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Hickenlooper Blues1

The Hickenlooper Blues

Sunday’s Armed American Radio national broadcast 10-26-2014,debuted the hit song ‘The Hickenlooper Blues’…


Fourth Estate Fifth Columnists

Instead of being government watchdogs, many in the mainstream press have become propagandists, and in some cases, domestic enemies.

A New York State Of Mind

Gungrabbers want to impose New York City-style “gun control” on all of us–and even that won’t be enough to satisfy them.

Gun Rights Examiner: The Week In Review

A captured Fast and Furious murder suspect, a documentary in the making, and a Federal Firearms Licensee fighting revocation by ATF were all subjects explored last week in the Gun Rights Examiner column.

Documents Confirm ATF Surveillance In U.S. Before Gun Found In Mexico

Trial testimony transcripts and a press release from Immigration and Customs Enforcement show an El Paso gun dealer was cooperating with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in its surveillance of suspected gun traffickers as part of a joint eight-month operation between ICE and ATF.

Shipley Documents Point To More Government-Sanctioned Gunwalking

Documents from the case of FBI agent John Shipley, convicted of dealing in firearms without a license, bolster claims that he was merely an active collector, and further reveal evidence of guns being smuggled to Mexico following ATF-directed deals by suspects under extended surveillance.