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  1. Top Five Best AR-15 Triggers

    The ease with which AR-15 triggers can be changed is both wonderful and awful, wonderful because it’s so easy to get whatever the trigger you want, and awful because there are so many triggers...

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  2. Four Open-Carry Activists Die In Tragic Accident, Sheriff Over Reacts, Calls Homeland Security

    Sheriff Everhart; There were just some items in the vehicle that raised our concern a little bit. At that point, I decided that Homeland Security at least should be notified...

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  3. Collusion Or Coincidence? ATF's Ammo Ban Identical to UN Ammo Ban

    Has the Obama Administration been secretly offshoring its domestic firearms policymaking to democratically unaccountable officials in the United Nations???

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  4. Checklist For Gun Owners When Drawing Up Their Wills

    In this post we deal with a short list of issues to be addressed when creating our updating a will with regards to firearms...

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  5. Domino’s Gun Ban Victims Pile Up: Delivery Driver Shot, Killed in New Orleans

    Early Tuesday morning, another Domino’s Pizza delivery driver was shot and killed in New Orleans 9th Ward...

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