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Open Carry Hand Gun Holster

Who’s Right About Right-to-Carry?

Today, 42 states & three-fourths of the nation’s population, have Right-to-Carry laws, more than 12 million Americans have carry permits, & the nation’s murder rate has fallen to an all-time low…

Letters and an ad from gun rights hating groups

Gun Rights Facts Versus Anecdotes & Emotion

Compassion is what motivates us to feel outrage about senseless murders. Rights advocates share that feeling with rights haters. The difference, gun rights advocates, realize reason is what guides us.

Fatal Firearm Accidents 2012 Comparison

NSSF: Fatal Firearm Accident Comparisons

Fatal accidents with firearms are at historic lows. Firearm numbers in society have skyrocketed, but the rate of fatal accidents has fallen 94% in 100 years…

Gun Control and Right To Own Guns

New Pew Survey shows that support for gun ownership increasing, mirrors other surveys showing that people believe guns make them safer…

No Guns Sign

Iowa: Proposed Firearms Ban Defeated

The misguided ordinance would have prevented law-abiding concealed carry license holders from exercising their Second Amendment rights on any municipal property in Tama, Iowa…

stupid voters

It’s the Second Amendment, Stupid

As Democrat postmortem sets in and gun control proponents grasp for ways to explain the political beating they took on November 4 2014…

Gun Ban Group Memorializes Violent Felon

Gun Ban Group Memorializes Violent Felon

On Friday, the 19th of September 2014, anti-self-defense group North Carolinians Against Gun Violence will hosted a “Memorial Service” for convicted felon Nigel Scarlett…