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22LR ammunition

Ammo Shortage and .22 Production

The first time I heard about a shortage of ammunition was from my father, who talked about how ammunition was impossible to get during World War II….

Belted Ammo

TSA’s Ammo Purchase By The Numbers

Suddenly were up to a low-ball estimate of 1.5 million rounds of ammunition expended in one shooting season in just one shooting discipline…

Open for Business

This Is No Ammo Bubble, Welcome to the New Normal

Handgun makers tell us that about a third of their warranty registration cards indicate the guns were purchased by first-time gun owners. This means that the number of gun owners has grown by millions recently…

22LR ammunition

This Whole Ammo Shortage Thing by the Numbers

At 460 bricks of 500 .22lr per day per State. That means that if less than 50 people per day in each State are buying 10 bricks of .22, its enough to dry up the entire supply…

Empty Brass Ammo

My Take on the Ammunition Shortage

The only thing that would turn this around in the near future is if conditions change to remove or moderate the perception of economic and political uncertainty in the U.S…

Glen Wunderlich

Ammo – Now You See It, Now You Don’t

Be it normally common .22 caliber rimfire, highly popular .223, or widely used 9mm or .40 caliber ammo, it’s rare as gold, and in some cases, just as expensive…

How To Save Tons of Ammo in Today’s World

Getting any firearm practice at a time when a box of ammunition is expensive and hard to locate is difficult. Now shooters can fire tens of thousands of inexpensive rounds and get real training and feedback…

Pistol Ammunition

Where Has All The Ammo Gone?

Prices will go up in response to basic “supply and demand” principles and restrictions on the quantities that can be purchased at one time will likely continue…

$200 For A Box of 22LR Ammo

$200 For A Box of 22LR Ammo

If I have a pick up truck full of canned food and you offer me a gold coin for it, do you really think I am going to be so greedy as to take your overly inflated gold???

They Will Never Get Alabama

Time to buy 30-30, 30-06, 243 and 270, it is still on the gun store shelves. Even if you do not own a gun in that caliber it will become great trading material. Trust no one and hold your family close…

Ashamed And A Little Scared

The run on firearms and ammo has started again. I am not going to predict how bad it will get, but the public is scared. Even good citizens can become very afraid of their elected leaders…

Ammo From Heaven

Where is my Ammunition Subsidy?

I demand the right to protect my body. I demand the right to protect my health and the health of my family. And I think it is time the government stepped up and made it affordable for me to do so…