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Chicago Police detectives investigate the scene where a number of people, including a 3-year-old child, were shot in a city park on the south side of Chicago Sept. 19, 2013. / AP PHOTO

Maybe Chicago Should Ban Gangs, Not Guns

A call for banning assault weapons in the wake of a Chicago park shooting, part of an ongoing war between two rival gangs, shows the Windy City needs to concentrate on banning gangs, not guns…

Rahm and Obama

Chicago Shooting Spree, Day 30: 42 Killed So Far

Chicago promised peace and safety, but it seems they are actually on the verge of delivering another year like 2012, when more than 440 school age children were shot and wounded and 500 homicides were committed…

Pearl Harbor Veterans

Pearl Harbor Remembrance In Exile

Rapidly losing our WWII veterans and the Pearl Harbor veterans were there the opening day of that war. Many had already served for years in the military before the first shot was fired…