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The White House’s Cover-up of Benghazi

Families and friends of the four brave Americans murdered in Benghazi continue to suffer without answers, reasons or justice. Is there not a shred of heart left in Washington???

Hillary Clinton

The Relentless Hillary Clinton

Over the years, Hillary has made it clear that the redistribution of wealth—communism—is central to her beliefs and that her regard for capitalism and the free market economy of America is nil…

US Ambassador Christopher Stevens Benghazi

Reflections on Benghazi

We will take time to remember that President Obama told us, “Make no mistake, we will bring justice to the killers who attacked our people.” As I write, we are still waiting for justice Mr. President….


Caruba: I’ve Got the Obama Blues

Listening to Obama say that he intends to ignore Congress and the laws it passes is such a serious threat to the Constitution and to our most fundamental freedoms, it is impossible not to be depressed…

Fearing Obama, Its Palpable

I have been sensing something about the mood of many Americans that I think is unprecedented in the history of the nation…

Do Not Disturb White House

Dropping the Benghazi Ball

A secure phone call to the White House, possibly vetted through the national security advisor, should have followed. If it didn’t, someone was inexcusably inept…

Homer Brain

The Memory Span of a Fungus

My theory is that the cabal in the White House, led by the President, knows well that all they have to do is stall long enough and the initial outrage will go away, if it hasn’t already…