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An Un-Teachable Moment of Murder in Santa Barbara

This is an un-teachable moment. A young man stabbed three people and shot three people next to the University of Santa Barbara campus Friday evening. This should teach us what makes us safe and

Melted Guns

Violence is Very Human

America was born in violence as citizens took up arms against the British to establish the nation. Not that long after, it fought a bloody civil war to retain the union…

Crime Drops, Media Yawns

If you think the media’s constant drumbeat has no effect you’re a fool. Failure to accurately report what’s going on manipulates the public and harms the nation…

The Gun Did It

It’s So Much Easier To Blame The Gun

If we only talk about guns whenever a tragedy occurs, we are never going to solve our society’s root problems. Focusing on guns may treat the symptoms, but it will do nothing to cure the disease…

Mr Obama Stop Disarming Us

Mr Obama Stop Disarming Us

Mr Obama stop proposing stupid legislation that won’t work at anything except disarming the segment of the population that needs those arms the most…

Drug Violence

Gun Violence and the ‘War On Drugs’

We need to get the truth out about the roots of violent behavior. And part of that truth is that the global drug policy is a large part of the problem…