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The Gun Made Me Do It

The Social Utility of Firearms

If we focus on the causes – mental health and out of control criminals – America could have a society nearly free from bodies catching bullets…

The Illegal Mayors of Bloomberg’s MAIG

MAIG is dedicated to nationally making firearm acquisition as difficult as it is in NYC. But turns out, Bloomberg and his mayor cabal are often ducking the law thanks to their habit of breaking the law…

Smiling Obama

President Obama: AR-15 Salesman of the Decade

More guns get sold when there is a perceived danger of losing the ability to acquire firearms in the future. So when politicians start calling for more gun control, more guns enter circulation…

NRA Eddie Eagle

Firearms Accidents Don’t Happen

Despite the National Rifle Association’s high profile political activities, gun safety training and marksmanships comprise the overwhelming majority of its activities & 80% of it’s budget…

NRA Member Card

Why Fido Joined the NRA

So how do you reconcile your fear of getting “on a list” with your desire to contribute to NRA’s noble cause???