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Nuclear War

The Future of War

In the 21st century the United States must prepare for three kinds of warfare: Standoff war, Hands-on war, and Cyber war…

James B. Edwards

Remembering James B. Edwards

After Reagan’s election in 1980, he tapped the oral surgeon from South Carolina to be his Secretary of Energy with the mission of shutting down the Department of Energy….

To Hell with Freedom

Paris: The Frontline in a European Battlefield

Now it is near impossible for a European country to appear as a beacon of freedom. And freedom is what this war with Islam is all about. Europe is becoming a battlefield & Paris is in the front line..

No To Marriage

When Hollywood Celebrated Christmas and Marriage

The one predictable plotline was a heartwarming romantic pursuit, set within a sparkling Christmas context, that ends in holy matrimony. What is the happy ending? What does it depend upon? Marriage…

Oil Tar Sands

Saudi Arabia versus the Keystone Pipeline

Since the Saudi cost of production is lower than the cost of producing oil from Canadian tar sands, it looks like the Saudis have the upper hand in a price war against the Canadians…

David vs Goliath

War by Algebra Defies the True Nature of War

Violence is the means for breaking the enemy’s will and nothing does that like devastating opposing armies. It takes land forces to do that effectively and then consolidate and hold territorial gains.

Jerzy Popieluszko

When the Communists Murdered a Priest

Father Jerzy Popieluszko was one of many martyrs at the hands of atheistic communism. But his cause was an especially significant one. His service and death were not in vain…

Jesus Teaching Gun Safety

American Boots on the Ground: A Moral Basis

Islamic terrorism is morally wrong because it is murder & murder is a moral absolute. Our political leaders would be smart to embrace the Just War Theory as a basis for a wise Middle Eastern policy…

Boots on the Ground

Air Power’s Siren Song

Given the nature of ISIS’s forces, even a concerted bombing campaign absent an effective ground effort is unlikely to succeed…

Designing History: The Identity Of The 21st Century

Designing History: The Identity Of The 21st Century

On 9/11, the distinction between civilian and soldier changed. Some of us will be called to be civilian guards, protecting our society. Let’s choose to define the new century as the “Era of Unity…

Schooling Obama

Strategy 101: A Primer For President Obama

Simply put, strategy is a plan to achieve an objective. Speaking at the White House recently, President Obama stated that his administration had no plan to deal with the jihadist threat in Syria…


Death’s Progress: Part 2

When it comes to these vital matters of literal life and death, the ongoing progressive evolution is proving to be downright frightening. Where will death’s progress advance next? Stay tuned…