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New York Police

How New York Confiscates Guns

Under the NY “Safe Act” New York State can confiscate guns without any notice or appeal process, according to this article…

Come and Take it Bitches

Obama Praises Australia’s Firearm Confiscation

Obama, President of a country with a 2nd Amendment that defends a God-given right to individual gun ownership is praising Australia for forcefully removing all semi-automatic firearms from its citizens..

NY Daily News Call Gun Owners Outlaws

The Freedom-Phobes Really Want Our Guns

The new gun owners must be educated. They must understand the responsibilities of freedom. This generation of gun owners can no longer wait on the sidelines for others to carry the load…

NYC Gun Confiscation Letter

New York City Begins Nazi Style Gun Confiscation

The City of New York is using its laws to confiscate weapons, the question is how long will it take before the State of New York uses its laws to begin a gun confiscation campaign. It is coming the only question is when…

CCRKBA Coalition Moves to Prevent Gun Confiscation

I-591 is not aimed at eliminating background checks, to assure that such checks comply with a uniform national standard. I-591 also prohibits government confiscation of firearms without due process…