry Trade Association Files Lawsuit Against Sunnyvale, Calif. Gun-Control Ordinance
director-jones-in-interview-atf-to-focus-on-trigger-pullers-video 1 page
Director Jones in Interview: ATF to Focus on ‘Trigger-Pullers’ ~ Video
history-falsifies-climate-alarmist-sea-level-claims 1 page
History Falsifies Climate Alarmist Sea Level Claims
science-must-guide-epa-report-on-waters-and-wetlands-say-sportsmen 1 page
Science Must Guide EPA Report on Waters and Wetlands, Say Sportsmen
nra-life-of-duty-patriot-profiles-highest-honor-part-2 1 page
NRA Life of Duty Patriot Profiles | "Highest Honor Part 2"
nra-life-of-duty-patriot-profiles-highest-honor-part-2-trailer 1 page
NRA Life of Duty Patriot Profiles | "Highest Honor Part 2" Trailer
rock-island-auction-company-hits-the-road-in-january-2014 1 page
Rock Island Auction Company Hits the Road in January 2014
industry-leaders-launch-treasures-and-traditions-tv 1 page
Industry Leaders Launch Treasures and Traditions TV
misplaced-focus-after-newtown-massacre-opposing-view 1 page
Misplaced Focus After Newtown Massacre: Opposing View
liberty-ammunition-announces-new-executive-management-team 1 page
Liberty Ammunition Announces New Executive Management Team
ruger-christopher-j-killoy 1 page
Ruger Announces Promotion of Christopher J. Killoy to President
gunarama-wholesale-independent-distributor-of-ruger-firearms 1 page
Ruger Announces Gunarama Wholesale, Inc. as Independent Distributor of Ruger Firearms
wisconsin-crossbow-hunting-bill-signed-by-governor-walker 1 page
Wisconsin: Crossbow Hunting Bill Signed by Governor Walker
alexander-arms-50-beowulf-ar-upper-review 1 page
Alexander Arms .50 Beowulf AR Upper Review by TTAG
time-for-states-to-reclaim-our-land-from-the-federal-government 1 page
Time For States To Reclaim Our Land From The Federal Government
texas-deer-association-applauds-new-texas-farm-bureau-position 1 page
Texas Deer Association Applauds New Texas Farm Bureau Position
information-sought-in-alamogordo-nm-deer-poaching-case 1 page
Information Sought In Alamogordo NM Deer Poaching Case
rmef-to-bolster-conservation-leaders-for-tomorrow-program 1 page
RMEF to Bolster Conservation Leaders for Tomorrow Program
happy-holidays-from-the-fbi-nics-section 1 page
Happy Holidays from the FBI NICS Section
national-shooting-sports-foundation-testifies-for-fixnics-before-r-i-task-force 1 page
National Shooting Sports Foundation Testifies for FixNICS before R.I. Task Force
nj2as-prez-frank-fiamingo-takes-the-gloves-off-gun-for-hire-radio 1 page
NJ2AS Prez Frank Jack Fiamingo Takes The Gloves Off - Gun For Hire Radio
united-states-v-miller-how-the-second-amendment-was-subverted 1 page
UNITED STATES V. MILLER: How the Second Amendment Was Subverted
roundup-of-mission-archerys-new-products-for-2014 1 page
Roundup of Mission Archery's New Products for 2014
polls-americans-agree-more-gun-control-ineffective-emphasis-should-be-on-mental-health 1 page
Polls: Americans Agree More Gun Control Ineffective; Emphasis Should be on Mental Health
norma-usa-announces-the-1-precision-reloading-guide-for-shooters-and-hunters 1 page
Norma-USA Announces the #1 Precision Reloading Guide for Shooters & Hunters
shoot-like-a-girls-firearms-test-shots-program 1 page
Almost 900 Shooters Vist Shoot Like A Girl’s Trailer at 2013 Wrangler National Rodeo Cowboy FanFest
sheriff-darts-tirade-against-concealed-carry-highlights-antigunner-hypocrisy 1 page
Sheriff Dart's Tirade Against Concealed Carry Highlights Antigunner Hypocrisy
boating-preparedness-in-cold-weather-a-must 1 page
Boating Preparedness in Cold Weather a Must
kansas-wildlife-and-parks-magazine-to-feature-junior-photographers 1 page
Kansas Wildlife and Parks Magazine to Feature Junior Photographers
15th-annual-state-finals-eco-meet-a-success 1 page
15th Annual State Finals Eco-Meet a Success
knife-rights-to-appeal-outrageous-ruling-in-nyc-folding-knife-case 1 page
Knife Rights To Appeal Outrageous Ruling in NYC Folding Knife Case
knife-rights-jumpstarts-2014-with-pre-filed-knife-bills-in-five-states 1 page
Knife Rights Jumpstarts 2014 With Pre-filed Knife Bills in Five States
knife-rights-gets-a-jump-on-2014-pro-knife-legislation-video 1 page
Knife Rights Gets a Jump on 2014 Pro-Knife Legislation ~ Video
knives-and-the-second-amendment-legal-article-published 1 page
'Knives and the Second Amendment' Legal Article Published
new-york-city-begins-nazi-style-gun-confiscation 1 page
New York City Begins Nazi Style Gun Confiscation
nyc-gun-confiscation-letter 1 page
laserlyte-presents-the-ultimate-training-kit-for-the-modern-sporting-rifle-owner 1 page
LaserLyte new Training Tyme Kit for Modern Sporting Rifle owner has laser training cartridge, charging handle and charging block.
thompsoncenter-arms-launches-website-for-sportsmen-hunters 1 page
Thompson/Center Arms Launches Improved Website Designed For Sportsmen & Hunters
legion-firearms-hires-blue-august-as-public-relations-firm 1 page
Legion Firearms Hires Blue August as Public Relations Firm
benelli-usa-names-tom-kaleta-vp-of-marketing 1 page
Benelli USA Names Tom Kaleta VP of Marketing
manta-rails-hires-blue-august-as-public-relations-firm 1 page
Manta Rails Hires Blue August as Public Relations Firm
daniel-defense-ad-rejected-but-bloombergs-gun-control-spot-ran-during-2013-super-bowl 1 page
Daniel Defense Ad Rejected, but Bloomberg's Gun Control Spot Ran During 2013 Super Bowl
background-checks-for-gun-shows-not-needed 1 page
Americans Agree 'Universal Background Checks' for Gun Shows Not Needed, Says National Poll
guns-are-tightly-controlled-but-u-s-virgin-islands-one-of-highest-homicide-rates 1 page
Guns are Tightly Controlled, but U.S. Virgin Islands one of Highest Homicide Rates
guns-blacks-and-steel-american-cities-after-the-civil-rights-era 1 page
Guns, Blacks and Steel: American Cities After the Civil Rights Era
violence-is-very-human 1 page
Violence is Very Human
free-home-security-seminar-by-nj2as 1 page
Free Home Security Seminar by New Jersey Second Amendment Society & Howell Gun Works
gun-guy-radio-r-lee-ermey-americas-drill-instructor 1 page
Gun Guy Radio - R. Lee Ermey America’s Drill Instructor
free-upgrade-incredible-multi-threat-marksmanship-laser-training-system 1 page
Free Upgrade Incredible Multi-Threat Marksmanship Laser Training System
review-laserlyte-trigger-tyme-training-pistol-and-laser-trainer-pro 1 page
LaserLyte Trigger Tyme Training Pistol and Laser Trainer Pro
laserlyte-trigger-tyme-training-pistol-and-laser-trainer-pro-3 1 page
warning-to-americans-keep-your-guns-buy-more-guns 1 page
Nazi Survivor's Warning To America: 'Keep Your Guns & Buy More Guns'
orwellian-gun-quote-chicago-police-chief-mccarthy-recover-guns 1 page
Orwellian Gun Quote of the Day: Chicago Police Chief McCarthy ~ 'Recover Guns'
illegal-as-in-not-registered-guns-down-under-a-chilling-lesson-for-the-u-s-a 1 page
Illegal (as in NOT registered) Guns Down Under, a Chilling Lesson for the U.S.A.
milwaukee-hoards-confiscated-guns 1 page
Milwaukee Hoards Confiscated Guns
combating-the-no-one-wants-to-ban-guns-lie 1 page
Combating the 'No One Wants to Ban Guns Lie'
cmmg-mk4-rce-rifle 1 page
CMMG Releases The Fully-Equipped MK4 Recce (RCE) Rifle
anti-gun-wyoming-mayor-resigns 1 page
Anti-Gun Wyoming Mayor Resigns
seven-things-you-must-know-before-you-draw-your-gun 1 page
The 7 Things You Must Know Before You Draw Your Gun
gun-ban-signs-break-north-carolina-state-law 1 page
'Gun Ban' Signs Break North Carolina State Law
the-sci-annual-hunters-convention-features-world-renowned-artists 1 page
The SCI Annual Hunters’ Convention Features World Renowned Artists
new-lethal-force-seminar-announced-for-detroit-area-audience-january-11-2014 1 page
New Lethal Force Seminar Announced For Detroit Area Audience - Jan 11, 2014
new-m-pro-7-gun-grease-offers-extreme-protection 1 page
New M-Pro 7 Gun Grease Offers Extreme Protection
ramrodz-inc-revolutionizes-gun-care-cleaning 1 page
RamRodz Inc. Revolutionizes Gun Care & Cleaning
hawk-treestands 1 page
HAWK Redefines Solid One-Piece Platform & Luxury Comfort For Treestands’
video-review-scent-a-way-continuous-spray 1 page
Video Review: Scent-A-Way Continuous Spray
rmef-grants-aid-elk-elk-habitat-in-south-dakota 1 page
RMEF Grants Aid Elk, Elk Habitat in South Dakota
montana-fwp-kills-mountain-lion-in-oral-zumwalt-area 1 page
Montana FWP Kills Mountain Lion in Oral Zumwalt Area
ata-to-use-the-shield-at-the-archery-trade-association-trade-show 1 page
ATA to use The SHIELD at the Archery Trade Association Trade Show
g5-cmax-full-containment-dropaway-arrow-rest 1 page
G5 Introduces the All New 2014 Cmax Full Containment Dropaway Arrow Rest
montie-gear-hunters-friend-bow-holder 1 page
Montie Gear Hunter's Friend Bow Holder, Heirloom Quality & Troublesome Gap Tough
kahr-introduces-value-priced-full-frame-firearms 1 page
Kahr Introduces Two Value-Priced Full-Frame Firearms
new-jersey-second-amendment-society-presidents-new-years-message 1 page
New Jersey Second Amendment Society President's New Years Message
breaking-the-back-of-the-nj-gun-control-cartel 1 page
Breaking the Back of The NJ Gun Control Cartel
new-franchi-website-provides-visitors-with-an-instinctive-experience 1 page
New Franchi Website Provides Visitors With An Instinctive Experience
arms-trade-treaty-funding-blocked-for-2014 1 page
Arms Trade Treaty Funding Blocked for 2014
liberty-ammunition-increases-planned-production 1 page
Liberty Ammunition increases production of their lead-free, high performance ammo with 2nd shift.
get-your-picture-with-a-trophy-at-the-mule-deer-foundation-booth-2014-shot-show-media-day-at-the-range 1 page
Get Your Picture with a Trophy at the Mule Deer Foundation Booth 2014 SHOT Show Media Day at the Range
hatsanusa-model-95-combo-air-rifle 1 page
HatsanUSA Model 95 Combo Air Rifle, Industry Leading Technology in a Break Barrel Style
hatsanusa-mod-125-sniper-vortex-air-rifle 1 page
HatsanUSA Inc.'s 125 Sniper Vortex Airgun Offers Long-Range Power & Accuracy
rossi-awards-richard-dalton-sales-rep-of-the-year 1 page
Rossi Awards Richard Dalton Sales Rep Of The Year
taurus-ct9-g2-carbine 1 page
Taurus CT9 G2 Carbine Review
christmas-with-poncho-villa 1 page
Christmas With Poncho Villa
indolence-or-what-the-usa-calls-obama-supporters-video 1 page
Leaping Liberals and Indolence, or What the USA Calls Obama Supporters ~ Video
eagle-imports-exhibiting-at-the-2014-great-american-outdoor-show 1 page
Eagle Imports Exhibiting At The 2014 Great American Outdoor Show
bersa-and-s-p-s-announce-sponsorship-of-international-shooting-champions 1 page
Bersa and S.P.S. Announce Sponsorship of International Shooting Champions
sci-hunters-convention-features-exhibitors-from-around-the-world 1 page
SCI Hunters' Convention Features Exhibitors from Around The World
exhibitors-around-the-world 1 page
Exhibitors Around the World
polaris-announces-strategic-partnership-with-ariens-company 1 page
Polaris Announces Strategic Partnership with Ariens Company
jagged-x-brings-home-second-championship-this-year 1 page
Jagged X Brings Home Second Championship This Year
jagged-x-brings-home-second-championship-this-year 1 page
polaris-introduces-two-new-off-road-models 1 page
Polaris Introduces Two New Off-Road Models
polaris-introduces-polaris-power-digital-inverter-generators 1 page
Polaris Introduces Polaris POWER - Digital Inverter Generators
the-case-for-christmas-part-2 1 page
The Case for Christmas (Part 2)
the-case-for-christmas-part-1 1 page
The Case for Christmas (Part 1)
mathews-dominant-bucks-moves-to-sportsman-channel-in-2014 1 page
Mathews’ “Dominant Bucks” Moves to Sportsman Channel in 2014
all-new-2014-jeep-cherokee-named-best-new-suvcuv-under-35000-by-the-automobile-journalist-association-of-canada 1 page
2014 Jeep Cherokee Named ‘Best New SUV/CUV Under $35,000’ by Automobile Journalist Association of Canada
chrysler-group-llc-reports-november-2013-u-s-sales-increased-16-percent-best-november-sales-since-2007 1 page
Chrysler Group LLC Reports November 2013 U.S. Sales Increased 16 Percent; Best November Sales Since 2007
gemsboks-to-bobwhites-dallas-safari-club-announces-seminar-schedule 1 page
Gemsboks to Bobwhites: Dallas Safari Club Announces Seminar Schedule
is-common-core-good-for-kids-and-teachers-part-5 1 page
Is Common Core Good for Kids and Teachers? (Part 5)
sure-shot-game-calls-yentzen-one 1 page
Sure-Shot Game Calls Introduces the Yentzen One
cabelas-slayer-hunting-pack-in-realtree-xtra-camo 1 page
Cabela’s Slayer Hunting Pack in Realtree Xtra Camo
cabelas-announces-plans-for-bowling-green-ky-cabelas-outpost-store 1 page
Cabela’s Announces Plans for Bowling Green, Ky., Cabela’s Outpost Store
dunstan-chestnuts-versus-acorns 1 page
Dunstan Chestnuts Versus Acorns
renowned-executive-chef-scott-leysath-creates-new-series-the-sporting-chef-to-debut-on-sportsman-channel 1 page
Renowned Chef, Scott Leysath, New Series 'The Sporting Chef' Debuts on Sportsman Channel
bersa-bp9cc-pistol-makes-an-appearance-in-the-100th-episode-of-the-hit-tv-series-the-good-wife 1 page
The Bersa BP9CC appears in the 100th episode of the hit TV series "The Good Wife."
weatherby-mark-v-terramark-rc-range-certified-rifle 1 page
Weatherby Introduces Mark V Terramark RC (Range Certified) Rifle
nc-attorney-general-refuses-to-stand-against-malicious-federal-prosecution-of-gun-buyers 1 page
NC Attorney General Refuses to Stand Against Malicious Federal Prosecution of Private Gun Sellers
guns-save-lives-day-a-huge-success 1 page
'Guns Save Lives Day' A Huge Success, Says Second Amendment Foundation
virginia-citizens-defense-league-2014-lobby-day 1 page
Virginia Citizens Defense League 2014 Lobby Day
north-carolina-cities-who-violate-gun-law-face-consequences 1 page
North Carolina Cities Who Violate Gun Law, Face Consequences
outdoor-channel-wishes-ammoland-readers-a-merry-christmas 1 page
Outdoor Channel Wishes AmmoLand Readers a Merry Christmas
anti-gun-group-moms-demand-action-lies-about-victory-at-staples 1 page
Anti-Gun Group Moms Demand Action Lies About 'Victory' At Staples & Gets Caught
pennsylvania-anti-gun-campaign-bullies-state-representative 1 page
Pennsylvania: Anti-Gun Campaign Bullies State Representatives Around the State #GunBullies
ohio-newspaper-runs-pro-gun-editorial 1 page
Ohio Newspaper Runs Pro-Gun Editorial
gun-talk-radio-welcomes-rolla-missouri 1 page
Gun Talk Radio Welcomes Rolla, Missouri
gun-talk-radio-welcomes-cairo-illinois 1 page
Gun Talk Radio Welcomes Cairo, Illinois
tom-greshams-guns-gear-tv-new-to-sportsman-channel 1 page
Tom Gresham’s Guns & Gear TV New to Sportsman Channel
apex-tactical-specialties-back-as-sponsor-of-sw-idpa-indoor-nationals 1 page
Apex Tactical Specialties Back As Sponsor Of S&W IDPA Indoor Nationals
jesse-tischauser-wins-at-usca-national-championship 1 page
Jesse Tischauser wins LEO/MIL Division & High Overall at USCA National Championship
sabre-red-frontiersman-join-professional-outdoor-media-association 1 page
Sabre Red & Frontiersman Join Professional Outdoor Media Association
december-2013-issue-of-shooting-sports-usa-now-online 1 page
December 2013 Issue of Shooting Sports USA Now Online
toby-keith-was-for-guns-before-he-was-against-them 1 page
Toby Keith Was For Guns Before He Was Against Them
the-state-of-massachusetts-continues-abusing-citizens-who-attempt-to-follow-the-law 1 page
Massachusetts Continues Abusing Citizens Who Attempt To Follow The Law
louisiana-right-to-arms-amendment-working 1 page
Louisiana Right to Arms Amendment To Be Tested
happy-holidays-from-arfcom-the-gunstruction-team 1 page
Happy Holidays From ARFCOM & The Gunstruction Team
merry-christmas-from-gun-owners-action-league 1 page
Merry Christmas from Gun Owners' Action League
coast-to-coast-whitetails-the-hit-list-team 1 page
Coast to Coast Whitetails - The Hit List Team is All Over the Map on This Week’s Episode
world-predator-calling-champion-steve-criner-debuts-dog-soldier-tv-on-sportsman-channel 1 page
World Predator Calling Champ, Steve Criner, Debuts 'Dog Soldier TV' - Sportsman Channel
lasers-sights-and-lights-on-the-hunt 1 page
Lasers Sights and Lights on the Hunt
dawgs-footwear-launches-boots-and-shoes-in-mossy-oak-camo 1 page
DAWGS Footwear Launches Boots and Shoes in Mossy Oak Camo
dawgs 1 page
mossy-oak-prostaffer-todd-lodwick-makes-his-sixth-winter-olympics 1 page
Mossy Oak ProStaffer, Todd Lodwick, Makes His Sixth Winter Olympics
todd-lodwick 1 page
Todd Lodwick
why-the-increase-in-hunting-and-fishing-participation 1 page
Why the Increase in Hunting and Fishing Participation?
southwick-associates-to-aid-outdoor-businesses-in-2014 1 page
Southwick Associates to Aid Outdoor Businesses in 2014, Representatives Available SHOT Show
no-more-shopping-in-gun-free-killing-zones-gun-for-hire-radio 1 page
No More Shopping in Gun Free Killing Zones - Gun For Hire Radio
team-armscors-mike-seeklander-idpa-back-up-gun-nationals 1 page
Team Armscor’s Mike Seeklander Scores Big Win at IDPA Back Up Gun Nationals
solid-concepts-3d-printed-1911-dmls-pistol 1 page
Solid Concepts 3D Printed 1911 DMLS Pistol Review
victory-in-alamance-county-nc-proposed-gun-ban-nixed 1 page
Victory in Alamance County, NC - Proposed Gun Ban Nixed
outdoor-channel-sponsor-of-great-american-outdoor-show 1 page
Outdoor Channel Named Presenting Sponsor of Great American Outdoor Show
trace-adkins-to-headline-great-american-outdoor-show 1 page
Trace Adkins to Headline Great American Outdoor Show
nra-all-access 1 page
NRA All Access to Premiere Sunday, January 5 2014 on Outdoor Channel
braving-the-ice-with-ashbury-precision-ordnance-on-the-range 1 page
Braving the Ice With Ashbury Precision Ordnance on the Range
prograde-ammunition-announces-elite-group-of-representatives-for-2014 1 page
Prograde Ammunition Announces Elite Group Of Representatives For 2014
heritage-manufacturing-jeff-gittings-as-sales-rep-of-the-year 1 page
Heritage Manufacturing Announces Jeff Gittings As Sales Rep Of The Year
realtree-fleece-blanket 1 page
Realtree Fleece Blanket Available in a Variety of Realtree Camo Patterns
three-keys-to-getting-your-shooting-range-approved 1 page
Three Keys To Getting Your Shooting Range Approved
impressum-medias-ar-rifles-digital-guide 1 page
NEW Massive AR-15 Digital Rifle Guide
tac-con-3mr-trigger-system 1 page
TAC-CON Unveils the 3MR Trigger System – Innovating for the AR Rifle Platform
outdoor-channels-savage-wild-host-manny-puig-xfinity-store-grand-opening 1 page
Outdoor Channel’s 'Savage Wild' Host, Manny Puig, to be at Comcast XFINITY Store Grand Opening, Boulder, CO
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