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  1. I Feel The Need for .45 SMC Speed

    Sometimes we shooters do things because, well, why not? It’s as good reason as any, right? At first glance, the .450 SMC cartridge may appear to fall into the “why not” category...

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  2. HeviShot HEVI-Metal Shotshells & 3-inch HEVI-Steel Recall & Warning

    Please do not shoot these shotshells. Instead, please contact us for replacement shells. We have fixed this problem in current production...

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  3. GOP Leadership to Relinquish all (Gun) Policy Decisions to Dems, for Next 10 Months

    Even though Republicans just won control of Congress, what’s the first “bright idea” the Republican leadership comes up with after their wave election???

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  4. With 34 Wolves Killed Minnesota DNR Closes Northeast Wolf Season

    Hunters in all zones have registered a total of 83 wolves as of Thursday afternoon. The harvest target is 250 wolves for the entire 2014 season...

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  5. Five Best Concealed Carry Revolvers

    I love revolvers as they are a tried and true design, simple to use and easy to maintain, with just enough capacity and caliber to get the job done, but what is the best Revolver for daily concealed carry???

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