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Ruger LCP TALO Handgun

Ruger LCP Handgun Review

The Ruger LCP fulfills its duty as a self-defense gun that you can leave in a pocket holster or an IWB holster and easily forget that it is there so that you will have it, should you ever need it…

Ruger 9E Handgun

Ruger 9E Pistol Review

Ruger has been making some new types of handguns and one of their newer models is the Ruger 9E Handgun and this Ruger measures up…

Boberg XR9-S Pistol

Boberg XR9-S Pistol

With the right ammunition, the little Boberg runs fine and can be carried confidently. But, you can’t just throw rounds in it that comes from any box labeled “9mm.”…