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Gun Culture Day Care

Gun Culture Day Care

Young children enjoy helping reload ammunition. The picture is an example of positive “Gun Culture Daycare”…

Gays with Guns

Turning the Tide with the Gun Culture

Put NOT your faith in judges or in liberal politicians. Simply take a friend shooting and be a good ambassador of the new gun culture. Molon Labe…

American Flag Guns

America’s Gun Culture, We are America

We are the culture upon which this nation was built & has thrived. We are still the dominant culture, but that will only remain true if we continue to cling to our bibles and our guns and fight back…

There is No Such Thing as a Bad Gun Customer

This video has been making the rounds lately and I have to say that it is just completely and totally the wrong approach. Think about it in terms of any other retail establishment.

No Starch Press

LEGO Heavy Weapons – New from No Starch Press

Jack Streat is an accomplished LEGO weapons builder whose YouTube videos have over 16 million views. Now he’s the author of a new book about building LEGO weapons, and he’s only 17 years old…

What Exactly is “Gun Culture”?

In short, there is not a single demographic label in existence that doesn’t count Second Amendment supporters and firerams owners among its populace…

American Gun Culture Reasserts Itself

Facts show the appreciation, acquisition and use of firearms in the United States is on the increase as violent crime is on the decrease. Citizens know guns save lives…

Obama Throws the Trigger Finger

Time to Change the Culture at the Gun Counter

I have touched on this subject several times in the past on my blog, and now its time to take it head on. First off, I need to clarify things a little bit… by “at the gun counter”